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Pay Per Head Beginner's Guide

Why Go Online with Pay Per Head?

Pay-Per-Head (PPH) service providers, like Ace Pay Per Head, cater to sportsbook agents and bookies who are trying to grow their business in the twenty-first century. Services often include a dedicated call center to handle player wagers and questions, a website for players to wager, and software for tracking and reporting player activities and balances. But for a long time, Sportsbooks and Racebooks did not use the internet to conduct business – and in many places in the world they still don’t. So why change all that now?

Well as it turns out, there are a lot of very good reasons why, and today almost all serious bookies have gone online. If you are trying to decide if online pay per head is right for your business, consider the following:

  • “I want to grow my business”
    By opening yourself up to pay per head on the internet, your horizon is suddenly endless. In addition, the costs of growing are much lighter when a large company with dedicated resources is handling the day-to-day working of your business. Think of the time and energy you can save!
  • “I want a website”
    Most players want the convenience and ease of browsing available wagers, viewing lines, and placing bets online. You can spend thousands learning about website marketing and design , OR you can let us handle all of that for you with our pay per head services.
  • “I want around-the-clock phone coverage”
    If you are taking all of your players’ calls yourself, then you probably aren’t getting as much sleep as you deserve. Not having a professional call center is a turn off for players, and it stunts the growth of your company because you just can’t keep up. With Ace pay per head’s dedicated call center, we can handle all of that load now. Our specialists all grew up with American English as their primary language, and follow the sports your players care about.
  • “I don’t want to worry about security and technology”
    A lot of bookies shy away from going online because they don’t like computers, or dealing with the technology required to maintain a call center. We have a dedicated team of engineers who manage our data centers and server health around the clock. We mitigate security vulnerabilities, perform routine maintenance on equipment, and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on top-of-the-line technology… so you don’t have to!
  • “I want full control over my rules and lines”
    Joining the wrong pay per head service can mean a loss of control. But Ace pay per head gives our agents complete control over the board, the lines, and all of the rules or limitations they want in place. Just tell us what you need, and we will make it happen.
Ace Pay per Head Cost versus Savings

Deciding if the price of pay per head services is right differs for every agent. Your added expenses will typically be a small weekly fee for each player that wagered that week, and the savings will be in personal time, investment, and administration. Usually it is a winning trade off – please consider the following example:

Agent Bob has 20 players currently, and spends all of his free time (30 hours / week) managing the players, taking wagers, and doing accounting

  • Bob joins Ace pay per head
  • In a typical week, 15 of Bob’s players will wager, so at $10 per head / week, he is now spending $150
  • With the accounting done automatically, wagers fielded by our call center, and player management done easily online, Bob now spends only 10 hours / week managing his players!
  • With the extra time on his hands due to ace pay per head services, Bob adds 40 brand new players – something he could never have managed before – all without doing more work than his original 30 hours / week.

In this example, Bob is now working just as much as he used to, but instead of just 20 players, he is now spending a mere $450 to maintain a book of 60 players! With pay per head services, new heights are possible. Note, this example was intended for illustration purposes only – actual time savings vary widely by book.

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