Live Betting is Blowing Up

Live Betting Software
Live Betting is Blowing Up

Live in-game betting has grown exponentially in the last few years; other than fantasy, it is the fastest growing niche in the business.

Are you taking advantage of this expanding market?

Millions of dollars hang in the balance on any given play, no matter the sport.

Fans live and die with every big play.

With cutting edge technology and the latest software, makes it available to your players 24/7. By creating an agency with Ace per Head, your personal account manager can help you supply your players with access to all in-game props and up to the minute lines. They can access any play you want to extend to them with confidence that the most proficient administration of their action is secure, accurate, and fast.

All players can be accessed from:

  • phone
  • computer
  • tablet
  • mobile device

…they have 24/7 wagering online and you have unlimited access to accurate, up to the minute figures.

Ace per Head features a fleet of web servers and world-class call centers staffed by American clerks.

Our lines are sharp and our response times unequaled. The feedback we get from our current bookie agents allows us to say, with confidence, that Ace Per Head is the industry standard, in a highly competitive market.

Our network provides information garnered from the top odds making services in the world, keeping you and your players ahead of the curve and privy to the most current data.

As an independent bookie agent, you have complete control over the menu offered to your players. Your betting board can feature all or parts of our service; you control betting protocols. You can change or limit your offerings, move lines, or set dollar limits.

Is a nominal, weekly, fee, worth your peace of mind?

Ease of access for your players with accurate, secure administration of their accounts and your agency, is our promise.

Ace Per Head provides all the benefits of the corporate books, with a personal and professional touch.