What is the Meaning of Pay Per Head?

Meaning of Pay Per Head
What is the Meaning of Pay Per Head?

Pay per head is an industry that is dedicated to servicing the needs of people that would like to book action on sports, from people that would like to gamble on various sporting events.

The term pay per head came about because that is how the price structure is determined for each bookie that ends up using the service.

Pay per head sites provide bookies with a professional style sportsbook website, where these services post thousands of sports betting lines to wager on each and every day. In addition, the lines are all updated up to the second and managed in house by each pay per head service. After each sporting event concludes the wagers will get graded and credited to each player and agent account, based on whether the wager was a win or a loss.

Price Per Player

The price structure for this type of service is based on how many different players make a wager on the site each week, or how many heads use the site each week, which is where the meaning of the pay per head name comes from. Generally, the standard price per head is $10 per player per week and you only get charged if the player actually has a graded wager for that week, meaning a win or a loss on a wager.

With this type of cost structure, it makes it very affordable and profitable for anyone that is looking to book action on sports because in the world of gambling players always lose over the long term and the house always wins. So if you are the bookie you are the house, which means there is an unlimited upside in how much money you can earn each week.

Obviously the more players you have betting with you, and the more bets each player makes each week will end up making a bookie a lot more money than another bookie that only has two players that bet only 3 times per week and only $50 per bet. So the amount of money that each bookie will make will clearly differ from one bookie to the next.

However, it is important to know that you don’t need to have hundreds of players to be a successful and extremely profitable bookie. Instead, there are plenty of bookies that have 10 or less players that still make thousands of dollars per week from there players. This can be achievable when the players bet a few games each day and bet anywhere from $100 to $250 per game.

Start Making Money Now!

The best way to find this type of gambler is simply by word of mouth and talking with people you know, such as family, friends, ex-classmates, co-workers, and social media friends. Then you just give them a certain amount of credit limit each week that they would be able to gamble within their specific player account that you assign to them, and agree on a day of the week or an amount that they are up or down to settle the balance on the account.

So if you are looking to make money from booking action, then get set up with a pay per head company today, such as www.AcePerHead.com.