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If you are a veteran bookie, or someone looking to break into the gambling industry, you are probably already well aware that the majority of the wagering nowadays takes place online. You might well be wondering how it’s possible to open an online bookie service and lure in players when the market is already filled to brimming with such options. The easy answer is to use the services of a pay per head company, as this is far and away the most cost-effective way to get started as a bookie online.

There are sure to be plenty of you out there, even those who have been operating as a bookie for years, who are unfamiliar with the pay per head model, so allow us to take a minute to explain. In the pay per head setup, you are basically given an online presence and the chance to reel in a ton of players, with the going rate usually coming in at around $10 per player per week. There are many such services out there, but you really need to go with the one that delivers the best pay per head software, which is something that we will get into in a little more detail shortly.

Features and Options are Key

Finding a company that delivers the best pay per head software should be at the top of your list, but what else should you be looking for? One of the most important things to consider when taking your bookie business online is how players wager today. Gone are the days when bettors needed to be sitting in front of a PC or laptop, as many players now wager on the go via their smartphones. The reality here is that no company can claim to have the best pay per head software without offering up a mobile version as well as one that can be played on PC.

Ace Per Head is at the top of the heap in the pay per head market because of the software that they use, but there is more to what they offer than just that. While some companies will demand money right away or try to hook you into a long-term contract, Ace Per Head is more than willing to hand you the keys to your bookie business without placing any demands on you. They do this by offering you a 6-week trial, as well as the ability to create your own package, which includes choosing the skin you want for your website and mobile setup.

There are not a lot of pay per head providers who will even give you your own website, but www.AcePerHead.com takes it one step further. They have software engineers on hand to help you set the site up, as they are aware that not everyone is computer savvy when it comes to setting up a page and getting the ball rolling. Customer service is huge in any industry, and you can be sure that you will get the help you need whenever you need it.

Let’s Talk PPH Software

With the best pay per head software, you get access to all kinds of features that help you build a thriving bookie business, while also delivering a fantastic service to the players who choose to play with you. The goal is to have bettors come back as often as possible, which is what happens when they have a smooth and easy wagering experience every single time. Let’s get into some of the features that you can enjoy when you use the software provided by Ace Per Head.

Players who wager on sports today want to be able to play while they are watching. The best pay per head software should come with the ability to play live. This is an option offered by Ace Per Head, with bookies also having the option to upgrade to live mobile betting whenever they want. The ability to scale your business is huge, and it is only the very best pay per head software that is designed to allow you to do that. As your business grows, the software and features grow with you at the pace you deem to be the most comfortable.

At Ace Per Head, there is a huge board filled with available sports and events. All the major leagues are covered, allowing you as a bookie the flexibility to focus on the sports that you know your clients love. You also have the ability to go in and move the lines as you see fit, with a couple of points either way perhaps enticing in players who may have otherwise sat an event out. You can access a page that shows the bets as they come in, so you can see where the money is going, which comes in very handy if you are considering moving the lines one way or another.

Included in the best pay per head software is a secure chat client that allows you to get in touch with your players and answer any questions that they may have about an upcoming event or promotion. The chat client is totally secure and private, meaning that you and your players can chat with total confidence. You also have access to a virtual casino, racebook, and live scores, all of which make Ace Per Head have the best pay per head in the business.

Get Started Today

You might imagine that getting access to the best PPH software in the industry would be a little convoluted, but you can actually be up and running in a matter of minutes. Ace Per Head also offers a very generous 6-week trial, which is more than enough time to test drive all the cool features that are available to both bookies and players. It won’t take that long for you to figure out that this is the best pay per head software you can get.

How to Choose the Right Pay Per Head Service for Your Sportsbook

So – you have decided to take your sportsbook online after months of operating out of your spare bedroom, with stacks of cash-filled envelopes carefully lined up according to the bettor. Or you have decided that your sportsbook website, which you set up on something like Wix or WordPress, has grown to its maximum size.

To take the next step, you either need to develop your own website, and make a major commitment to purchasing software, or you need to find another way to grow. Ace Per Head, the premier PPH software service, stands ready to give you a more cost-effective way to grow. However, we are just one of the options you have in terms of pay per head sportsbook management. Take a look at ways you can differentiate among the options to choose the best one for your needs.

What does “pay per head” mean?

Instead of charging you a flat fee for your sportsbook page on the AcePerHead.com platform, we charge you a fee for every betting client you have on the rolls. So if you have 10 clients, you pay a fee for each one. If you have 1,000 clients, you pay a fee for each one. Obviously, the more clients you have, the more profits you have the opportunity to bring in. It is important to keep an eye on your client betting lists to make sure that they stay active because if they are not placing any wagers, you are not making any money from them, but you still have to pay for them to be on your books each week. On the whole, though, this means that you get the same level of functionality as your bigger peers on the AcePerHead.com PPH platform while you continue to grow.

What Should I Look for in a PPH Software Provider?

AcePerHead.com has developed a reputation as a premier pay per head software service, which means you should expect the best in terms of functionality. What this means, though, is that you should not expect your pay per head provider to have the lowest fees in the industry. Why? Because you get what you pay for. There are some things that you shop for at discount stores, such as paper towels and bottled water. After all, paper towels and bottled water are basically the same, no matter where you get them and how much you pay for them. There are some things that you do not shop for at discount stores, though, unless you need to. Consider the mattress you buy for your bed. If you buy a mattress from a discount warehouse, you will save money, but your sleep will not be nearly as comfortable as it would be if you were able to afford some of the advanced features, such as a pillowtop on one side, or customization of the firmness.

What are the features that differentiate AcePerHead.com as one of the premier pay per head services? One of them has to do with website’s capacity for action. If you have signed up with a discount platform, then think about what might happen to your sports betting website near the end of December. You might have a slate of late-season NFL games, many of them with playoff implications, coming to an end at the same time. That same day, you might have a slate of college football bowl games, college basketball matchups, and a day’s worth of games in the NBA and the NHL. All of a sudden, your website crashes because the service you signed up with to save some money could not handle the betting activity. Was it still worth a slightly lower weekly pay per head fee?

It might just take one event to shut down a discount platform. The one event that draws the most sports betting action is the Super Bowl. Can you imagine what would happen if your platform crashed 20 minutes before the start of the game, or right before the end of the first half? What would you do about the in-game props? What would you tell your betting clients? Most importantly, how quickly would they be changing to a new provider?

When you pay for a premier pay per head software service, not only do you have access to a website that offers the bandwidth to keep you up and running, all year round, you also have a website with the staff to take telephone bets should the unthinkable happen and your players not be able to place bets online. After all, the problem might be on your betting client’s end as well. What if their Internet goes down? With the right provider, you can still give them access to betting as long as they have access to a phone.

Another quality that you will appreciate in a pay per head software service is quality staff and service. One of the primary complaints that come from sportsbook owners who signed up with a discount service is that the wrong point spreads or moneylines get put on events. That seems basic, but when you are dealing with employees of discount companies, you get people who are paid a low wage and, as a result, have minimal motivation to provide top-shelf quality service.

What questions should you ask a pay per head software service?

One question has to do with the sort of encryption for data and other security protocols. The premier pay per head services have a password-protected system for login that each client will use. Betting customers should not have to provide their names, phone numbers, or email addresses to sign up. If a pay per head outfit asks you to provide that information, it is time to move on. You should only have to provide a username and a password for each of your clients.

Another question involves the number of options when it comes to sporting events. The best PPH bookie services will offer more events, as well as horse racing tracks and virtual casino games. Basically, if you want to offer action on it, the best pay per head platforms will help you get there.