Starting a Bookie Service

Starting Bookie Service
Starting a Bookie Service

If you are looking to start a bookie service then you will need two important things, which would be players and a website to have them bet on.

The good thing is this is very easy to do because there is an entire industry that caters to people that want to book action, which is called the pay per head industry.

The pay per head industry provides bookies with a fully inclusive website where they post and update thousands of sports betting odds for players to bet on each and every day. These companies manage all the lines up to the second and then grade everything as soon as each game finishes. Then everything gets automatically updated in regards to the balance in both the players’ account and the bookie’s agent account. 

You as the bookie do not actually need to know any of the technical aspects of bookmaking such as how lines move or get calculated, because that will all be handled directly by the price per head provider. However, it is important to choose a service that is actually good and worth the money because being a bookie can be an extremely lucrative business.

Industry’s Leader

One of the best pay per head sportsbook services in the current market is and they have some of the sharpest lines in the industry. Their average hold percentage is running at 14% per week compared to the industry average of 5% per week. This basically just means that because of the sharper lines and a huge amount of betting options that they have, bookies that use their service make more money than using another pay per head provider.

In addition, Ace Per Head puts up thousands of betting options each day on sports from all around the world. This is important because the more betting options you can offer to your players then the more they will bet in terms of volume. The more volume they bet will just lead to the players losing more money in the long term. Also Ace has a premium live option that has a live in-game betting option for all sports and around 50 to 70 live betting options per game. This feature will also just increase players betting volumes and thus increase how much money they will lose each week.

Acquire Players

Lastly, you as the bookie will need to acquire players, but this can easily be done by reaching out to friends, family, schoolmates, coworkers, and social media friends. You can also offer people a small free play that they can use to make a bet where they will have no chance of losing. 

For example, you can give someone a small $25 free play, which they can then use on the website to make a wager. If they win the wager then the free play amount will disappear and they will be credited to their balance for the winning amount. If they lose the wager the free play amount will also disappear, however, no amount will be deducted from their current balance. So players have no way to lose money and it just gives them a chance to get familiar with the site and hooked into the thrill of wagering on a sporting event. 

So give a call today at 1-800-909-5193 to get set up with one of the best bookie services in the current market.