Be the Bookie

Be a Successful Bookie
Be the Bookie

Gambling is fun and it can be quite profitable if you are a skilled gambler that stays on top of the games, but have you considered the possibility of becoming the bookie?

Why settle with what you can win in a few bets if you can use your skills and knowledge of sports and wagering in getting a piece of every wager your clients place? Especially when it is known that the majority of gamblers play for entertainment purposes only and therefore lose the majority of the times.

Being a bookie can be profitable yes, but it involves risks and a lot of work, it is important to know your limitations, you can start small and run a very tight operation to test the waters, make sure you know what you are doing and that you can handle the pressure that comes along with it. Remember you must have funding ready to be able to pay your clients when they win, the only way your business is going to grow is if you are reliable, professional and pay quickly.

Things to Consider Before Becoming a Bookie:

  1. To run a successful bookie business you must be good with numbers and balance your risk. Don’t make the mistake of getting greedy and biting more than you can chew. Knowing your bankroll is crucial.
  2. You need to be very organized, keep tight records and make sure you have the ability to collect and pay.
  3. Take into account that gambling never stops, there’s always something to bet on and games run on holidays and weekends with no distinction, make sure you are considering the pros and cons of this business.
  4. Once your business starts growing there will come a time when you’ll have to decide on whether you establish your limit and play it safe or if you take the next logical step which is taking your company to a digital level; you can do this by setting up your own operation, which is great, but requires a large investment and time; or you can opt for getting a pay per head service which offers the advantage of giving you a turnkey solution from which your clients will have a variety of services available to them, and will give you the possibility of growing your business at a healthy rhythm and with full control.
  5. Keep learning, keep growing. To be a bookie you have to know your business and your clients better than anyone. Working with a PPH service makes this step easier since the betting software will give you different reports to work with and analyze. The more you know about your clients the more control you’ll have of your business and the more profit you will make.

If you follow the above steps and show commitment, your bookie business can be very successful; it is also crucial to pick the right pay per head service, there are many PPH companies in the market, but only a handful are able to deliver on their promises.

I personally recommend since to my criteria it offers the perfect combination of a professional and reliable service at an affordable price; the level of security and stability in their systems are also big pluses.

Start a Bookie Business

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