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Baseball Betting Software
Baseball Betting Software

One thing that the younger generation of sports fans often does not like about baseball is the comparatively slow pace of play.

It is hard to get through a nine-inning Major League Baseball game in under three hours nowadays, and the commissioner has implemented several new rules in recent years to speed games up, such as a clock that runs between innings and even between pitches.

Live Betting & Baseball: The Hottest Action Combo

During the COVID-19 pandemic, such one-time changes as making scheduled doubleheader games last only seven innings and starting extra innings with a runner on second base to encourage scoring made the game go even more quickly. Limits on visits to the pitcher’s mound during the game and requiring relief pitchers to stay in for a specific amount of time before being replaced have similar aims. However, the slower pace of baseball is actually ideal from the perspective of sports betting, as live wagering can take place more robustly in a slower game.

If you are thinking about starting or expanding your sportsbook, think about how signing up with a platform with optimized baseball betting software can help you grow your business.

Live Betting and Baseball: The Perfect Combination for Your Betting Clients

According to DraftKings, live betting accounts for about 70 percent of the action in European sportsbooks but just 30 percent in the United States. They attribute this to a lack of familiarity in the American sports betting market, but as sports betting increases in its legality, then that number should start to shift, due to the exciting nature of live betting. Now that more and more states are legalizing sports betting, the practice is moving into the mainstream culture. If you watch sports programming, such as game previews, topics such as the point spread and the Moneyline come up. Indeed, the mainstream sports programming networks in the North American market, such as ESPN and FOX Sports, contain not just information for gamblers but shows that are focused on making the best picks. As consciousness grows of the availability of live betting, that will increase over time.

If you want to leverage this by providing your sports betting clients access to the baseball betting software that elite platforms like offer to their sportsbook agents. People tend to come into live betting through one of two ways, typically. Some players are more recreational but think they know the upcoming matchups well enough to win parlays. They will bet on a group of matchups for a scenario that lets them follow several different games on the same day. If they win, the payoff is nice, but they didn’t put down more than $20 or $50 in most cases, so the losses aren’t huge. Live betting is just another way to have fun during a night of following your wagers.

More serious sports bettors use a series of straight bets. These are single wagers on a particular team or against a point total. As time goes by, these players also move into live wagering, making one at a time as the game goes by. There are also other ways to get into baseball wagering, such as daily fantasy baseball lineups, but fantasy sports are, at least for now, outside the realm of what platforms like offers.

Incorporating baseball into the pay per head experience

If you put your sportsbook on a platform like, the baseball betting software is just part of an integrated package that you can use to offer your betting clients access to a wealth of wagering opportunities. We allow our sportsbook agents to set up not just wagers on a point spread or Moneyline for the major sports leagues, but also with live wagering and other side prop opportunities. Do you want to set up side props that ask your clients which team will hit the first home run of the game? Done. How about live betting on the game as the night moves on, inning by inning? How will each batter do on the plate? Will a team’s closer keep the other side from scoring a run, or will he blow the save? These are options that you can offer your sports betting clients with’s platform.

Why makes sense for your betting clients

You can find any number of sports betting platforms out there. In fact, it seems that several new ones open up every week, if not every day. These websites pop up, often with several under the same corporate umbrella, seeking to bring in sportsbook agents who have a dream of turning their love for sports and wagering into a business that will feed them a full-time income. These websites come and go, offering cheap pay per head rates (which means that the rate they charge agents each week for their betting clients is at the low end of the spectrum).

The problem with these platforms at the value end of the pricing spectrum is the limits they have for sportsbook agents. You don’t have the same options in terms of live betting, in-game wagering, or creative side props. Some of them do not even let agents set their own point spreads or money lines. With, you pay a little bit more per bettor per week, but you also have more chances to bring in more income per bettor.

These Chances Include:

More choices for casino gaming, more choices when it comes to sports leagues that you can offer, more choices in terms of side props, and more choices in terms of available horse racing tracks. When Major League Baseball returns in the spring, don’t miss the opportunity to use our live betting opportunities, based on our baseball betting software, to let your betting clients enjoy the suspense of baseball. The slow rhythm of baseball builds suspense in the audience, but nothing builds suspense like a hitter coming to the plate with the possibility of delivering on your parlay.