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Are You Keeping Up with the Times?

Top PPH Sportsbook Software

In recent years, one of the most significant trends in the sports and casino betting industry is the emergence of a technological trend in which a single client utilized multiple software providers to increase the product offering to players. In a lot of cases the software operates on different platforms, creating integration problems. Sportsbook Trends … Continue reading Are You Keeping Up with the Times?

The Next Generation of Bettors

NFL Software Bookies

The online betting landscape is turning towards mobile friendly interfaces and responsive features. So, it is becoming increasingly important for bookies to cover not only the traditional web and phone platforms, but to expand into mobile betting interfaces in an attempt to attract a new generation of players who predominantly use mobile devices. Targeting a … Continue reading The Next Generation of Bettors

One Account Endless Possibilities

PPH Service Providers

Betting agents require a comprehensive pph service provider that enables them to offer a differentiated betting experience to their players. Most pay per head services provide an one plan fits all which does not allow agents much room to create a brand of their own. Integrated Gambling Services At, we believe that individuality is … Continue reading One Account Endless Possibilities

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