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Give us a call whenever you like – it also gives you an opportunity to see exactly how helpful and knowledgeable our staff are. When your players call to ask a question or place a wager, they will reach the same call center and the same staff as you. We do this on purpose to make sure our agents’ players get the same quality service as our agents do.

Agent Support & Sales (800) 909-5193
Player Wagers & Support (800) 640-5088
Backup Player Number (800) 640-5188

Calls are toll free, and our representatives all speak English. In fact, although our call center is not located in the United States, we hire many personnel who grew up speaking American English as their primary language, or else lived in America at one time or another. When you call our center, it will sound just like home, and the staff at the other end actually follow the sports your clients want to play.

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