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Features designed to grow your sheet

We make sure to offer all of the features that attract players, and by tracking usage across our vast network, we can help keep you ahead of the curve. For example, up to 75% of web traffic at Sunday kickoff is from a mobile device or tablet. We make sure our services are optimized and available on all devices, including our agent reports, and our popular VIP live betting platform.

When you signup for a pay per head account with, we assign an experienced account specialists to personally manage your account. This is the model used by banks and professional hedge funds where customer care is paramount. At many sites you are just an account number, they sign you up and don't want to hear from you again. Not with Ace.


Trust & discretion

We also consider discretion a paramount virtue. When your players call into our center, all they need is their player ID (usually 4 or 6 characters), and a simple password. We never ask for names or email addresses, or other contact information. We will not call your players unsolicited, or otherwise invade their privacy for any reason, nor do we allow your sub-agents to circumvent you and signup with us directly. When you use as your pay per head provider, you don't ever have to worry about the integrity of your package again.


Your own website

Choose from a variety of up-to-date mobile-friendly skins, or we can custom design a site for you! We can even hook up our login form to your current skin, if you already have a login page of your own. We have a team of software engineers, something most companies do not keep on staff, which means we can tailor your site to your specific needs.


Fully configurable boards, lines, players, and limits

Whatever you need to manage your book, we can do. We do not outsource our lines, which means we have full in-house control of everything that goes on the board, how it moves, and how it looks. Just talk to us about what you need, and our team of experts can make it happen. Setup is very fast and efficient, so you can be running in no time.


Clear and competitive pricing

Pricing is pretty simple: you only pay for what you use. We start packages at $10/head, but the price can go up or down depending on factors such as your player count, or the add-on features you want to include, such as live casino. There are no hidden fees or late fees or overages, and we offer an industry leading 6 week trial.

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VIP Live Betting

All packages include live betting for all major leagues and tournaments. For a small extra fee, you can get access to a full live betting suite. Live betting is the most popular feature for younger players, and a great way to grow your sheet.

Live Dealer Casino

Let your players interact with our live Costa Rican girls in this popular addon to your package.

Fully Mobile Betting

More than two-thirds of all players use their phones to bet. All of our skins and features are optimized for computers, tablets, and phones, as well as all agent reports.

Player Watch Report

This exclusive report automatically brings certain players or activity to your attention so you can watch your sheet like a hawk. Keep an eye on your sheet swinger, or keep an eye on winners, all from our agent site.

Bet Ticker

Watch the bets as they come in with our real-time bet ticker.

Move Lines

Get full access to manage your lines, or let us do it for you!


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