Best Pay Per Head Demo

Best Pay Per Head Demo
Best Pay Per Head Demo

If you operate a sportsbook, and your book is not already on the Internet, it is definitely time for you to enter the 21st century. Don’t be like those bookies you see in 1970s movies, shuffling around paper envelopes and keeping markers and other records in a dusty ledger.

What to Expect in a PPH Demonstration?

While there’s a lot to like about those old gambling movies (and Little Miss Marker, starring Walter Matthau, is particularly underrated), that’s not how you want to live. Do you still rely only on a landline – the type that plugs into the wall and that you have to carry around the room? Of course not – and it might have been years since you’ve even had a landline. So it is time to bring your sportsbook onto the Internet. You need to learn about pay per head sportsbook services online, and how to choose the best pay per head demo.

What Does “Pay Per Head” Mean?

If you plan to move your sportsbook online, then a pay per head service, such as, is one type of website that you can use. This makes your life a lot simpler because you can rely on running the “fun” parts of the book – choosing props, setting lines, marketing your book to potential bettors. The pay per head service handles all the heavy lifting – things like managing secure payment systems and providing the basic platform where you can make all of your creative choices.

All of this comes at a cost. “Pay per head” means that each week, you as the sportsbook owner pay a fee for every active sports bettor who is registered on your book. This means that it is important for you to review your lists often, culling people who are not placing bets. After all, if they are not betting with you, then you are losing money on them because you owe the fee whether they bet or not. The more betting clients you have, the higher your fee, but your fees are not a percentage of their winnings – or your profits off them. It is just one flat fee per client.

So How Would a Demo Work?

At, we recognize that putting together a sportsbook and committing to a pay per head situation represents a major step financially. We are so confident in the quality of our platform that we offer a free trial period for you to test how the platform works. You can bring all of your clients online and have them wagering, and during the free demo, you owe nothing as far as a pay per head fee goes, no matter how many betting clients you have. At the end of the trial period, you have the right to opt-out – but if you’ve got the chance to participate in the best pay per head demo, as we feel you will at, then we are willing to wager that you will stick around and sign up with us, with all of your clients happily satisfied with the service that they have received from you – and from us.

Ace Per Head Demo´s Review

Ace Per Head is a company in the pay per head industry that provides a sports betting platform for people that would like to book action from gamblers that bet on sports. Ace provides a sportsbook website that can be accessed from anywhere in the world from either a computer, laptop, or mobile device, which has thousands of sports betting options to choose from each and every day, along with a virtual casino with over 100 different games, and a racebook that has over 70 different horse tracks.

Ace manages all the lines and odds up to the second and offers some of the sharpest lines in the betting industry. The reason their lines are so sharp is that they have a large team of line makers that manage the lines 24/7 with a combined over 300 years’ worth of experience in the bookmaking industry. They use an average of the 5 largest books in the world and then aggressively move the lines and juice based on where the action is going and also they utilize the handful of sharp professional bettors in their system to move the lines immediately in the appropriate direction.

These sharp lines that are offered by Ace allow them to offer a product that has a weekly average hold percentage of 14% per week, compared to the industry average of 5% per week. This nearly triple amount in hold percentage just simply means that players that are betting on Ace, lose almost three times the amount more than on other sites, directly because of the sharper lines, movement of the juice, and the larger amount of betting options offered.

In addition Ace also has some additional features that are excellent for bookies to offer that increase the overall volume that players make per week and adds to the increased hold percentage. One of those features is a choice between their VIP Live and Premium Live which both offer live in-game betting options on all sports and over 100 different live betting options per game and a live TV to watch and bet the games right from your personal device. Live betting has quickly become the most popular betting option in the world, because gamblers love the ability to be able to watch and bet a game that is in progress for 3 hours at a time, instead of just making 1 wager on the spread before the game starts.

The other additional feature that Ace per head offers is a prop builder which has an unlimited about of player props for all sports where players can make straight bets or parlays with various different player props. In addition, players can also customize their own player prop by choosing a player such as Patrick Mahomes passing yards over or under and selecting the exact yardage amount and then the appropriate odds will be generated for the wager. Since a lot of people play in fantasy football leagues, this became a very popular betting feature since people love following individual player statistics.

You can check out the Ace Pay Per Head demo account right here by going to one of their websites called and to login in as the player with the user id of test2 and password: test2. To login as the agent just go to and click the reports tab and the agent id is: test10 and password: test10. Then when you are ready to start earning money as a bookie give us a call today at 1-800-909-5193 and get set up immediately.

What Should you Expect from a Demo?

The best pay per head demo includes full access to the sportsbook software, online betting, and access to call center services. This gives you and your betting clients access to the full experience that working with the Ace Per Head platform provides. You get a sense of what it is like to set your props and lines, what it is like to set up a payment profile and issue winnings to clients, when necessary, or to withdraw your own winnings when you have enough to make it worthwhile. You get to play with the display options and tinker with choices like in-match betting.

In other words, you get a real-time experience of what Ace Pay Per Head’s services are like for our clients and how we can help you turn sports betting into a lucrative enterprise. Not all companies that provide pay per head services offer free demos. Instead, they might offer limited access to features before throwing up a paywall right in front of you, or they might not even offer that; they might expect you to sign up right away.

