The Next Generation of Bettors

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The Next Generation of Bettors

The online betting landscape is turning towards mobile-friendly interfaces and responsive features. So, it is becoming increasingly important for bookies to cover not only the traditional web and phone platforms, but to expand into mobile betting interfaces in an attempt to attract a new generation of players who predominantly use mobile devices.

Targeting a New Audience

To put things into perspective, the spread of Wi-Fi networks across the country and the younger generation’s continuous use of mobile devices means that the best way to reach these prospects is by offering an intuitive and interactive betting platform that can travel with them at all times.

Gambling is a social factor, while one can place bets and play in the casino alone, the entire premise of gambling has a social connotation, and therefore social tendencies will inevitably affect the evolution of gambling.

Targeting the new generation of bettors, is of extreme importance right now, with the 2017-2018 football season fast approaching. So, finding the best NFL software for bookies that is ready to take on the challenge is crucial to getting ahead in the business. is the only place you need to look at, they offer complete sports betting product that is not only mobile ready, but it is also the most comprehensive, and intuitive mobile betting platform available in the market right now.

Their entire network is available on different channels, web, phone, and mobile. With everyone being constantly on the go, and studies showing that the average person picks up their mobile device some 1500 timer per day, it is no surprise that bets received over this channel are growing at a rapid pace, and it will continue to do so for years to come. In fact, in a not too distant future, mobile devices will replace desktops if not for every aspect of life, certainly for online betting.

Another feature that is helping attract new, younger players, is Ace’s VIP Live Betting, there is a growing preference for in-play sporting events, bettors crave the adrenaline rush of having a series of bets take place in a short span of time, the instant results and the limited time they have to place their next wager adds to the excitement, and this particular product is especially suited for mobile betting, for the same reason.

Ace’s NFL software for bookies, delivers the best, most exciting real-time betting experience available, and because it is so affordable, it will not only increase the conversion rate on new players, it will lower your cost per acquisition, resulting in higher profit margins.

The mobile revolution in sports and casino is here, and it will continue to grow and morph as new technological features are added. Smart agents understand the value of working with a company that has proven time and again what vision and innovation can do to further an industry. Ace Per Head has been at the forefront of technological advances in the betting industry longer than most other sites. They consider themselves a technology company, and because of this, they are continuously looking for ways to improve and expand their software solutions.

It’s time to target new audiences, and the best way to do so is to register at today!