Top-of-the-line PPH Service

Best Pay Per Head Services
Top-of-the-line PPH Service

A pay per head service is a company that caters to people who want to book action on sports. They provide a fully inclusive turnkey website that has thousands of sports betting options for agent’s players to bet on each and every day. All lines are updated up to the second and managed directly by the pay per head service.

Top Lines

One of the best pay per head services in the current market is and they have been in the business for over 25 years. They have some of the sharpest lines in the industry and are one of only 15 books that have their lines featured on DonBest who is the top odds provider in the North American market.

Ace Per Head has a team of lines managers updating and managing lines 24/7. They take an average of some of the biggest books in the market and then move the line according to where the action is coming in and then they utilize the super-sharp players in their system to move the line fast and accordingly. As a result of this Ace has one of the best hold percentages in the business for bookies with a weekly average of 14%. In laymen’s terms, this just means agents make more money at Ace because the lines are very sharp.

In addition, Ace Pay Per Head has English speaking customer service representatives which makes communicating with them much easier than most of the pay per head services that have foreigners working for them with English as their second language. This means any request will get done correctly and efficiently because there is no language barrier issue.

Price and Payments

The price for Ace’s pay per head service is $10 per active player per week, which can be paid by using various scratch-off gift cards which can all be bought anonymously and at most convenience stores. This is a great feature they have because it makes it much easier and convenient than paying with the traditional methods of Money Gram and Western Union, even though they accept those methods as well.

They also accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and Stellar which are also anonymous and very easy to use, and if an agent pays using those methods then they have a promotion where the price is only $8 per active player per week.


Lastly Ace has various initial starting promotions with as much as up to 6 weeks free, which is more free weeks than any PPH service offers in the industry. The 6-week promotion can be had when an agent makes an initial deposit of $500. Then the agent will receive the first week of each month free for the first 6 months of using their service which will lead to extensive savings. In addition, the $500 will be used in full during the weeks that get charged.

Ace also has a 50% promotion for the first 5 weeks which allows agents to get a reduction in price to help them when they are just starting out on the service. So call one of the best pay per head services in the market now at 1-800-909-5193 and get set up immediately so you can start making money from booking action.

The Traits of an Outstanding Pay Per Head Service

Are you thinking about turning your sportsbook from a hobby into a career-level income? One of the realities that have emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic is that the economy of the future is one that will be significantly different, particularly when it comes to needing people to provide services. Many people who had been accustomed to getting their entertainment outside the home have found new activities that keep them safe from exposure to the coronavirus. This is why movie theaters are having difficulties – and so are film studios.

With the exception of the movie Tenet (which bombed in the theaters, more because people were reluctant to go to theaters than because of the quality of the film), studios have cut back on releases, letting some films go to stream but holding on to others until a vaccine emerges and people feel safe in theaters again. With that set to last several more months, though, how long can the movie industry hold on?

Many service industry and entertainment workers are looking for other ways to make money – as are people in other sectors who are simply looking for a way to transition from working online for their company to working online for themselves, and starting a sportsbook is one way to do that. If you are considering this, take a look at what you should look for in a PPH sportsbook service.

What does the “pay per head” service involve?

Ace Per Head has emerged as a major force in the pay per head sportsbook service that has come out over the past few years, but even so, there are still many people still finding their way in the sportsbook industry who do not know what the pay per head sector is all about.

The “pay per head” service is just what it sounds like. If you sign up as a sportsbook owner on this sort of platform, then your fee is based on the number of sports betting clients that you have. The quality of your functionality is the same, whether you have a dozen clients or a thousand. However, your fee varies with your clientele size. This allows the business to grow as you do, and you do not have to sign up for a discounted service while you are still small.

Different PPH services charge different prices – and have different levels of quality. You should not expect a discount pay per head service to offer the same quality as one of the top-shelf services. So what should you look for in a pay per head sportsbook service?

Website Functionality

There are some things that you can pay bottom dollar without any real sacrifice. When you have that choice, then you should do it. Consider canned soft drinks; the discount labels have a slightly different flavor than the well-known brands, but the difference is not particularly essential, especially if you are using the drinks as mixers – or buying large amounts of it for a kids’ party.

There are other purchases in which price point makes a more significant difference in terms of quality. You can buy a $19 pair of running shorts with a liner, and you can buy a $79 pair of running shorts with a liner. You will wear through the $19 shorts at least once, if not twice, before the $79 running shorts show any signs of wear. Also (if look is important to you for your running attire), the $79 shorts will come with a much greater variety and attention to fashion trends than will the $19 pair, which will reliably come in the same primary colors, along with black.

When it comes to shopping around through pay per head sportsbook service, you will want to see what sportsbook owners have to say about the quality of the website. You might think that one website is a lot like another, but while the functionality does include the design elements, it also includes the stability of the site under the weight of traffic. If you are in the hours ahead of a World Series game, which takes place on the same day as a full slate of NFL action (not to mention first-division soccer in Europe), you do not want your website to crash just as your betting clients are locking in their wagers. That will be the last day that your sportsbook stays open, as your clients move over to one of the many competitors that you have – competitors who chose a sportsbook platform with a server that has the appropriate capacity – leaving you starting from scratch, but with a damaged reputation.

Sportsbook Owner and Betting Client Service

Let’s say that one of your betting clients has the Internet go out at home but still wants to place a bet. You want to work with a sportsbook platform that also has customer service staff on call to place bets over the phone. Do you want to have to take those calls yourself and place the bets? Of course not – you’re paying a sportsbook platform to manage your book. You want to focus on the parts that you enjoy: researching matchups, choosing and setting prop wagers, not answering your phone. So when you read pay per head sportsbook services, check out what other owners have had to say about the available telephone customer service.

Another important question to ask has to do with the locality of the platform. You will want to choose a platform that has its legal address in a place that permits the processing of bets as well as the associated money transactions, such as remitting withdrawals and taking in deposits. In Costa Rica, the government licenses and regulates this industry – and as a result, the Central American nation is a hub of the pay per head sports betting industry.

Finally, two more questions.

Can you always access your point spreads and moneylines directly? If not, it’s time to move on, because you want to be able to make changes when you need to. Then, what is the encryption that the platform offers in terms of payment management? You want to offer your clients the very best in terms of money security, and Ace Per Head is at the top of the list when it comes to peace of mind in money transfers.