Pay Per Head Bookie 2021

Pay Per Head Bookie 2021
Pay Per Head Bookie 2021

In the aftermath of the most recent recession, people are finding it more difficult to land jobs with substantial salaries and too risky to abandon boring, lucrative work to pursue their dreams. Thus the dawn of the second job, also known affectionately as the side hustle.

A recent survey found that 38% of Americans have a second job to supplement their income, and about 25% of those people get more enjoyment out of this side hustle than they do from their primary source of income.

In the digital age, online side hustles make it easier than ever to follow your passions in your spare time.

Read on to find out why a pay per head bookie business may be the answer to your search this 2021 for the perfect online side hustle!

It’s, Well, Online

According to a recent time-use survey, 26% of Americans with one job performed some work on the weekends. For Americans with more than one job, that number went up to 56%. In other words, the odds of giving up some of your weekends to devote to your side hustle are pretty high.

When your side hustle doesn’t involve leaving the house (or even putting on real pants), it’s not so daunting to use your spare time to make some extra cash. You can check in with your pay per head bookie business from the comfort of your home, during your break at work, or even on vacation. As long as you’ve got an internet connection, you’re in business!

It’s Quick and Affordable to Start

Not all pay per head services have the same payment systems, but at Ace Pay Per, we like to keep it simple. Our beginner packages start at $10 per head, which means that if 10 people place a wager in one week, you’ll pay $100. That’s a pretty low investment cost to start your own business!

As you grow your business on this 2021, this price may be reduced (or raised if you’re looking to add on some of our special features), but we’ll never surprise you with hidden fees or late charges.

Plus, you can start building your bookie business as soon as you sign up. We’ll even give you a six-week free trial period so you can decide if it’s the right fit for your online side hustle before you start truly investing! Learn more about starting out with our beginner’s guide.

There’s Constantly Something to Bet On

Because everything is online, you can work with betters around the globe. No matter the time of year, there will be some sporting event or another that your clients can bet on, which means you can keep this income going at any given time.

You Get to Call the Shots

One of the best parts of starting an online bookie business this 2021, is that you’re the boss. You don’t work for anyone, which means you don’t have to follow anyone else’s rules.

You get to decide when to work and where to work. Not a morning person? Nothing’s stopping you from logging on and starting your day in the afternoon!

You also get to decide when to accept wagers and when to walk away. Not only does that mean lowering your risk of losing money on a bad call but it also means that you don’t have to put in a request for time off. Just don’t log in!

(That being said, you may want to let your clients know if you’re going off the grid for a few days. It’s the courteous thing to do and it’s better for your reputation!)

Finally, you can decide how big or small you want your 2021 bookie business to be! Having more clients can mean making more money, but it also means that you’ll have more to manage and a higher fee to pay each week. If you’re looking to keep it small, that’s your prerogative! The best 2021 pay per head bookie service will help you to achieve those goals.

Expert Betting Odds Are Included

When you’re creating an online bookie business from scratch, you’ll need a whole team of people, including someone who possesses expert knowledge of posting smart betting odds. Fortunately, with the best 2021 pay per head service, Ace Per Head, you don’t have to carry this know-how on your own shoulders or foot the bill to hire someone else to do it for you!

When you’re posting odds for your clients’ bets, you want to set them so that you’re on the winning end. In doing so, you need to ensure that even if you have to pay out your clients, you’re still raking in a little bit of dough. Our team cares about your success and will work hard to make sure that you’re turning a profit every single week!

You Don’t Need to Do a Ton of Work to Attract New Clients

Unless you’re trying to grow an empire overnight, you don’t need to do a ton of marketing and socializing to bring in new clients. As long as you put in some effort to keep your existing clients happy (like offering the occasional free wager after a long losing streak), you’ll gain a positive reputation. Chances are, your clients know other sports betters who are looking for a good bookie, and they’ll start recommending you!

What is Pay Per Head Bookie?

What is a pay per head bookie service? Read to learn about pay per head and how to use one as an independent bookie.

Did you know that most bookmakers in the US are independent? If you are one, you may wonder how you can compete with the technology and choice provided by the major companies. In this instance, you need to know the benefits of pay per head betting. 

A pay per head sportsbook allows you access to modern, up-to-date betting methods without a huge financial outlay. Below, we explain what a pay per head sportsbook is and how it can benefit you. 

