Basketball Betting Software

Basketball Betting Software
Basketball Betting Software

One of the most exciting sports events each year – for basketball fans and sports betting enthusiasts alike – is the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, known as March Madness.

In 2019, the last year the tournament took place, according to the American Gaming Association, 47 million Americans placed bets on the tournament, totaling approximately $8.5 billion. 2019 was the first year when legal sports betting was possible outside the state of Nevada for U.S. sports bettors. That didn’t mean that people wouldn’t still stream to Las Vegas to put down wagers on the tournament, but seven other states had also legalized the wagering action, and 23 other states have since legalized sports betting ahead of the 2021 edition of the tournament. There are many ways for sportsbook agents to take advantage of these opportunities for their clients.

March Madness and Sports Betting

One of the biggest sources of interest is the ability to fill out brackets that predict the outcome of each matchup for the collection of 68 teams that play for the title. Pools also generate a significant amount of interest. A lot of the wagering action in 2019 went toward those brackets, with over 40 million bettors putting down about $4.6 billion on 149 million brackets. The average betting fan fills out four brackets, averaging about $30 per bracket. Nearly 20 percent of adults in the United States put down a wager on the NCAA basketball tournament in 2019, and about 18 million people also put down bets with a sportsbook (either online, with an in-person bookie, or with a friend), totaling about $3.9 billion in action. So you can see that there is a lot of potential money for you to make if you use a platform that has the right basketball betting software.

If you haven’t considered bringing your sportsbook onto an online platform, then it’s high time that you think about joining a basketball betting software site such as We have helped hundreds of sportsbook agents transform their sportsbooks into the primary revenue stream in their lives, freeing them from the need to work 9-5 jobs. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should consider bringing your basketball betting sportsbook onto a pay per head platform.

What Does Pay Per Head Even Mean?

Instead of paying a web developer hundreds of thousands of dollars to put together a website for you, and instead of paying for the software that you would need to build your own website, you just pay a platform such as for access to the structure that they have already put together – including robust basketball betting software to help build action in that sport.

Each week, the platform will charge you a fee for each active betting client that you have on your rolls. Some platforms just charge you for every client on your list, which means that you have to keep an eye on the bettors on your list and occasionally purge the ones who aren’t placing any bets. Other platforms, including, only charge you for clients who have placed a bet in the last week. That’s a real bonus because it saves you time tracking the action for each client. The pay per head fee is the same, whether your client placed one bet that week, or if your client placed a dozen bets. So the more action you can drum up, the more revenue you will make per client.

Why is the Best Choice?

There are pay per head services that are cheaper than in terms of the weekly fee that they charge. However, the saying that “you get what you pay for” is just as true in the pay per head sportsbook platform as it is elsewhere. The basketball betting software that you get access to with is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the advantages of using our platform to host your sportsbook.

One advantage is the professional appearance of your sportsbook agent website. There’s really one reason to pay as much as $5 per week for each of your sports betting clients, just to have a prefabricated website that doesn’t look any better than what you could have made for yourself on Wix or Weebly. When you sign up with, you get a customized skin that you can optimize to suit your personal style and what you want your sportsbook to reflect. Remember that the big casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and elsewhere have sparkling sportsbook websites, and if you are going to draw a significant amount of business, you need a website that looks comparable to the top basketball betting sportsbooks in the industry. While is slightly more expensive per week than the value sportsbook platforms, the appearance alone will make a significant difference in your marketing push.

Another advantage is the greater variety that you can offer your betting clients. The cheapest pay per head sportsbook platforms just offers you access to the major sports leagues, in terms of offering matchups with a point spread and a point total. However, your ability to offer fun side props – not just to build engagement but also to build revenue off the additional wagers – is limited. Also, depending on the value platform, you may have a difficult time adjusting your point spreads in real-time, which can be a real problem if you have unbalanced action on one side of the spread or the other.

With Ace Per Head, you can get in and change those point spreads at any time, and you can also offer in-game betting so that you can add more props that come and go as a particular game goes by. You also have access to more horse racing tracks, more casino games, and other extras that will add up to more revenue in two ways – your betting clients will have more opportunities to wager on your page, and as your book grows in popularity, you will have more people placing wagers each week as well. It’s a win-win when you choose the best sportsbook platform in the industry.

The Definitive Guide to Basketball Betting Software

The world of basketball better is exciting and growing. But to get the most excitement, you have to have the best software. Here’s a guide for what to look for.

Currently, the big buzz among the online gambling scene is the NBA’s agreement with MGM Grand in the sports betting space. However, you too can get in on the action—with the right betting software.

MGM’s historic partnership is the first such arrangement between a gambling enterprise and a professional sports organization. The agreement allows MGM to use MBA logos and highlights.

It also allows MGM to access the NBA’s direct data feed. Like other smart gaming entrepreneurs, however, you can still claim your piece of the March Madness cash cow.

For the definitive guide to basketball betting software, keep reading.

Cashing in on March Madness

Luckily for you, MGM’s exclusive deal ends with the right of the gaming company to market itself as the official partner of the MBA and WNBA brands. What this means is that as a sports bookie, you can continue to cash in on exciting events such as March Madness.

Filling out brackets is one of the biggest draws of clients who love to bet on basketball. During the playoffs, a sports better might try to predict the outcome of each matchup among the teams that will compete.

Fans love March madness because it’s a time of fierce competition. Everything’s at stake. After all, the top basketball teams are competing for the most prestigious title in the game.

This winner-take-all competition draws a lot of interest. In 2019, for instance, players put a lot of action into the tournament.

