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You Get

Personal Betting Representative

Personal Account

Your personal account manager will watch your players and take care of your sheet as if it were their own. We don’t offer ordinary bookie software; from catching sharps to suggesting profile changes based on wagering patterns, we do more than our competitors to ensure your players have the best experience, while you make the most money.

PayPerHead Technical Support

Industry - Leading

Our customer support is simply the best. Reach us by text, live chat, email, or phone, around-the-clock. You're running a business, and we get that. When you need something, we get it done quickly and properly. We’re the only bookie software supplier around that offers this level of customer service and around-the-clock support to our customers.

Full Board Offerings

Tons of props
and offerings

We keep your board full of options and features so your players can bet on anything and everything. It's not easy keeping thousands of odds sharp and up-to-the-second, and other bookie software platforms just don't keep up. We offer more, which let's your players wager more, which means: you earn more. That's right, the more your players wager, the more you hold.

24/7 betting help

24 / 7 / 365
Customer Service

All support channels are available 24/7/365 and our website is always accessible from all platforms. Our English speaking staff is always available, and our managers don't have accents. Our award winning service and industry-leading bookie software never fails. Just try us and find out!


You Get

You are not just a client for us, you are our partner, and our job is to help you grow your business because if you win, we win. This is exactly what pay per head services are all about (and what many newbies in the industry have forgotten).

What you get at AcePerHead.com first and foremost is our personalized attention. We want you to feel at home, free to run your own business the way you want, while having access to everything you need to bring your business to the next level.

We also provide the technological tools necessary to guarantee you can run a successful operation: proven sportsbook software with all the features your clients crave, and which make your life much simpler. Industry leading software needs to run on industry leading infrastructure, and few have invested as much as us in building the powerful datacenters needed to protect your business: better security, efficiency, and multiply-redundant services allowing you to compete in the modern era.

Your players Get

Full featured sportsbook


Full-featured sportsbook betting including multiple live betting platforms, prop builder, and a full racebook. No other bookie software provider offers such a comprehensive range of betting options for your players.

Live Betting

Industry leading
live betting

Live coverage of all major sports and events is included for free on all packages. For a small addition, you can access one or more special VIP live betting suites, which include in-game video and a wide coverage. Our bookie software provides everything your player needs, keeping them active on your sheet and engaged.

Mobile Betting

Full Mobile
& Tablet support

We were the first to bring a true mobile experience to our customers, and we've continued to lead the industry. Today, 90% of all wagers on Football Sunday are placed on our mobile website. Don't miss your market! Our websites are specially optimized to run blazing fast, even over cellular networks, and they look and behave beautifully on all devices, from phones to tablets to traditional computers.

24/7 Online Wagering

24 / 7 / 365

Wager, check odds, or get help, around the clock. Our 24/7 customer service staff ensure events and grading runs throughout the night. No other bookie software has our level of service, and many have to take down features overnight when their B-crew arrives. Not us, not ever.


Your players Get

When you opt for a pay per head service it's usually because your players are demanding more: more options to bet, more usable website on their phone, more features, more convenience. That is exactly what your players will get when you choose to work with AcePerHead.com.

Your clients will have access to a complete array of services, attractive lines in all major events, a full-featured racebook, live betting, multiple in-play suites, and more. Our pay per head software offers security and it’s easy to use; our websites are compatible with all platforms allowing players to access from their desktop, tablet, or mobile phone, anywhere, anytime, 365 days a year 24/7.

Your players will get everything they need to keep coming back, and to bring their friends along.

Why Choose ACE?

Ace Per Head has been in the online bookmaking services business since 1998, and we've been ranked #1 in customer service the last 7 years running. We give first-class white glove customer service to every single one of our customers no matter how many players they have.

Because you want to take your business to the next level by offering your clients an excellent platform, and Ace Per Head can help you achieve this. Our reputation precedes us.

We have invested in state-of-the-art technology to guarantee efficiency, redundancy, and security.

Ace Pay Per Head has been in the online sportsbook betting business since 1998. Not many pay per head services can boast over 22 years of experience in this industry, and we didn't get here by chance.

We pride ourselves in offering first class service in every area of the business. Our corporate culture promotes excellency in what we do, our collaborators know our product and understand that every client is equally important: we grow together, your success is our own.