Everything You Need To Know About Being a Pay Per Head Bookie

Becoming a pay per head bookie is a great option depending on the number of clients and money being handled. Learn more here.

Being a pay per head bookie is one of the best ways to earn money, but what is PPH?

Many people have taken to sports betting as a means to earn passive income. While betting is simple enough, you can be the person that creates the bets: a bookie.

Bookies are the ones that run sports betting sites and take money from players. Whenever people place bets and lose, bookies keep the funds.

Becoming a pay per head bookie doesn’t take much, you’ll just need to go through a few steps. So what exactly is pay per head? Ace Per Head has all the answers for you.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about being a pay per head bookie!

PPH Bookie Service

Pay per head (PPH) is a type of service that many gambling software providers use when selling programs to bookmakers. Whenever a bookie wants to create a platform and use software from someone, they’ll pay for each player that’ll use it.

For example, if a PPH bookie service charges $10 weekly per player and the bookie has 100 users, they’ll pay $1,000 each week. This is the pay per head meaning in its simplest form, though software providers can come up with different ways to charge bookies.

The Benefits:

Using pay per head services can provide bookies with a plethora of benefits. Not only does it allow bookies to save money, but it can also give them more time to do other things. Because of this, essentially anyone can become a bookie when using PPH.

Here’s an outline of some of the main benefits of pay per head bookie:

Outsourced Services

When using PPH, a bookie will have access to a variety of services from the sportsbook provider. These providers often include things like customer support, maintenance, and updated features within their sportsbook. This allows bookies to offer more to their players without having to spend more money. 

Reduced Expenses

Like mentioned, bookies can get several services that are included in the PPH price. Aside from that, bookies save money because they only pay for the players that use the sportsbook rather than paying a flat rate.

If a new bookie starts with a small player base, they’ll have an easier time keeping up with costs without breaking the bank.


Live-betting is made simpler with pay per head services because bookies don’t need to be around at all times to accept bets. Within the sportsbook, players can see updated feeds of bets and analytics. Instead of manually making bets, the sportsbook will provide players with everything they need to place them.

Variety Gaming

PPH bookie services also make it easier to offer a variety of games, which will help you grow your player base. Because these sportsbooks are often used by a plethora of bookies, the providers know what attracts players the most. While players can bets on sports as much as they want, they’ll also have access to casino games and other types of betting.

A Day In the Life of a Bookie

With the benefits of pay per head booking, most bookies aren’t required to do much during the day. However, bookies must still go through several processes to ensure that things are going smoothly on their platform. While the PPH services automate many things, bookies must still stay updated with sports and their players.

Setting Odds

The most important part of being a bookie is keeping up with sports. Without doing that, a bookie can’t set reasonable odds that’ll make them money. This is why we encourage people in our beginner’s guide to start with only a few sports until they learn more about others.

When it comes to setting odds, bookies set them in a way that would earn players more if the underdog wins. Coming up with the numbers requires looking into a team’s stats and predicting how well they’ll perform.

Unless a bookie has extensive knowledge about a sport, they’ll often rely on other sources to set odds. For example, a bookie can have the sportsbook calculate odds based on the teams’ performances. However, the bookie can override these whenever they’d like.

Accepting Bets

Another important thing bookies do is accept bets. With PPH services, this is much easier because everything can be done automatically. Some bookies prefer to do accept them manually, which involves communicating with players.

When live-betting, accepting bets manually would require a bookie to be present at the time of the event. If they use automatic betting from the sportsbook, players can make bets whenever they want.

Distributing Winnings

After a player wins a bet, the bookie is responsible for distributing winnings. This is often done automatically, but many bookies prefer to handle them manually because players often owe money.

Whenever a player owes money, the bookie can take their cut out of the winnings and distribute whatever’s left. Depending on the software a bookie has, they can add all of this info so that it takes cuts automatically before distributing. 

How to Offering Sports Betting Services

Whenever anyone wants to become a bookie agent, they often ask, “What is PPH?” We’ve already gone over that, so now you just need to know how to start offering sports betting services.

Fortunately, the process doesn’t take long. The main thing you’ll need to do is find decent bookmaker software, then everything else will fall into place.

