Should you offer Live Casino to your Players?

Pay Per Head Live Casino
Should you offer Live Casino to your Players?

Online Sports betting is a quickly growing business that grows no matter the economic conditions around the world. If times are good, people have some extra disposable income to spend, and when times are bad, gambling is a vice that people use in the hopes of making a quick score or to feed their depressive mood. As a result per head shops are now offering more than just sports wagering. They are even offering a Racebook to bet horses, poker, and a virtual and live casino. As an agent it is important to take advantage of any feature that a per head website offers, because each option can increase your bottom line.

One of the newest features that per head websites are offering is a Live Dealer Casino. This is truly a state of the art option, that has real live beautiful women dealing each game. There are multiple tables and game options that range from Black Jack, to Craps, Roulette, Baccarat and even Casino Hold’Em. The Dealers are real live women that players can even chat with during the game, through an online messaging feature. Players have access 24 hours a day, and the games have a rotating staff of Female Dealers that are continuously working at the table games.

It basically allows players to have a casino type feel, without actually physically stepping into a casino. Considering that Casinos are not around every corner, this becomes an extremely attractive feature, because it allows players to play from the comforts of their own home. In addition the female dealers are friendly and are great eye candy for players.

Pay Per Head websites usually charge an extra fee per player per week for this feature. The fee can vary anywhere from an extra $5 to an extra $20, but regardless of what the extra fee is, agents should always spend the extra money so they can offer this feature to all of their players. The reason is because the odds are highly in the agents favor, and you are just giving your players another thing to gamble on, and the more options that players have, then the more money they will end up losing in the long run. In addition, since the NFL is only a 5-6 month long season, if you have players that wager on the Live Casino you are now turning them into a 365 day a year player that can gamble 24 hours a day.