This real-time experience might include steps like closing or opening new accounts, adjusting credit limits, and managing sub-agents. Understanding how easy these steps can be is one of the reasons why reputable pay per head services offer this level of a demo – the best pay per head demo. Once you get accustomed to the ease of use that goes along with our platform, then you can focus on growing your business, allowing us to do the legwork when it comes to the nuts and bolts while you pay attention to the creative parts of running a book.

In either case, walk away. Your sportsbook is worth more than that. You should choose a sportsbook that has the confidence in its own services to provide the best pay per head demo – a free demo that gives you and your betting clients plenty of time to try out the platform and see if it fits your needs. If not, we will do our best to accommodate you, because our goal is the satisfaction of the entire sports betting community. Don’t forget – the best pay per head demo opportunities also allow you as the bookie to contact the call center if you have questions. We encourage our demo bookies to try the call center a couple of times to see if you feel that our relationship-building skills match our technical skills at Ace Per We are committed to the satisfaction not just of the bettors that come to our platform but also the bookmakers who have put up their sites on our platform. We understand that you are putting your livelihoods in our hands and trusting us to manage your Internet presence.

At we take that charge seriously – and we believe that when you join us for the best pay per head demo, you will agree that we are the best.

Get a Sneak Peak of your Pay Per Head Service:

One of the biggest decisions you will make as a sportsbook agent is how you will operate your betting operation. You have a variety of choices, of course. Do you want to run it online, or do you want to keep running it out of that spare room in your house?

If you’re happy with a dozen clients or so and spending your weekends taking calls and texts about bets, and running around with cash or using the likes of CashApp to send money back and forth, then moving online may not be worth it. If you want to build your sportsbook into a real business, though, then you really need to move it online.

The next question is whether you want to design, set up, and manage the website yourself, or do you want to sign up with a sportsbook platform that will handle the administrative tasks and the security of the website while you focus on the betting aspects yourself. Obviously, there is a cost to signing up with a platform, but over the long haul, you should save money if you choose a quality platform like Find out how you can try out one of the best platforms in the industry without committing yourself to having to spend a dime.

Try It Before You Buy It: Get a Sneak Preview of Your Sportsbook Platform

When you’re looking for a place to invest in your future, it makes sense to have some security in terms of trying the situation out before you have to put down a lot of money. If the platform that you are considering will not offer you a price per head demo period, when you can try out the platform for you and for your betting clients, then you have to wonder what the platform does not want you to know before you have to commit funds.

What does a demo consist of?

If you pick a platform that offers a pay per head demo period, that means that you can set up your sportsbook on the platform for a period of time without having to commit any funds. These demo periods tend to run between two and six weeks, depending on the platform. The purpose of this is to give you and your clients a sense of how the platform works before you commit any money to the company. offers one of the most generous price-per-head demo periods in the industry.

Why would I need to see a demo of a pay per head bookie software?

If you have spent time researching different platforms for your website, you know that there is a lot of variety out there. There is a wide range of weekly pay per head fees, and there is also a wide range of offerings available for you and your clients in terms of horse racing tracks where you would be able to offer action, the sports leagues in which you can offer action, your flexibility as a sportsbook agent when it comes to setting up side props, the variety of casino games that you can offer, and the payment methods that the platforms offer.

On the technical side, different platforms are based on different servers, which means differing levels of stability when betting action hits peaks, as well as differing levels of security from hackers. The variety of virtual skins and custom website design available to you as a sportsbook agent on the platform is also considerable across the spectrum of available platforms.

Given this much variety, you would expect to see a wealth of information about the choices that you would have as a sportsbook agent on each of the platform’s websites. is an industry leader in terms of transparency on the platform website, but even after you read about all of the offerings, you really do not get a sense of what working with will be like – until you spend a couple of weeks, or even a month, running your book on the platform.

Why should I consider using

Here’s the deal – when it comes to selecting a platform for your sportsbook, there are new choices just about every month, as new platforms pop up (and ones that didn’t quite make it pass from the sports betting scene). Having choices is definitely a positive, but it is important to focus on a platform that you can rely on to last over the long haul and to provide you and your betting clients with the customer service that you deserve.

When you try our pay per head demo at, you will discover the following benefits:

  • Top shelf server stability. Can you imagine if your sportsbook website crashed during the sixth inning of Game 7 of the World Series? Or right when the Super Bowl went to overtime? There are huge betting volumes going through servers at that point in time, and the last thing you want is that activity sending your server down. It will take about ten seconds for your sports betting clients to find a bookie who didn’t skimp when it came to the website and leave you high and dry.
  • Protection of personal financial information. Each week, you read about different attempts by hackers to break into the accounts of major retailers, so you can imagine that there are also many attempts to break into accounts of sportsbook platforms. has invested in security so that you will not have to worry about what might happen to your money – and your betting clients’ money. At, we are convinced that the time you spend operating your sportsbook on our platform during your pay per head demo will prove to you that we are worth the investment down the road. Reach out to our sales staff today to talk about your vision for your business, and we will tailor a package that will meet your needs. We look forward to working with you!