40 million basketball fans placed wagers on 149 million brackets. In total, they spent $4.6 billion betting on the season. On average, gaming clients filled out about four brackets and bet about $30 per bracket.

Among all adults in the United States, nearly 20% of the population bet on the NCAA tournament in 2019. 18 million of those fans made their bets with an online sportsbook. Resultantly, sportsbooks captured around $3.9 billion of the season’s action.

You can claim your piece of the March Madness pie as a sports bookie. Also, you’re not limited to the NBA.

You can also offer wagering for college basketball. However, you need the right tech to get in on the action.

Getting Into the Game

Most new gaming operators have one goal in common. They want software that will give them a real solution to their challenges. However, they also want to provide the best client experience possible.

Over the last ten years, gaming technology has come a long way. What’s more, it continues to improve in serving the needs of betters. For example, pay per head software such as Ace Per Head is one technology solution that can do it all.

Ace Per Head is the most cost-effective and easiest to use sportsbook on the market. For this reason, Ace Per Head is the leader in the online gaming field. When you subscribe to Ace Per Head to run your gambling operation, you’ll receive much more value than your investment.

More importantly, you’ll keep complete control of your players and profits. Furthermore, the platform enables you to provide a value-added online gaming experience.

Ace Per Head uses the most reliable and flexible betting software available. What’s more, it’s designed specially to meet the needs of North American basketball and gambling fans.

The Right Software for Basketball Betting Success

With Ace Per Head, there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars developing your website. Instead, you can use that money to market your business.

You can access the service for a nominal fee per player. With your subscription, you’ll receive powerful basketball betting software that will help you to build your client list.

Each week, you’ll only pay for the clients who use your site. This pay scheme is much better compared to other services that charge you for every client every week, whether or not they make a bet.

Furthermore, you’ll pay a flat rate per client. For example, a client might place one bet or 100.

Either way, your subscription fee remains the same. With flat-rate pricing, each player offers you more value. The more you compel a player to bet, the more you’ll make.

Ace Per Head isn’t the most expensive service, but it’s also not the cheapest. You could look for a subscription service that charges less.

However, it’s only fair to warn you that cheaper pay per head competitors don’t come near matching the features available with Ace Per Head. What’s more, basketball is just the beginning of what’s available with this cutting-edge gaming platform.

Maintaining Your Edge in B-Ball Betting

When it comes to making the most profit per client, you can use the same tactics as a veteran sports better to make informed decisions. With professional basketball, for instance, you want to pay attention to schedules.

It’s important to track schedules as the season progresses. There’s a logic behind this tactic—most teams don’t perform well when they’re tired.

Schedule tracking is similar to tracking player injuries. As an example, you wouldn’t bet on a horse that’s tired or injured.

In the past, only hard-core gamblers could keep a sharp eye on player schedules. Now, however, technology makes basketball schedules easily available to everyone.

It’s a good idea to make schedule tracking a part of managing your business if you’re going to focus on basketball. You want to look for when a team might go through rough patches. These are the times when you’ll find that a team is tired or fatigued.

However, it’s more to this tactic than knowing when a team might not perform their best. You’ll also need to keep an eye on when the betting line overlooks player fatigue.

When this happens, the betting line will overvalue the team. Betters in the know have a better chance of winning by betting against the team when this happens.

However, here is where you can turn a substantial profit. You can offer promotions that will compel your players to bet in your favor.

Developing a Winning Strategy

When launching your gambling enterprise, the most important thing that you can do is to learn the entire industry. For example, you want to learn about recent trends in sports betting.

You need to understand the landscape of the space. You also want to know what draws better interest. For example, if you’re focusing on basketball, March Madness is your most profitable time of year.

Sports is a complex industry. As such, you’ll need to perform detailed research. This research will serve as a major factor guiding the scope of your gambling enterprise.

In general, there is an increased demand for gambling. Already, a lot of betters have taken to the internet to place wagers.

If you want your gaming website to focus on basketball, analyze the current environment. It’s important to know what to offer your players. This understanding will help you to enhance your online sports bet profits.

The Best Software for Taking Basketball Wagers

With Ace Per Head betting software, you can present a professional image for your gambling website. Again, you could find a platform that costs less. However, how many fans do you think will trust their hard-earned cash to a site that looks like you made it using Wix or

With an Ace Per Head subscription, you’ll have access to a customized skin. You can tailor it any way that you desire. Most importantly, you can create any image that you want to reflect.

Think of the big sportsbooks hosted by well-known casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. These gambling enterprises host sparkling, professional sportsbook websites.

There are also other highly professional gaming sites on the internet. This professional presentation is what makes players trust a site enough to make a bet.

Ace Per Head costs just a bit more than a bare-bones sportsbook service. However, the professional appearance of Ace Per Head software will pay for itself many times over.

With Ace Per Head, you’ll have access to more than cutting-edge gaming technology. You’ll also have your own team of dedicated live agents to take bets and answer player questions.

Also, you can offer more than basketball on your gaming site. Whether you want to offer other sports or casino games, we have the perfect attractions to draw in your players.

Your Partner in Basketball Betting

Now you’ve reviewed the definitive guide to basketball betting software. With pro sports taking more of an interest in online gaming, there’s never been a better time to get in on the action. Give Ace Per Head a try and take your hoop dreams all the way to the bank!

Ace Per Head has led the online gaming industry for more than 22 years. We’re the most trusted pay per head platform in the industry.

What’s more, we can help you keep your players. Over the years, we’ve maintained 99% customer satisfaction. With this kind of performance, you have everything you need to build a successful online gaming business.

Don’t wait. Sign up for your six-week free trial today.