Payment Methods

Payment Methods

We keep billing simple, and make it easy for you to pay. Pricing is pretty simple: you only pay for what you use. We start packages at $10/head, but the price can go up or down depending on factors such as your player count, or the add-on features you want to include, such as live casino and VIP live betting. There are no hidden fees or late fees or overages, and we offer an industry leading 6 week trial.

Every Monday you we update your balance from the previous weeks usage, and it will be reflected in your current balance at the top of your Agent home page. All accounts are pre-paid and once you get close to being negative just contact us to send a new payment.

We accept several payment methods, and are working to add more. Here are the currently available methods and limits:

Bitcoin No limits Instant confirmation. Call for an address.
Vanilla $50 – $1,000 Visa/MC Gift Cards Only, Not Pre-Paid/Refill Cards.
Call for details.
Ethereum No limits Instant confirmation. Call for an address.
Net Spend $50 – $500 Most giftcards accepted. There is an 20% processing fee,
so a $150 Target giftcard will credit your account $120.
Western Union $100 – $999 Call for names.
Net Spend $50 – $2,000 Pre-paid Only, Not Refill Card.
Call for details.
Money Gram $100 – $700 Call for names.

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