Choose Bookmaker Software

When choosing sports betting services, beginners often have a hard time deciding what will suit them. If you’ve never been involved in sports betting, you’ll need to spend a lot of time researching different programs before settling with one.

To quickly find some info about bookmaker software, you can check customer reviews. These reviews will come from both players and bookies, so you can expect to learn a lot about the software. If the reviews are good on both sides, the software will most likely suit you.

Keep in mind that you won’t need something too expensive in the beginning. Software with basic sports betting and nothing else should be enough to get started. This will give you plenty of time to learn how to navigate things and decide what else you’d like to offer. 

Gain Sports Knowledge

Aside from learning what the pay per head meaning is and other terms, you should be spending time learning as much you can about several sports. Football, basketball, and soccer are some of the most popular and will ensure you attract players.

You’ll need to watch games often, learn player names, look into stats, and check schedules. You should also listen to sports commentators to learn about popular opinions to help you set odds.

Hire Customer Support Employees

You’ll start truly reaping the benefits of pay per head booking when you implement great customer support into your platform. Even if the outsourced PPH services include customer support, having your own team will give you more control over the platform. 

When hiring customer support, it’s best to onboard people from a variety of backgrounds. If you have multi-language support, you’ll have an easier time growing your audience because you can help more people. This is also a good PR move, so people will feel more comfortable betting on your platform.

Advertise to Target Audience

After getting everything else set up, the last thing you’ll do is start advertising to your target audience. If you take the social media route, you can quickly attract players because over 4.33 billion people use it. However, you can advertise on a variety of websites.

When advertising, you’ll want to include info about what you offer and things to entice your audience, such as potential winnings. Your ads should also include links to your website so players can immediately sign up.

Providing that you’re advertising on sites where sports are talked about, you shouldn’t have a problem attracting people. As you grow, you can start launching larger ad campaigns.

Now You’re Ready to Become a Pay Per Head Bookie

After reading this article, you now know what PPH is and what it takes to become a pay per head bookie. We encourage anyone that wants to become a bookie to ensure they have enough money to get things moving. If you’re low on funds and want to become one, taking time to save and study sports would be advantageous.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to get decent sportsbook software if you want to have the most success. Using the info listed above, look for something that suits your needs and fits your budget. 

To learn more about becoming a pay per head bookie and sports betting, contact us today!

The Best Sports to Bet On:

2021 Expert Predictions and Tips

Looking for the best tips and picks for sports betting? See our guide on the best sports to bet on in 2021, including our expert predictions.

The U.S. sports betting market is expected to increase to $8 billion in the next five years. With sports and sports betting back bigger than ever, there’s never been a better time to capitalize on the craze.

But which sports should you bet on this year? What are the hottest teams, players, and odds?

That’s what we’ll be looking at today. This guide will outline the best sports to bet on as well as major events and milestones to put your money into in 2021, so keep reading to learn more.

Worst and Best Sports to Bet On

When it comes to finding the best way to bet on sports, it’s important to pick a few sports to consistently bet on. Chances are, you’re betting on sports that you enjoy the most or grew up knowing. 

However, some sports are easier to bet on than others. That is, different sports have different amounts of variables that affect the outcome. 

While there’s always an element of unpredictability no matter the sport, some are more consistent than others. This definitely affects your winnings. 

Here are five of the best and worst sports to bet on. You’d be surprised how certain ones aren’t as easy as you might’ve guessed. 


Football is undoubtedly the most popular American sport. Gamblers love to put their money on the line for football games. 

Many believe that football is an unpredictable game, and rightfully so. For both the NCAA and the NFL, the playoffs are single-elimination. This gives the underdogs a much better chance to win and advance than in other series-based sports. 

In fact, underdogs won 57% of their games during the 2020 NFL season. This would lead you to believe that betting on football is difficult.

But that doesn’t tell the whole story. Betting isn’t always on winner and loser. You can bet on specific parts of the game, like the opening coin toss or whether a team scores in the red zone. 

If a team like the Green Bay Packers has a 76% chance of scoring in the red zone, betting on that can net you some serious earnings. These various elements make football a relatively easy and certainly enjoyable sport to bet on. 


Basketball on the other hand is a little more predictable. If we’re talking about NCAA tournaments, there’s definitely an element of randomness because of the win-or-go-home format. 