Best Agent Features

Custom reports & Industry-leading support

  • American-English Speaking Staff
  • Dedicated Account Representatives
  • Same Day Setup
  • Simply the Best Customer Support
  • Sharp Line Management

Dare to compare

We offer more features for a better price than other sportsbook software providers.

We Offer
competition don't offer
We Offer English-speaking representatives, other bookie software suppliers don’t. competition don't offer

English-speaking representatives

We Offer Extensive live wagering options. We have more live wagering options than other bookie software suppliers. competition don't offer

Extensive live wagering options

We Offer Best free weeks in the business: 6 weeks! That gives you plenty of time to comprehensively review everything we offer, from your perspective and from your players' perspectives. competition don't offer

Best free trial in the business: 6 weeks



Don't let your pay per head provider cost you money! They’re supposed to make you money.

Here at AcePerHead we do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on running your business. Our superior bookie software requires a superior technical foundation, and we have it. Our three redundant data centers, vast CDN, comprehensive DDoS mitigation, and fleet of top-of-the-line servers, ensure that we never go down.





All Systems

Full System Layer DDOS Expert Odds

Custom Websites

Choose from any of our skins, or request your own custom site design.

We’ll show you how our website skins look from the player perspective and your own back-end, bookie management perspective. Want something different? That’s no problem. Our bookie software is flexible and we can work with you through a variety of design options to perfectly fit your brand and aesthetic.

custom websites

Ace Per Head specializes in offering personalized services. We can make your brand a reality by creating your own custom website design, or you can choose from one of our many skins to suite your tastes and needs.

The purpose of pay per head services is to streamline your business and simplify your life. We give you three alternatives:

1) If you already have a branded website, we help you connect your website to our software. Our engineering team will be happy to provide their assistance and expertise to ensure a setup. Drop a couple of lines of code into your website, change a couple settings, and as easy as that customers can visit your existing website and login to your own branded backend, powered by ace per head.

2) You can choose one of our ready-to-use skins, out of the box. We offer several featuring sports, several with more generic or discrete labels, and plenty of names that are easy to remember.

3) If you want your very own website to develop your own brand, our team of professional designers and front-end developers can help you build it from scratch and get everything ready to go for you. We handle the hosting and integration so you don't have to.

The websites built by Ace Per Head are optimized to work on every platform, desktops, tablets and mobile devices, and your clients will be able to bet 24/7, 365 days a year. Our fully configurable boards, lines, players profiles and limits will allow you to maintain complete control over your business, your risk, and your exposure. You can run your operation anyway you please.

Our software also offers a variety of reports that will help you improve your sheet, understand which players make you the most money, and identify any changes you might want to make in your player settings. This let's you focus on those aspects of your business that can translate into profit, while we handle the daily operational tasks that would otherwise bog you down.

Pricing & Payments

Competitive pricing and easy payment methods

Bitcoin Gift Cards Ethereum Litecoin Moneygram Stellar

Just $10/head

We offer a wide range of services, all bundled together into one great price. Pricing starts at $10/head per week, depending on your package size and the complexity of your setup. Larger packages may qualify for a lower price, so if you have any questions give us a call and our sales team will do everything we can to find an arrangement that works for you.


Our price per head is better than any other sportsbook software supplier out there. If you want to become a bookie and find the best pay per head sportsbook provider, look no further! We can scale our solution precisely to your needs and have hundreds of case studies to prove we’re the best in the industry.


If you already have a brand and you want to leverage the reach of your enormous customer base, we’re perfect for you. Don’t miss out. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can get you set up and making money within this lucrative and exciting industry.


If you’re already a bookie and want to switch to a better provider, we can help you to make the switch and retain your existing customers. We move all existing players, settings, and bets seamlessly, often in just an hour or two. Ask us how and we’ll talk you through the simple process today.

5 Tips to Choosing a
Pay Per Head Service

Choosing a pay per head service to work with should not be something you take lightly. The service you will be offering your clients and the future of your company will depend greatly on the PPH Company you choose.

When shopping for a per head bookie service keep in mind this isn’t just a service, you are actually choosing a partnership. A PPH service can help make you or can break you. They can give you tools to grow, or they can try to milk every dollar out of you, knowing you'll be gone in a couple weeks. You want the right attitude with your partnership, since you get 1 chance to impress your clients and build your reputation. Do your research, compare, and test.

