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Technology is important to any Industry, and the pay per head industry is not any different. With the explosion of the Smart phone market over the last few years, the online sportsbook has been revolutionized. Gone are the days when players are calling in wagers, now players are using their mobile devices to make wagers anywhere in the world. The key is to put every possible betting option in the palm of the customer's hand, and then let them enjoy, and do the rest. As a result is one of the first companies in the industry to now give players the access to use the Mobile Casino on their Smart Phones.

The Mobile Casino is a brand new feature, that has multiple games available such as Blackjack, Double Exposure, Aces & Eights, 2 types of Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, 2 types of Jokers Wild, Double Bonus, Double Double Bonus, and 25 Line. Each of these games is formatted specifically for any mobile device. In addition, the sound for each game can be turned on and the player can use their head phones to hear the game, which adds to the interactive effect of each game.

Once again this in an extra feature that can be enabled for any player, but without any extra cost to the agent. In addition this Mobile Casino ties directly into the Online Casino limits that are set up specifically by the agent. This means an agent has the ability to apply strict daily and weekly win and loss limits for each specific account.

It is important to set up a specific daily and weekly win and loss limit, because players can get over their head in the casino very quickly. Unlike going to a brick and mortar casino, where a player sits at a table with other players and each hand takes time to be dealt out, and each player has time to make a decision on what they want to do, the Online Mobile Casino game allows players to play just with the dealer, and each hand is completed much faster than at a physical casino. Faster hands means that a player is going to play many more games per sitting and minute, which means the player can lose or win money at a faster rate. This is why daily and weekly limits are important to have in place, so a player can not lose more than they can afford to lose, or an agent does not have to payout more than he is willing to payout,

The Mobile Casino is just one of the latest technological updates in the payperhead industry that is turning low frequency bettors into more every day, and even 24 hour a day gamblers. Just like how physical Casinos give away free rooms and meals to attract gamblers to come to their casino, the Online gambling industry is now giving players the ability to play from the palm of their hand anywhere in the world, because the more frequent player's gamble, then the more they will lose over the long term.

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