Where the Real Money Is

Pay Per Head Live Betting
Where the Real Money Is

I am often approached by agents asking what should I be focusing on? What they mean is what direction should they be pushing their players in.

The Biggest Betting Trend Today

While there is no one real answer to this, as each package is different and individual tastes will always factor in, the one thing I do encourage agents to push is in-game betting. This is currently the hottest commodity being offered by top pay per head outfits like AcePerHead.com.

Pay per head live betting platforms vary from place to place, like any other service, but, I am most impressed with the platform used at Ace. There some real differences when you compare the service from one shop to the next.

Most places, unfortunately, have gone the cheap route, and are using platforms that don’t offer much and are somewhat unstable. However, the pay per head live betting interface at Ace Per Head offers everything you have seen out there and much more.

To name one of the benefits of working with a shop like Ace, they offer live betting on everything, not just certain sports and only for big games. These guys can consistently put up lines for every game of every sport of every league.

Their basic package will provide more than most places offer, but if you really want to jump on the in-game wagon they offer a VIP package that will blow your players’ minds! The VIP package comes at an added price, but for what you get the price difference is insignificant.

Having spoken to a lot of agents who have moved their operations to Ace Per Head just because of their live betting interface, I can tell you the clear majority have doubled their profits, some claim to have tripled them in the last year alone.

According to them, this PPH bookie live betting interface is a big success amongst younger players, who granted tend to spend less per wager, but, because they are so hooked on the live betting they end up spending the same or more than the older players on average.

Being able to attract a younger player-base, means you can grow your business year by year, and replace the inevitable loss of players who quit gambling for a myriad of reasons ranging from financial obligations (i.e. kids going to college), health or personal issues.

The younger crowds are also more likely to recommend your service to their friends, as they will enjoy competing with their drinking buddies or roommates to see who can get the best winning percentage betting on a game.

Our society has become addicted to instant gratification, people want the exhilaration of knowing the results of their wagers in as little time as possible and working with a pay per head live betting platform that offers that means you will provide added value to your players.

If you haven’t checked out the live betting interface at Ace Per Head, there is no better time than now, they are currently offering a free trial to all new agents, so take advantage of it and get ready to make some serious money during March Madness.

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