What’s Pay Per Head?

What is Pay Per Head?
What’s Pay Per Head?

Pay per head is an entire industry that is dedicated to sports gambling, and specifically so bookies can offer their bettors a website for them to make wagers on various sports. The pay per head industry is multiple billion-dollar industries and is a great way for not only experienced bookies, but also novice bookies to utilize to take action on sports from around the world with anyone that wants to bet with them.

The reason the industry is called pay per head is that that is how the cost structure works, meaning that bookies pay to use a service based on how many active players or heads use the website and service each week. The typical standard price that is charge per player a week is $10. This simply means that if a bookie has 150 players, but only 75 players bet that week, then the pay per head service would charge that bookie $750 that week which is $10 per player multiplied by the 75 active players that week.

Pro Bookmaking Service

The pay per head bookie service will handle all the ins and outs of bookmaking for the bookies, meaning they provide a professional sports betting website with thousands of sports betting options for players to bet on each and every day. In addition, these services manage all the lines in-house and update all the lines up to the second 24/7. This means that you as the bookie using the service does not actually need to know all the technical aspects of line making and even all the rules on each and every bet and sport that is offered because this is all handled directly by the pay per head company.

Considering that these services do 90% of all the work, the small fixed price of $10, with absolutely no commission or hidden fees, is very affordable for anyone that wants to become a bookie. All you as the bookie need to know is just actual people that would like to make wagers on various sports.

Getting More Players

Finding players is very simple and most successfully done by word of mouth. Start by reaching out to friends, family members, school mates, co-workers, and social media outlets to see who might have an interest in making bets on sports. Gambling has been around for thousands of years and is something that almost all people in the world have either done once in their life or have some interest in doing. This is because humans always love the idea of winning money for doing nothing but making a guess on what will happen on various types of outcomes, which is what gambling is.

One of the best pay per head companies in the world is currently Ace Per Head, and they not only offer sports betting options, but also have options for players to bet on horses, and a virtual casino. In addition, they have an extremely popular Live in-game betting feature that allows players to bet on sporting events on games that are currently in progress, with an updated line. This is just another way to keep players engaged and addicted to continue to make wagers, and the more times each player bets, the more money each bookie will make because as they say in Vegas, the house always wins.

Benefits of the PPH Sportsbook

Pay per head is a service that is available to people who would like to be a bookie and book action on various sports from players that would like to gamble through them. This service allows just about anyone to become a bookie because you as the bookie do not need to have any experience in this industry if you want to get started. All you as the bookie need to know is players that would like to bet directly with you.

The benefit of using a PPH sportsbook service is that the service will do all the technical aspects of bookmaking, which are extremely complex. These services manage all the lines up to the second and update all lines 24/7, which means you as the bookie do not need to spend all your time doing that or needing to know the math and fundamentals behind it. In addition, these services grade all wagers after each sporting event ends, and all balances are automatically updated into each player and agent account.

So in addition, you as the bookie don’t even need to do the bookkeeping on all these wagers and balances for your players, because this is all done by the pay per head service. They provide you with a professional sportsbook site that allows players to bet thousands of different betting options each and every day. They also provide the bookie with an admin backend page that will have all their players information, daily and weekly balances, open and graded wagers, along with other useful reports.

These sites are also fully mobile capable and are completely formatted to any smartphone device, which makes it very easy for both players and agents to use right from the palm of their hand, and anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

The other great benefit from using a top tier pay per head sportsbook service such as AcePerHead.com is that not only do they do all the work for you, but you can also lean on them for advice or any questions you may have about bookmaking, betting, or growing your business. Ace Per Head has been in the business for over 25 years, which means you can utilize all of their experience to help you with your new business venture. Since the world of betting never sleeps, they are available 24/7 thru phone, text, email, and live chat, and can help you with anything you need on the spot.

Then you as the bookie can just focus on growing your business and acquiring more players, so you can earn more money. Gamblers always lose over the long term so the more players you get and the more frequently they bet, then the more money you can earn from being a bookie. In addition Ace can also provide you with helpful ways to grow your business such as offering players a small free play to get them started, or if they refer another bettor, or just as a loyalty program when current players pay what they lose.

So give www.AcePerHead.com a call today at 1-800-909-5193 and start benefiting immediately with one of the best pay per head sportsbook services in the business.