Sports Betting Business Plan

Sports Betting Business Plan
Sports Betting Business Plan

If you are looking to set up a sports betting business then the best way to be profitable and successful in the sportsbook business it to become a bookie and book action for people that want to bet. People who gamble always lose money over the long term, which is why the people that are most profitable in the sports betting business are the ones taking the action from gamblers.

Being a bookie means that you have people that want to bet with you on various sporting events, horse racing, or even virtual casino games.   Whatever the players bet, means that you as the bookie would need the opposite team to win or cover in order to win the money from booking that wager.

How it Works?

For example, if the San Francisco 49ers are -3.5 against the Seattle Seahawks, and a player bets the 49ers -3.5, then you as the bookie will either need the Seahawks to win the game outright or for the 49ers to win the game by 3 or less points, for you as the bookie to win that wager placed against you. The more players you have and the more games they bet each day, then the more action you will have on various games. In addition, the more volume you receive in bets then the more money you will earn over the long term from players’ overall losses.

Be the Bookie

The best way to become a bookie is by using one of the top pay per head companies in the industry. Pay per head companies provide a professional sportsbook website where they post thousands of sports betting options each day for players to wager on and then update all lines up to the second 24 hours a day. These companies provide an easy and complete tool to use that will enable you to become a sportsbook bookie in minutes.

One of the best pay per head companies is, and they are considered one of the best for a few reasons. They have more betting options than the average book and have sharper and faster moving lines than other books. Their average weekly hold percentage is 14% per week compared to the industry average of 5%. This simply means that if a player risked $1,000 in action during the week, then on average that player will lose $140 per week on Ace, compared to the other books where a player risking $1,000 per week will only lead to the player on average losing $50 per week.  

Top PPH Service

In addition, Ace Per Head has American English speaking customer service representatives that have decades worth of experience and are easy to understand and quickly help bookies with any and all of their questions and requests. Also Ace spends a ton of money on technology, which allows them to offer a fully functioning mobile site that never goes down and prevents players from not being able to wager.

So if you are looking to be successful in the sports betting business then the best plan is to use one of the best pay per head companies in the business and book action directly through their website platform. Call Ace Per today at 1-800-909-5193 and get set up in 5 minutes over the phone, so you can start earning money each week from being a bookie.