NBA basketball, however, is a bit different. The league is notoriously top-heavy, meaning the stronger team almost always wins any given matchup. 

When it comes to the playoffs, it’s even more lopsided. Every round in the NBA playoffs is best-of-seven. The more games you play, the wider the sample size becomes. 

This reduces the chances of an underdog winning any best-of-seven series. In the past twenty-five years, only two eighth-seeded teams have ever beaten first-seed teams in the playoffs. 

This level of predictability allows bettors to explore prop bets to make money on the side. With a wider variety of bets, basketball is a predictable yet dynamic sport for bettors. 

Combat Sports

The most popular combat sports for betting are boxing and mixed martial arts. They’re not as popular as football or basketball in the U.S., but there’s plenty of ways you can maximize bets. 

The benefit of combat sports comes down to its simplicity. Two fighters enter the ring or cage. One person wins, another loses, or they draw. This takes a lot of different rules and variables out of the way for bettors. 

Of course, you can bet on things like the number of strikes, how a fight ends, and so on. Fights are usually more predictable, as only 30% of UFC underdogs win against the favorite. 


Similar to MMA or boxing, there are a lot of individual tennis players. This indicates a large pool of dynamic bets. 

However, tennis is quite top-heavy when it comes to talent. Many are used to seeing names like Djokovic, Nadal, and Federer at the top of the ATP rankings. 

Even the best tennis players in the world typically don’t win as the underdog. You could argue that the way the game is set up makes it hard for players to dig themselves out of a hole.

A service break, for example, happens less than 20% of the time in some tournaments. There are also only a few major tennis tournaments per year. 

If you like consistency and predictability, tennis matches might be your thing. Remember that your ROI might not be as high, but it can be a safer bet. 


Despite it being labeled “America’s pastime,” baseball is a notoriously random and inconsistent sport.

It’s a complicated game to play and follow. There are dozens of rules and technicalities coming into the equation.

In the MLB, there are 162 regular-season games. Players routinely enter slumps and hot streaks.

Baseball games can technically go on forever, as there’s no time limit for each inning. One bad at-bat for a pitcher that’s otherwise cruising to a victory can turn an entire night around. 

A good team on paper can enter a horrid losing streak, and bettors never know when this might occur. Great teams can face a bad team on any given night and the worse team usually has a good chance to win. 

When you bet against a team or player, you’d hope they’d regress to the mean. A lot of times, however, we see players hitting above their average or against pitchers they usually struggle against.

If you want a predictable, safe bet, then baseball might not be for you. However, it can be an exciting, methodical sport to bet on if you enjoy the randomness.  

Best Sports Bets for 2021

You now know some of the background behind the most popular betting sports in the U.S. So how are these different leagues shaping up in 2021? Which events should you look to bet on this year?

Trevor Lawrence for OROY

Trevor Lawrence just wrapped up a stellar college career as the starting QB for the Clemson Tigers. He’s a surefire number 1 overall pick for the 2021 NFL draft. 

Most are expecting the Jacksonville Jaguars to select him, and the hype around Lawrence is real. He currently has a 200 to 1 chance of winning 2021 NFL MVP. 

While he probably won’t win that award, his talent alone could win him an Offensive Rookie of the Year trophy. If there’s an offensive player to bet on in this year’s draft, Trevor’s your man. 

The Chiefs Win Total

The Kansas City Chiefs looked to be on their way to a dynasty. While Tom Brady and the Bucs halted that dream this year, it doesn’t mean they won’t win a ton of games later this year. 

They’ve had two 12-win seasons and a 14-win season the past three years. Patrick Mahomes is under contract for a while and likely to be healthy. The Chiefs’ current win totals are at 11.5 games. It’s likely they’ll boost that total this coming year. 

Mayweather Beats Paul

YouTube star Logan Paul just had a viral knockout against former NBA player Nate Robinson. He’s scheduled to fight Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition bout. 

While this matchup seems like a fever dream, it’s very real and the Mayweather is a heavy favorite. Whether he knocks out Paul or gets a decision, the odds are in favor of the undefeated champ. 

Suns Make Playoffs

The Phoenix Suns haven’t been a winning franchise the past few decades, but they’re turning it around. Sitting at second in the West before the All-Star Break, they’re a surefire contender this season. 

