How do Bookies Make Money?

How do Bookies Make Money
How do Bookies Make Money?

Bookies are people that accept wagers on various sporting events. So when someone makes a wager on saying the New England Patriots against the New York Jets, then the bookie needs the opposite team to win or cover the spread in order for him to make money on that wager. So whenever any of the bookies’ players make a wager he will always need the other team to win or cover the spread in order to make money.

The good news is that gamblers always loss over the long term, which means that whatever the players’ losses will be money earned by the bookie. In addition, all sports wagers have a vig which is generally 10% which means if someone wants to win $100 then they need to pay the vig or the juice which means they need to risk $110 to win $100. That 10% juice on all wagers adds up quickly so even if a player wins half of his wagers, he will still end up losing money to the bookie, because of all the juice he lost on each of his losing wagers.

So if bookies make money from players that lose when they gamble, then the best way to make the most money is to either have players that give a ton of action or to just keep acquiring new players that want to bet with you. The more players you have, then the more money you are going to end up making in the long run.

The other thing that bookies do to make money is to use a pay per head website that allows you to piggyback off their lines and betting platform. Price per head websites, such as charge a small fee of $10 per active player a week and then in return, they provide the bookie with a website with thousands of betting options each day. They manage the lines up to the second and grade everything as soon as each game is over, and then everything gets automatically updated to the players and bookies account so they can see exactly how much they are up or down on the day, the week, month or lifetime of the account.

The reason this small investment of $10 a player a week is well worth it is that between the time it would take a bookie to do everything on his own manually and the lack of betting options you would have because there is no way one person can manually keep track of thousands of betting options per day, would make this a full-time job with limited profit potential. Instead, you just pay a company like Ace Per Head a small fee each week and this will mean you do not need to invest any of your own time to manage the website and also your players are going to lose a lot more money when they have the ability to bet on a mobile website 24/7. So call Ace Per Head now at 1-800-909-5193 to get set up immediately so you can start making money today.

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