Horse Betting Software

Horse Betting Software

Despite the many sporting events available for viewing across the world, sports betting remains popular. Races average around 13 seconds, which brings an adrenaline-filled short timeframe for the viewer. The results are fast and the return is faster, which makes the sport perfect for the modern-day bettor. Whether you’re a new or experienced bookie, prioritizing horse betting … Continue reading Horse Betting Software

Soccer Betting Software

Soccer Betting Software

With over 40% of people interested in soccer, it’s by far the most popular sport in the world. In fact, in a survey of 18 countries, 43% of people said that they had at least some interest in soccer (or ‘football,’ as it is known to non-Americans). As a budding bookie, having good soccer betting software is … Continue reading Soccer Betting Software

5 Top Sports Betting Strategies

The gambling game is growing. In October 2020, Americans bet three billion dollars on sports. As more states legalize sports betting, that number is expected to grow.  Sports betting is an exciting and easy way to earn money. Unfortunately, it is a fast way to lose a lot of money. If you want to make money … Continue reading 5 Top Sports Betting Strategies

Make Money with Sports Betting

Make Extra Money as a Bookie

Did you know that sports betting is legal in over half of the US?  Sports betting has become one of the most popular forms of gambling over the past several years because it involves more than casino games do. It combines real-world activities with gambling, which is something that other forms of gambling don’t do. To learn how to make … Continue reading Make Money with Sports Betting

How A Professional PPH Site Helps Bookies?

PPH Gambling Site

A bookie is someone who accepts wagers on sporting events and pays players when they win the wager and collects money when the player loses money on various wagers. With technology, this can now be done all online, and the best way to have the most success as a bookie is to utilize a PPH … Continue reading How A Professional PPH Site Helps Bookies?

PPH Bookie Service

PPH Bookie Service

If you’re looking for an opportunity to make some serious money, place your bets on sports betting. By 2025, the industry will be worth more than 8 billion dollars in the United States.  By getting involved in online bookmaking services, you can get your piece of this lucrative pie, but you need to start now if you … Continue reading PPH Bookie Service

Price Per Player Software

Price Per Player Software

As new technology develops, sports betting has been increasingly moving online. In fact, more than 80% of bets are placed with online bookies in some areas of the US. Using a price per player sportsbook is essential if you want to make it as a sports betting agent. Here, we’re going to discuss the ins and outs … Continue reading Price Per Player Software

How to Grow Your Sportsbook?

How to Grow Your Sportsbook

More than half of all Americans live in an area where sports gambling is legal or on the verge of becoming legalized. If you have an online bookmaking business, this is amazing news! With growing legalization comes more acceptance and exposure. The issue, of course, is that more exposure also means more competition. How can you grow … Continue reading How to Grow Your Sportsbook?

10 Valuable Sports Betting Tips

Sports Betting Tips

Sports betting brings together two things into one neat package. On one side, you get to watch and enjoy highly competitive sports like football and basketball. You can see the best athletes from various teams show their skill and prowess.  On the other end, you have a game of chance. In here, your chances of winning a … Continue reading 10 Valuable Sports Betting Tips

Make a Profit During Baseball Season

Baseball Odds Software

It is time to break with tradition and start making a profit during the baseball season, are you with me? Baseball has been the source of headaches and heartaches for bookies since the beginning of time, and it seems like the only way to make a profit from this sport is to rig the games, … Continue reading Make a Profit During Baseball Season

How the Right Pay-Per-Head Software Helps Your Bookie Strategy

Pay-Per-Head Software

Software can do the hard work for you when it comes to figuring out odds and lines for your sports betting business. However, the better the software, the more you can profit. The global sports betting market is growing. It’s establishing a deep hold in the gaming industry. Now, a growing number of entrepreneurs are … Continue reading How the Right Pay-Per-Head Software Helps Your Bookie Strategy

How to Create a Betting Site?

Create a Betting Site

We are living in unprecedented times with most states within the U.S. have legalized some form of online betting sites. The initial legalization of a betting site may come as a shock to some, but informal forms such as fantasy sports have been around for decades. This new trend sweeping the country has caused sports betting sites … Continue reading How to Create a Betting Site?