As of right now, their odds of making the playoffs is over 90%. Safe to say that Chris Paul and Devin Booker’s squad will make it is a comfortable bet. 

Serena Wins a Slam

Serena Williams just suffered another Grand Slam loss in the 2021 Australian Open. While she’s nearing her 40s, Serena is likely looking to cement her tennis legacy. 

Williams is one away from tying the all-time Grand Slam wins record at 24. While the U.S. and Australian Open saw some tough outings, you can bet her fire to win is still strong. 

Yankees Take the East

The Yankees arguably had a disappointing 2020 shortened season, losing to the Rays in 5 in the ALDS. 

However, they still have one of the best rosters in baseball. The Rays, who won the East last year, just traded one of their best pitchers. The Red Sox and Orioles seem to be in disarray. 

This puts the Yanks as the favorites to win the division with their potent offense and star pitcher Gerrit Cole. 

Nets Win the Finals

Over what seemed like a few weeks, the Brooklyn Nets are now the frontrunners to win the Larry O’Brien trophy. After acquiring superstar guard James Harden, the Nets are primed to win the Finals. 

They’re neck-and-neck with the defending champion Lakers in many standings. The three-headed attack of Durant, Harden, and Irving makes the Nets hard to bet against. Our guess? The Nets win it all. 

Padres Win It All

San Diego’s had a rough sports stretch this decade. They watched their beloved Chargers move to Los Angeles. The Padres just lost a frustrating series to the Dodgers.

Things are, however, turning around for the Padres. 

They just extended their young star Fernando Tatis Jr. to a massive contract. The Padres also acquired Cy Young runner-up Yu Darvish. Did we mention they traded for former Cy Young winner Blake Snell?

On paper, the Padres have a great offense and one of the best pitching rotations in the majors. Don’t be surprised if they make it to the fall classic in 2021. 

Best Way to Bet on Sports

2021 is primed to be a great year for sports. Use this guide to find the best sports to bet on and which events to look out for this year. 

If you’re looking for reliable pay-per-head betting services, contact us today and create your package

PPH Bookie

The pay per head definition is the use of a service that allows bookmakers easy access to betting on sporting events. The term comes from the premise that each bookmaker simply pays per person they have using the service. They are helped to do this through the use of digital services, usually a pay per head bookie website. 

This website provides thousands of betting lines each day. They are regularly updated, very often in real-time, and managed by the pay-per-head bookie service provider. When bets are won or lost, the money gets paid to the gambler or bookmaker respectively. 

What Does Pay Per Head Mean?

The term pay per head comes from the pricing structure used to charge bookmakers for using the website. The more players use the website, the more they are charged. Generally, this can be around $10 per player, though it may be higher or lower depending upon the service. 

Many pay per head services will not charge the bookmaker if a player does not make a bet in that period. This makes pay-per-head betting services extremely cost-efficient. The bookmaker gets access to a range and host of excellent services but only pays when people place wagers, making it cheaper than expensive monthly lease schemes.

Over a long period of time, the house always comes out on top, meaning bookmakers can earn a lot using this program. The more people you have betting, the more you pay for the service, but inevitably the more your profit will increase. 

You can, however, make a lot of money from a small pool of players. As long as they are gambling more than the fee you pay for them playing, you will come out in profit. 

Origins of Pay Per Head

Bookmaking used to involve a lot of talk, speculation, and essentially, paperwork. Management was of this was tough, involving a lot of paperwork and mathematics. 

The internet revolutionized this concept. Sports betting could now be done internationally, all from the comfort of the home. It was now as easy to bet on a game going on in a local town as one across the world. 

Offshore companies started to develop to cater to this industry. As they were offshore, they were often exempt from the gambling laws of many countries. They developed their own platforms, software, and betting solutions. 

However, these companies lacked people on the ground to make them work. As most bookmakers in the US were private, these were the perfect people to operate on behalf of the software operators. 

Thus, the pay per head bookie model was born of a reciprocal necessity. The operators needed local bookmakers to bring in custom, and the local bookmakers needed the services of the operators to compete on a larger scale. 

The pay per head bookie model was a natural response to this. It allows people to start a bookmaking business with a minimum of startup capital. 

