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Editorial: On Gambling in the USA

Online Gambling in the USA Legal

Americans have been betting on sports since the first time a Puritan pilgrim announced that his horse was the fastest in Massachusetts Bay colony and another said, “Wanna bet?” In today’s decidedly un-puritanical America, betting on sports is illegal, except where it isn’t (Nevada, Oregon, Montana, Delaware). Besides, much more money is wagered illegally on … Continue reading Editorial: On Gambling in the USA

Why do so Many Sites go Down on Sundays?

Prevent Attacks on Sundays

When searching for, or using a pay per head service one of the most important features is reliability in terms of the website being accessible during high-frequency betting time periods. Football is by far the busiest time of year for betting, and gamblers are procrastinators so the most wagers are put in within an hour … Continue reading Why do so Many Sites go Down on Sundays?

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