Why Low Season Doesn’t Have to Be Slow Season

Betting Season 2017

The pay per head industry in North America is split into two seasons; high season which runs from the beginning of College Football, which is a week before the NFL season, until the NFL Super Bowl, and low season which is from after the Super Bowl until the beginning of the next College Football season.  … Continue reading Why Low Season Doesn’t Have to Be Slow Season

You Get What You Pay For

Cheap Pay Per Head

Every business owner will try to reduce their overhead costs as much as possible in an effort to maximize their budgets and profits. This is a smart decision, but, one that should not be taken lightly, after all, cutting corners in essential services and quality can do more harm than good. The Pitfalls of a … Continue reading You Get What You Pay For

Full-Service Software Solution

Sportsbook Management Software

The purpose of technology in the business world, and here I am refereeing specifically to software platforms is to aid businesses in simplifying processes and better manage their client base, and finding the right software platform is key to the advancement of every type of business. What You Should Look For Sportsbooks are no exception, … Continue reading Full-Service Software Solution

The Importance of a Human Voice in Business

Pay Per Head Call Center

Call we all agree that technology is slowly dehumanizing us; we are losing the art of conversation and not just that, businesses, are becoming disconnected with their clients which decreases customer loyalty and profitability. Why Having a Call Center is Still Relevant I will agree that big data has somewhat mitigated this, being able to … Continue reading The Importance of a Human Voice in Business

Turnkey Sports Betting Solutions

Sports Betting Software Provider

Sports gamblers are a particular breed of humans, recent studies have determined that nearly half of the adult human population will have difficulty passing up a chance to bet, further studies performed by Cambridge University, have concluded that even when individuals lose their bets, they still obtain a certain level of satisfaction that prompts them … Continue reading Turnkey Sports Betting Solutions

PPH Sports Betting – The $10.4 Billion Business

PPH Sportsbook Service

March Madness is here, and this year it is estimated that some $10.4 billion dollars will be wagered outside of Vegas, that’s a lot of money folks, so how much do you stand to make? How Much Do You Stand to Make? The PPH Sports Betting business has been growing at a rapid pace, and … Continue reading PPH Sports Betting – The $10.4 Billion Business

Improve Your Odds of Winning

Real Pay Per Head Service

The old saying of the House Always Wins, is not necessarily true when it comes to sports gambling, and if you are an agent you know this first hand. Basic Guide for Agents There are so many variables in sports betting that it is hard to always land right side up, but, for those agents … Continue reading Improve Your Odds of Winning

Looking for the Cheapest Pay Per Head Service?

Cheapest Pay Per Head Sportsbook

There is nothing wrong with wanting to save a buck here and there, it is important to make wise decisions with your hard-earned money and invest it adequately. However, if you are looking for the cheapest pay per head bookie service you should be very careful, you may end up actually spending the same or … Continue reading Looking for the Cheapest Pay Per Head Service?

Casino Market Forecasts

Start a Bookie Business

There is an untapped market in the online gambling industry and that is casino games. Forecasts for this product are expected to reach over 21 billion in revenue by 2020, that is just 3 years from today. Granted this includes land based casinos, but the truth is that online casino betting is becoming more and … Continue reading Casino Market Forecasts

Where the Real Money Is

Pay Per Head Live Betting

I am often approached by agents asking what should I be focusing on? What they mean is what direction should they be pushing their players in. The Biggest Betting Trend Today While there is no one real answer to this, as each package is different and individual tastes will always factor in, the one thing … Continue reading Where the Real Money Is

March is here and it’s time for NCAA Bracket Madness!

march madness bracket 2017

This is the time of the year when the NCAA Basketball is in the spotlight, March Madness kicks off this Tuesday, March 14th with action extending through April 3rd. What you need to know about March Madness 2017 Tournament: Do you know why it is called March Madness? It seems that the term can be … Continue reading March is here and it’s time for NCAA Bracket Madness!

Be Competitive with Pay Per Head Services

How Pay Per Head Works

In the past twenty years technology has advanced at giant steps, sometimes to a point when it is really hard to keep up with its pace; technology has benefited all industries and one of them has been the online gaming business which has evolved in the past years to offer more convenient and secure service … Continue reading Be Competitive with Pay Per Head Services