Pay Per Head Free Trial

Pay Per Head Free Trial
Pay Per Head Free Trial

If you’re running a sports betting business, either online or in an old-school way, then you have to be excited about the return of the first divisions of European soccer leagues and the possible opening of Major League Baseball, the NBA and the NHL. If you have not been using a pay per head service to run your website, then it’s time to take part in a pay per head free trial to find out just how it can transform your business and make your life easier.

Quality pay per head services such as offer free trial periods so that sportsbook agents or bookmakers can see the high level of support and service that they provide – and how much their businesses grow.

Why You Should Try Pay Per Head Services for Free?

A pay per head free trial gives you access to all of the services that you would be able to offer your clients going forward if you signed up for that company’s services. Basically, a pay per head sportsbook website charges its bookmaking clients a fee for each bettor that the client has as an active gambler.

If you have a sportsbook, then you are a bookie. You set odds, take bets, and place them on behalf of your client. If your client wins, then you are responsible for making that payment. You make money by charging fees for transactions each time you place a bet.

Ace Per Head has built a sterling reputation in the sports betting world. We provide a platform for bookies to open up opportunities for wagering to their players. Bookies pay us a fee each week for each active player (which is why it is important for bookie agents to go through their client lists regularly and purge the ones who aren’t actively wagering anymore, so they don’t pay fees for bettors who aren’t bringing in money).

The chief benefit of this for bookie agents is that they no longer have to manage their own website (or their own cash business) around the clock. No more late-night calls and texts with new bets. No more frantic calls asking to change a bet at the last minute. Instead, your betting customers go right to the website and make their choices.

All of a sudden, you have a platform that looks and operates just like those of the major sportsbooks. Your website, which you would set up as part of your pay per head free trial, is just as impressive as those of the big casinos in Las Vegas. You choose which sports you want to make available for betting. You set the lines. You establish betting limits for each customer. If you want to add some fun side prop bets in order to boost business, it’s up to you. From your smartphone, you can manage your website.

A pay per head free trial gives you the chance to try out a company to see how easy their website is to use, and how your betting clients like working with it. Ace Per Head provides bookies with free trials because we know just how well the system works – and how much more money you can bring in by using their service. We know that, for the vast majority of our bookies, the pay per head fees are more than worth it, because we add more and more of them to our numbers each month.

How Does Pay Per Head Software Work?

You don’t have to be an amazing coder to use a pay per head bookie website or to benefit from a pay per head free trial. Instead, you just have to walk through a brief tutorial to see how the website works. Once you have the system figured out, then you can sit down with a margarita by the pool, whip out your smartphone, and make the day’s adjustments to games and props that you are offering.

Your betting clients can make their preferences known just as easily. All it takes is a quick visit to the website, a scan of the available games and prop bets, and some clicks to place bets. There is a wagering menu that is easy to use for bettors, and on the bookie side, it is possible for you to check your figures in real-time to see how much money you’ve made – and how much action has stacked up on one side of a line, which means it’s time to move that line.

Getting to try these services for free is a great way for you to build traffic to your site. Once your betting clients find out that you’re moving to a website with easier functionality, your business should start to grow. Word of mouth will spread, and this is the perfect time to start building momentum, as professional sports seem like they are about to return.

What if you don’t want to rely just on sports betting?

After all, there was a pretty grim phase between the middle of March and the resumption of play in the German Bundesliga. For several months, there were no live sports available for wagering. Sure, some betting sites started simulation leagues, and eSports in the form of video game leagues popped up as well, but it’s hard to substitute computerized action for the drama of Max Scherzer leaning back to fire in a fastball while Jose Altuve waits at the plate, or while LeBron James battles Giannis Antetokounmpo in a real-life NBA Finals. stands by its reputation and quality, which is why we provide free trials for sportsbook agents. Not all of our competition makes the same offer. Ask yourself why they might not want you to have a month, or even more, of complimentary access to their services. Remember, in many areas of life, you get what you pay for. While Ace Per might have a slightly higher weekly fee per bettor, the quality in terms of website security, reliability, and robustness of display will pay for itself in terms of new business that you bring in. Give us a shot today!