Sportsbook Platform

Sportsbook Platform
Sportsbook Platform

A sportsbook platform is used by bookies so they can take action on sports from their players.

The best way to get the most complete and professional-looking sports betting platform is by getting set up with a pay per head service. These services specialize in offering a fully inclusive gambling platform where they manage all the lines up to the second and 24 hours a day. They do all the technical aspects of bookmaking including updating odds, and juice and grading all wagers as soon as each sporting event is over. Then all balances get automatically updated into each player and bookie account for easy accounting on both sides.

Betting Options

One of the best sportsbook platforms in the market is and they have all the bells and whistles that you would need to be a successful bookie. They post thousands of betting options each day on all sports from around the world. In addition, they have a virtual casino with over 100 different games, horse racing with over 70 different tracks, a prop builder with an unlimited amount of player prop betting options, with customizable props as well, and two versions of a live betting option that has over 100 different live betting options per game and a live TV to watch the games right from your account.

In addition, Ace Per Head has a state of the art mobile website since almost 90% of the wagers done online are made from a smartphone. Everything is formatted to each mobile phone and has an easy to use touch screen that allows players to select a game, the amount they want to bet, and then confirm the wager with their password, which allows players to make wagers in seconds and then have a confirmation ticket number on each of their placed wagers.

Higher Hold Percentage

also has some of the sharpest lines in the industry with an average weekly hold percentage of 14% per week compared to the industry average of 5%.  The reason Ace has a higher hold percentage is that they have more betting options than the average book which generates more volume in bets for each player. In addition, they move their lines very aggressively by utilizing the handful of sharp professional bettors in their system to move the line immediately and also increase the juice on lines when action is heavy on one side. This higher hold percentage directly leads to players losing more money on Ace compared to other sportsbook platforms, which is obviously to the advantage of any bookie using the service.

Top Promos

Lastly Ace Per Head has numerous initial startup promotions that can be taken advantage of such as up to 6 free weeks, a free customizable website option, 50% off for 5 weeks, or a 4 week in a row free promotion. With any of these options Ace allows new bookies to try out the site for 4 days and then depending on which promo they want, a deposit will be required on the fourth day, but the deposit will just be used in full to pay the player site fees.

So if you are looking for one of the most complete sportsbook software platforms in the market with some of the best initial startup promotions then look no further and call Ace Per Head at 1-800-909-5193 and get set up today so you can start making money as a bookie.