What is the Meaning of Pay Per Head?

Meaning of Pay Per Head
What is the Meaning of Pay Per Head?

Pay per head is an industry that is dedicated to servicing the needs of people that would like to book action on sports, from people that would like to gamble on various sporting events.

The term pay per head came about because that is how the price structure is determined for each bookie that ends up using the service.

Pay per head sites provide bookies with a professional style sportsbook website, where these services post thousands of sports betting lines to wager on each and every day. In addition, the lines are all updated up to the second and managed in-house by each pay per head service. After each sporting event concludes the wagers will get graded and credited to each player and agent account, based on whether the wager was a win or a loss.

What Is PayPerHead? A Guide

Did you know that around half of Americans have placed a sports bet at some point in their lives? Additionally, sports betting makes up around 30-40% of the $400 billion global gambling market. These statistics show that bookmaking isn’t just a fun way to work with the sports you’re passionate about but a large market with lots of revenue to be made.

PayPerHead sportsbook services are the best way to open your bookmaking business and reach a wider gambling audience. But what is pay per head, exactly? Why is it beneficial for budding bookies?

Read on to answer these questions and to get a feel for how to start up your sportsbook.

Learn about PPH Service

PayPerHead (PPH) services are a type of online gambling platform that bookies and players use for betting. You as a bookie set up the PPH platform and launch it as a website. The website must include the sports and events that you offer betting on in an easy-to-understand format.

Players can then go to this online platform and place bets with you. PPH software makes it easier for players to place bets on specific events and send you money. It also makes it easier for you as a bookie to communicate with them and pay them back for winning bets.

But why is this technology called pay per head?

The answer to this lies in the way that you pay for the platform. It’s also known as ‘price per person’ software because you pay a small fee for each player that you work with. This payment is in lieu of a flat fee for the use of another online bookie service.

Generally, you’ll pay Ace Per Head around $10 for every gambler that you sign on. This fee may go up slightly (to $20 or so) if you actively choose to purchase other additional features. However, regardless of your choices, this low and flexible fee is dependent on how many players you have (and therefore how much income you’re making).

Scalable and Flexible

As you might imagine, the main benefit of PPH is that it’s extremely scalable and flexible. You’ll never pay for players that you aren’t working with or features that you’re not using.

Other payment methods force you to pay a larger flat fee for bookie services that you may not be able to comfortably afford. However, PPH platforms actively don’t allow you to pay more than what you’re getting. Assuming that your players bet more than an average of $10 each (which is pretty much impossible), you always will turn a profit with your bookmaking business.

PayPerHead also makes your business completely flexible in that you may pay more at some times than at others. Ace Per Head doesn’t charge you for players that aren’t actively placing bets with you and working with our team. You might have more players around a major sporting event like the Super Bowl or World Series that you need to pay for, but you won’t need to pay for them if they cease to work with you after the event.

Saves Money (and Lets You Make It)

PayPerHead saves you money and provides you with a platform to make your bookmaking business run more smoothly. But what is the ultimate impact of saving this money?

To understand this, consider how much a bookie can make. Smaller bookmakers can make a solid living. If you only have around 10 players and they bet around $2500 per month, you’ll make $25,000 per year off them. This isn’t even counting the additional cash you’ll make around major sporting and racing events, so you definitely have at least a solid side gig.

However, the best thing about being a small bookie is that it’s easy to expand. Bookies can make essentially however much money they want to. If you focus on growing your sportsbook and put in a consistent effort, it’s 100% feasible that you’ll make between $50,000-$100,000 per week.

You need to save as much money as possible to make this happen and grow your bookie business. PayPerHead providers understand this and are willing to work with you so that you can see your name in lights within the sports betting industry.

All-Inclusive and Fully-Managed

The financial benefits of being a pay per head bookie may sound too good to be true. You likely are wondering what the catch is.

Ace Per Head prides itself on being 100% transparent, and we’re here to tell you that there’s no catch. The platform works effectively and is fully managed by PPH software experts.

You receive fully managed services so that you can focus on signing on new bettors and marketing your PPH site. Our experts work to keep your platform updated and running smoothly on both the agent and player end. We make sure that you have the latest applications and that you’re linked to every online score tracking site that you want to be.

