Times Are Changing

Live Betting Software
Times Are Changing

It goes without saying that technology has changed the way we do things, for instance, the days of only being able to bet on full game NFL odds are long gone, first, they introduced halftime lines, then came the prop bets, and now you can wager on each and every drive.

The Newest Trends

With the use of live betting software technology, www.AcePerHead.com is able to provide bettors with an incredible array of betting options for every single NFL game of the regular season as well as the postseason.

Here is how it works, at the beginning of every drive, the line managers will post odds for the result of the drive, this means bettors can wager on how many yards will be achieved, if the drive will result in a touchdown or a field goal, or if instead, it will end with a turnover.

But, that is not all, as the drive is unfolding, your players can bet on what the next play will be, will they run or pass the ball, will it be a complete or incomplete pass, will it be intercepted, etc. This kind of interaction was not possible just a few years back, and even when it was first introduced, the odds were not strong, and the number of events available for live betting was limited and uncertain at best.

Today though, technology has progressed to such a degree where the expert line managers at AcePerHead.com aided by the top of the line live betting software, are able to offer live wagering on all NFL games during the season, but, live betting is not just reserved for football, they offer it on NBA, Baseball, soccer, etc.

Due to the cost of licensing the live betting software, a lot of pay per head shops are using lower quality interfaces, which provide a slow response time which in turn frustrates players because they are unable to submit their wagers fast enough. The whole purpose of offering additional betting options to players is to enhance their player experience, however, if your pay per head provider is offering you an inferior product, this may cause more harm than good.

Ace Per Head.com offers the best live betting interface, and if your players are super into it, you can opt for the VIP Live Betting package which offers more betting options on a wider range of sporting events, the extra cost is minimal and your players will thank you tenfold.

This NFL betting trend is especially popular with the younger crowd, and it is the perfect gateway to attract games to the real money betting world. Think about it, live betting is the equivalent of video game playing, except the stakes, are higher because aside from bragging rights and recognition for your sports knowledge you have real money on the line. This provides a whole new level of excitement for young players, and they will become hooked instantly, making the normally impossible transition from gamers to real money bettors simple and easy for online bookies.