Pay Per Head Affiliate Programs - Ace Pay Per Head


Our extensive infrastructure and simple affiliate policy makes us the perfect partner to handle your referrals: let us do the work and manage your billing by sending people our way, and in return we’ll send money your way every month!

Unlike many pay per head affiliates, we keep things simple:

How does it work?

Simple. We can give you a special affiliate skin, or an affiliate code to give out. Have your agents call us and mention your code, or signup at your website URL. Our experienced sales team will close the agent at the best price we can negotiate (or you can close them and just pass them to us for handling). These packages will be added to a distributor account you can access and review, but we will handle their setup, their billing, and all their customer support needs.

Every 30 days, we run a simple cashflow report on your sheet: the eligible profit is the total in pay-per-head fees received from the agencies, less any transaction fees paid by us. Then we send you a percentage of the eligible profit as a commission payment, based on the following:

AFFILIATE 15% Under $10,000 in agent fees over the last 30 days.
ACE AFFILIATE 20% Between $10,000 – $50,000 in agent fees over the last 30 days.
PARTNER 25% Greater than $50,000 in agent fees over the last 30 days.


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