If you don’t believe us, you can see the facts for yourself by scheduling an agent demo of our services. Because we value transparency, you can also request a player demo to see what your page will look like on your client’s end.

Best Pay Per Head Features

Full platform management is only one feature that can help you grow your sportsbook. We also help you to develop a website that has all of the features that you most value for your bookie business. This is the first step towards launching your PPH site and signing on with players that will place large bets.

We have a wide variety of templates that you can choose from when designing your website. However, if you prefer, we can also work with you to create a custom site that perfectly suits your needs. This is one of the best ways to build your brand from the ground up and get people to learn about you on your terms.

Ace Per Head’s platform creation is also a great feature because you don’t need to know anything about coding or development. All you need to do is tell us what you want and watch as we work our magic. This frees up your time to consider the logistics of running your bookie business including goal setting, budgeting, marketing, and how to interact with bettors.

24/7 Support

Working with the best pay per head provider also means that you’ll have 24/7 customer support. This is true for both you and your players. We have an around-the-clock call center that you can always reach out to with any questions that you have.

Agents get to call a special line that helps them to grow their business. When you place a call, you can expect us to help you with anything that you ask for. This includes platform upgrades, changes to the mechanics of your site, and looking up bets that players made on specific events.

Players can also reach out to our call center with any questions that they have about your site and the bets they have placed. This hotline is also active 24/7 so you can always be praised for having top-notch customer service. Having high-quality support builds a positive reputation for you and establishes you as an authority within the sports betting industry.

Built-In Security Measures

When you reach out to Ace Per Head’s call center, you can rest assured that we get no information about you. We work with agents that our experts know nothing about since we assign you a random number when you invest in our services. We then use this number in all of our dealings with you- we don’t even know your name despite our close association.

The same applies to your players. They will also be assigned numbers so that we don’t know their identities. Neither you nor your players will have access to each other’s names or information, either. The numeric system works wonders.

But what about payment information?

We offer the option for you to pay us for our services in bitcoin. We strongly encourage you to accept bitcoin payments from your players as well. This eliminates the risk of hackers and malware accessing either your or your bettor’s banking or personal information because bitcoin is anonymous, untraceable, and secure.

Grow Your Biz Today

Now that you know what PayPerHead services are and why they’re a good choice for budding bookies, it’s time to get started. Sign up for your six-week free trial of Ace Per Head’s services.

When you do, you’ll gain access to all of our services immediately including web design services and site management. The trial comes with no obligations, but we’ll show you how you can grow your sportsbook when you work with us. Since we’re committed to helping you make as much money as possible as a bookie, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Price Per Player

The price structure for this type of service is based on how many different players make a wager on the site each week, or how many heads use the site each week, which is where the meaning of the pay per head name comes from. Generally, the standard price per head is $10 per player per week and you only get charged if the player actually has a graded wager for that week, meaning a win or a loss on a wager.

With this type of cost structure, it makes it very affordable and profitable for anyone that is looking to book action on sports because in the world of gambling players always lose over the long term and the house always wins. So if you are the bookie you are the house, which means there is an unlimited upside in how much money you can earn each week.

Obviously the more players you have betting with you, and the more bets each player makes each week will end up making a bookie a lot more money than another bookie that only has two players that bet only 3 times per week and only $50 per bet. So the amount of money that each bookie will make will clearly differ from one bookie to the next.

However, it is important to know that you don’t need to have hundreds of players to be a successful and extremely profitable bookie. Instead, there are plenty of bookies that have 10 or fewer players that still make thousands of dollars per week from their players. This can be achievable when the players bet a few games each day and bet anywhere from $100 to $250 per game.

Start Making Money Now!

The best way to find this type of gambler is simply by word of mouth and talking with people you know, such as family, friends, ex-classmates, co-workers, and social media friends. Then you just give them a certain amount of credit limit each week that they would be able to gamble within their specific player account that you assign to them, and agree on a day of the week or an amount that they are up or down to settle the balance on the account.

So if you are looking to make money from booking action, then get set up with a pay per head company today, such as www.AcePerHead.com.