A 360 Degree Solution for Sportsbook Business

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A 360 Degree Solution for Sportsbook Business

Aceperhead.com is a top rated pay per head service that is regarded for offering a VIP experience to all their clients. Let’s start with the basics: great customer service, this may seem like a no brainer, but how many of us actually get first customer support when we are dealing with a sportsbook? Exactly, that’s why Aceperhead.com has made it a point to think about their clients’ needs and fulfill them, they’ve been careful to cover all areas, great customer service being the first element, then of course providing a large selection of lines and props and fast grading are also part of the essential experience, security and confidentiality are a must, prices are among industry standards and you are getting a superior service, so overall the aceperhead.com experience is difficult to top.

How do they do it?

One of the main and most important ingredients in any Pay Per Head Sportsbook business is the Software, Aceperhead.com uses a well-known sportsbook software called DGS, which is by industry standards one of the best and most reliable options out there, highly stable and very user friendly.

The decision to use DGS as their pay per head sportsbook software was really a no brainer,   this sportsbook software makes it possible to place wagers on sports, racing and casino games, all under the same user and balance with no need for download or transfer between products an all of this can be done from your player’s computer or mobile device, fast, easy and safely, online wagering 24/7.

For you as a bookie the partner interface is simple, and easy to use which is another reason Aceperheard.com chose it. The sportsbook software will give you reliable up to date reports on your player’s action every minute of the day so you will never be in the dark again. And with the unbeatable customer service they offer, any question you have or anything you need assistance with will be handled with professionalism and speed. Let’s be honest that is what we are all looking for a way to simplify our lives and a strategic partner to help us grow our business.

So if you are a bookie in search for the best pay per head service that will keep you and your clients happy, and problem free, this is the perfect solution.

History is about to be made with Super Bowl 50 coming up this Sunday February 7th, and what better time to give AcePerhead.com a trial run, you can check out the pay per head sportsbook software, their service and line offerings which is actually featured in Don Best and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Imagine being able to enjoy your Super Bowl party without having to worry about your players not being able to place their bets on time… ahhh the sweet life! All while your revenue grows!!

Aceperhead.com is currently offering 6 WEEKS FREE for a limited time only, so this is the perfect opportunity to try them out, take advantage of this great offering and get access to excellent NFL sports betting lines. Don’t worry about report; this pay per head sportsbook software gives you the ability to run the reports you need.

Search no further, you’ve found exactly what you’ve been looking for: Aceperhead.com