Aceperhead Technology

Hardware & Performance

We have built a custom private-cloud which distributes all of our systems over multiple machines. If one ever fails or gets stuck, the others seamlessly take over. These failure modes are tested weekly.

We scaled our hardware to handle 5x more load than we experience at our busiest time, which means our servers never break a sweat, and your players never miss a bet. Every piece of equipment in our data center is redundant or multiply redundant, which gives us the kind of infrastructure architecture used by large corporations like Google, Microsoft, or Apple.

In addition to the brute strength of our fleet of servers, we employ a global Content Distribution Network (CDN) with caching servers located in more than 60 datacenters around the world. This means where ever you are, one of our CDN locations is right around the corner, so our skins will respond in a snap,

Security and DDoS Protection

We take the security of our systems and of our customer data very seriously. Our entire network is protected by advanced 7-layer DDoS protection. In the event of a DDoS attack, we are able to transparently filter the good traffic from the bad traffic, which means the bad guys won't slow you or your players down.

Physical Security:

  • All of our facilities are under 24-hour surveillance and guarded key-card-only access.
  • Only authorized personnel are allowed near our equipment, and all activities are logged and audited.
  • We have no outsources or work-from-home employees. All employees are on premise and supervised when handling our systems or customer data.

Digital Security:

  • Administration of all systems is IP filtered and logged
  • Any secure services make use of https with modern SSL standards (4096-bit keys)
  • All web services and databases are protected by advanced firewall appliances with WAF and malicious vector filtering


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