Is Being a Bookie Legal?

is being a bookie legal
Is Being a Bookie Legal?

Being a bookie is when you have people that want to wager on sports with you. This means that the player makes a wager on a certain team such as the New England Patriots -6.5 and then you as the bookie will have the opposite side meaning you will need the Patriots to either lose the game or just not win by 7 points or more.

Depending on where you are located in the world will determine whether or not it is legal to be a bookie in that area. Every country and even state and province has its own specific laws regarding being a bookie and accepting bets on sports, and often times the answer is not a straight yes or no. That is why it is very important to speak to your local attorney because they would be able to know the specific laws on booking action in your district.

Where within the U.S.

Just in the United States alone, the question of being a legal bookie is being asked more and more, because States are now allowed to determine for themselves if they want to legalize sports gambling. So being a resident of Florida compared to being a resident of New York could be the difference of being legally allowed to be a bookie or not.

Also if it is legal to be a bookmaker then it is important to make sure that you then follow the laws and stay within the parameters of the law to make sure you don’t do something that would be considered unlawful. The best way to start that would be again talking to your local attorney and just getting all the information you can on the subject to make sure you are doing it all correctly.

PPH Services

If you are lucky to be in a district or place where it is legal to be a bookie, then the next step would be to get set up with a pay per head service, like, that would be able to provide you with the necessary resources to be a successful bookie.

These services provide bookies with a website that has thousands of sports betting options available to bet on each day, and all the lines and odds are updated up to the second. Then once each sporting event is complete it gets graded and the balances in the player and bookie account get immediately updated into the accounts. These services take care of the technical side of bookmaking which means you do not need to be some kind of expert bookmaker to be a bookie.

Instead, you as the bookie can focus on just getting more players, because the more players you have then the more money you are going to make from being a bookmaker.

There are many different ways to start getting players which are as easy as just talking with friends, family members, co-workers, old acquaintances from high school or college, social media or just getting the word out where ever you go. Then once you get someone that wants to bet you just set them up with an account and give them the website from your pay per head bookie service and you are all ready to start booking their action and making some money.