Ace Per Head Pricing

Ace Per Head Pricing
Ace Per Head Pricing is one of the top pay per head providers in the sportsbook industry. Pay per head providers are companies that provide Bookies or Agents with a website where their players can make wagers. These companies manage all the odds and update all the odds up to the second, and provide live lines to bet on while games are in progress. After each sporting event is completed these services grade all the bets and all player’s and agent’s accounts have their balances updated immediately to reflect the win or loss.

PPH Prices has been a service provider in the sportsbook industry for 25 years, and the price they offer for their service is $10 per active player per week. This is pretty much the average price in the industry, however, there are services that do charge less or more, depending on the quality of the product. The Ace Per head price of $10 per player is only charged if the player has a graded wager for that week, and the player can make 1 or 1000 bets that week and the price is still just $10 for that player.

Then the agent is in charge of paying players when they win and collecting from players when they lose. Anyone familiar with the gambling industry and Vegas knows that it is a business that is built and grows off of losers. So even if a player has a couple of good weeks of winnings, players will always lose over the long term. Which means there is truly no limit for how much money you as a Bookie can make from a fixed price service.

The only other price or fee that Ace charges is for their premium live service, which is $5 extra per week if the player uses it. Regular live that has football, basketball, hockey, and baseball, has just the side, total and money line for players to bet while the game is in progress. However, the extra premium live service has 50 to 70 different live betting options to choose from per game and also has soccer, tennis, golf, European sports, cricket and Boxing along with football, basketball, hockey, and baseball. Ace Pay Per Head does have a promo where the first two weeks of service would be free for the premium live option.

Since Live is getting increasingly popular because of the huge amount of betting options and volume it creates, along with the ability to make wagers while actually watching the game in progress, it is a very valuable option to offer players. Players that bet live end up making more bets each week then players that do not bet live, which increases betting volumes and amounts players will lose in the long term.

Use Cryptocurrencies

Lastly Ace does have one other option where they charge bookies only $8 per active player per week when the bookie pays his website fees by using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, and Stellar. Even if you are someone who is not familiar with cryptocurrencies it is very easy for you to quickly open up a bitcoin wallet and set up an account so you can anonymously make your payments to Ace Per Head with cryptocurrencies. The potential price savings alone is worth it, and once you are set up with your own crypto account you can make and receive payments with it anywhere in the world, which means it will also be a useful way for you to collect from your players as well.

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