The Sweetest Summer
Deal is Here

The Sweetest Summer Deal is Here

Grow Your Bookie Business Now With This Great Promo!

Every bookie counts the weeks for football season to arrive, the betting volume increases and so do the profits, but the ''low season'' is something you can take advantage off, it's the perfect time to make the necessary moves and changes to prepare for the next NFL season, and it's also the ideal moment to add new features and options to your offering to motivate clients to play more during the ''slow'' months.

If you are not yet working with a pay per head service, take advantage of these months to look into this option, and if you are already working with a per head company but you are not satisfied with their service then do your homework and switch over to a different PPH that can offer you what your business needs.

Getting the adequate pay per head service will allow you to grow your business and should help you maintain your clients interested and active even when the slow months arrive. How? Simple, by offering a wide variety of options to bet on.

A good selection of sports and other miscellaneous events to bet on, live and virtual casino, racebook and VIP live betting are some of the features that professional pay per head companies such as offer bookies to motivate their clients' interest.

Granted, some bettors prefer betting only on NFL, but the majority will choose to stay active if they are given attractive options.

If your current set up is causing you to lose clients or keeping you from maintaining a steady profit during the slow months it is time to look for a better solution that will also guarantee you a great football season.

Reliable, easy to use software, security, sharp lines, live and virtual casino, racebook, excellent customer support offered by phone and chat, customized website, easy to use online system accessible 365 days a year 24/7 through different devices, a variety of reports, redundancylive betting, competitive pricing and many different payment methods, are just some of the aspects that make one of the bests pay per head services in the industry.

The good news is, you can try their services with a six-week trial and confirm for yourself the quality of the same and the many advantages it will offer you and your clients. The second good news is that this company is currently offering a 50% summer discount promotion. usually charges $10 per active player for their basic service, for clients using the Live Dealer Casino or the VIP Live Betting feature each of these services has an additional cost of $5.00. The promo, which will be applied to the first 5 weeks of service, will allow you to pay as little as $5.00 per active client a week.

Why is willing to offer you such a great deal?

Because the company knows well enough that if you try their service you will be hooked, and see the potential it gives you to grow your company.

Don't lose the opportunity to strengthen your operation, run a smooth business and relax, knowing your clients are being treated properly. Contact and give it a try, after all, there's nothing to lose but just the opposite, a lot to gain.


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