PPH Bookie Software

Essentially, you are paying for the software and online systems that let you be a successful bookmaker, and bring you into the digital age. Many people now prefer to place bets online and over the phone. In addition, they also want increased ways to bet, such as live betting on in-game activities. 

The PPH bookie software lets you do this. As a bookmaker, you will gain access to all of your online operations. This platform allows you to put out a service akin to the largest bookmakers or online casinos. 

Is It Legal?

This all depends upon where you are and the laws in your state or jurisdiction. All pay per head leasing does is provide you with the tools to operate a betting business. All the other requirements of running that business are down to you. 

What Are the Benefit to My Lines?

One of the main benefits of pay per head is how it can revolutionize betting lines. You are provided with a huge range that has generous bet offerings. If you have operated as a local bookmaker with limited lines, this opens you up to a world of possibility in which you can compete with larger operators.

As you have someone to operate the lines for you, you get more time to build your business. This can be used for marketing and acquiring more players, further increasing your profit. 

The best pay per head bookie sites also allows access to adjustable lines. This is an important feature, especially for local bookmakers. For example, if you are losing lots of money on a local side win, you can adjust lines accordingly to reflect this. 

Access to Modern Betting Methods

One further advantage is the access to modern betting methods previously inaccessible to smaller, local bookmakers. The traditional method of bookmaking is that all bets are placed before the action begins. This was so bookmakers could create the necessary paperwork, calculate the odds, and such forth.

Technology has streamlined this process so that betting can even be done while the game takes place. This allows players to adjust to changes in the play, meaning they put more money on. With access to in-game betting through a PPH sportsbook, more money from your players means more profit for you.  

As well as bookmaking, many services allow you to access online, casino gambling. This opens you up to a whole new type of gambler, the person who wants to game as opposed to watching sports. With access to online blackjack and casinos, you allow even more profit to come into your books. 

Pay Per Head Payments

When taking and managing payments using a pay per head bookie system, the whole process becomes a lot easier. The software will process and payout on your bets, meaning the software takes charge of most of your administration on a 24/7 basis. Having access to all of your open bets also lets you manage your risk. 

Taking payments also becomes much easier, as players can link their bank accounts or digital payment methods. The easier it is for people to pay, the more likely they are to make deposits and gamble using your service. In addition, many services accept multiple currencies, including cryptocurrencies, and have a wide range of payment methods

Starting a Bookie Betting Business

The amount you need to start your business all depends upon the type of players you are attracting. In any eventuality, it pays to have a bankroll of money held back to pay any players who do win. 

As the house usually wins, you will soon start to build up profit. You can put this to one side, so you always have a stash of money in case any larger bets come in that you have to payout. However, once this is safely tucked away, the rest is profit. 

In addition, you need to make sure you can pay the sportsbook fees. Most businesses will only charge around $10 per player, and that is only if they have made a bet that month. It is highly likely that the player will cover their fee through losses but if you have a number of players, then it may be wise to ensure you have enough money to cover all fees. 

To safeguard against large payouts, make sure that any service you use has a maximum payout feature. This means you can cap bets so that no player can win more than your specified amount. You can tie this to however much you have in your bankroll.

Building a Betting Business

When pay per head bookie software frees you up from the administrative duties, you can concentrate on building your business. To many, this may seem simple. However, with increased competition from both large and local bookmakers, it can turn into a full-time job in itself. 

Digital reports are one-way using pay per head bookie software can help you build your business. These reports will contain all the information you need on how and what your players are gambling on, along with local trends. From here you can place betting limits and reduce your risk. 

Find a Reputable Company

When searching for a pay per head bookie provider, look for one that has an abundance of features. You need a provider that can help you grow as a company, without charging extra fees.

Your first stop should be Ace Per Head. We have up-to-date features, providing a website and call center staff. Create your package here and see what we can do to help grow your bookmaking business.  

Get Your Online Side Hustle On with Ace Per Head

If you’re ready for an easy, fun, and lucrative 2021 online side hustle, why not turn to Ace Per Head? We make every game day more fun by turning up the heat and putting money in your pocket.

Other sites may be sketchy, but Ace Per Head is licensed, legal, user-friendly, and bookie-oriented. If you want to give it a go and try your hand at the bookie biz, create your 2021 pay per head package and start your six-week trial period!