The price of a product or service always carries a weight, and when starting a business your expenses are important to meter. You should also consider that you get what you put in, in business and in life, and a cheap service that goes down all the time and offers unhelpful staff and slow lines will prevent you from growing, no matter how hard you try. AcePerHead.com is not the cheapest provider out there, and we don't want to be. If you are serious about your business, we give you the best tools to grow, and we charge a fair price that allows us to maintain those tools and provide the best, uninterrupted service available. Consider carefully what is most important to your business, and prioritize accordingly.

Reputable pay per head companies have demos that give you the opportunity to test drive the product they offer. AcePerHead.com offers a 6 week free, sufficient time for you to really know what you are signing in for and what you and your clients will get. Evaluate our customer service, our lines and grading times, place bets during rush hour, at different times and from different devices, run reports and make all the questions you see for yourself that we're offering exactly what we say we are offering.

Make sure that the pay per head service you choose can guarantee the security of your data and your players’ data. Inquire about their security protocols and backups, as well as their privacy policies. AcePerHead.com will not take a signup from a subagent of an existing customer. We get those calls all the time, and the very first thing we do is contact the main agent. In a business partnership, undercutting our own customers is a losing strategy, and we don't care that we're the only PPH shop in the industry that values this kind of business trust.

Thankfully nowadays, it is quite easy to investigate the reputation of a pay per head service. Check the reviews in different industry websites such as gambling911.com, or ask for other references.

Not all lines are created equal, which is why the industry average hold percentage is around 10%. This means, when your players bet $100 here, $100 there, on average, you'll end up keeping 10% of the total money wagered. Many things can impact the hold, and at Ace Per Head, by offering more features, more props, and sharper lines, we perform 3-7% above the industry average consistently. This means you make more money with us, even with the exact same sheet.

It all comes down to taking your time to make an educated decision. Pay Per Head services are a great way to save money and grow your business if you choose the right option.

Ace Per Head Benefits

Despite the global economic challenges due to the pandemic, the sports betting industry thrives in part thanks to the versatility and professionalisms of pay per head services like Ace Per Head.

Last year, the estimated sports betting market value was a whooping $85 billion. Even though this year was different, some segments of the market still showed growth.

One example is the online betting segment. In 2017, land-based sports betting outlets accounted for the highest share in the global sports gambling industry. Today, the fastest-growing market segment is online sports betting.

The trend is forecast to continue for the next five years, thanks in part to a large number of passionate football, basketball, baseball, and soccer fans.

Knowing how profitable the online sports wagering industry is, it’s no surprise that bookies are looking for affordable and effective ways to enter into, and then thrive, in this competitive setting.

The obvious solution for most industry players is to enlist a reputable pay per head company’s services.

For those who are unclear of just how much a price per head service can improve their business, here is a small list of proven benefits from working with Ace Per Head, the most respected pay per head company in the industry today.

Trusted Brand

The AcePerHead.com reputation speaks for itself, and we have been featured on many industry leading sites and forums. In addition to getting featured on many sites, we connect with 3rd parties to setup affiliate partnerships. Make money while we do the work! Click below to learn more.


We are so confident in our service, that we are prepared to offer you 6 weeks free! That is not a typo, and it is unheard of in this industry. We can do it because we know once you see our offerings, you will stay. So what are you waiting for? Join the fastest growing pay per head site!


Benefits of a Pay per Head Sportsbook

Using a price per head to run and manage your online sports betting business offers many advantages over operating the entire endeavor in-house. A legitimate pay per head will provide you with an expert bookmaker staff who understands the industry’s ins and outs and can help make your player sheet more profitable than ever. But that is not the only advantage of working with the top price per head service. Here is a shortlist of the significant benefits you will receive when you sign up with Ace Per Head.

Full Spectrum Sportsbook Services

Ace Per Head provides more than an extraordinary sports betting experience. We also offer the best horse racing betting platform and gambling games.

These value-added services make us the most comprehensive pay per head service available to bookies today.

If you are a bookie looking to improve your bottom line while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty, then don’t delay; sign up with Ace Per Head Today!

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