Empowering Your Brand

Sportsbook Software

How much would it cost your business to have leading market skills in both line management and data services at its disposal 24/7? Data Services and Line Management For most bookies the answer unfortunately is, way too much! But, the good news is, does not have to be, and here is why. Over the past … Continue reading Empowering Your Brand

How to Become a Casino Owner?

Casino Software Providers

Gambling is the fastest growing industry on the planet, and casino games have been luring players for centuries with no signs of stopping anytime soon. Therefore, it is no surprise that more and more people are looking for ways to get in on this multi-billion dollar a year business. Online Is the Way the Go … Continue reading How to Become a Casino Owner?

Manage Your Business More Efficiently

Wager Alert feature

PPH agents need to keep their eye on the ball at all times to successfully manage exposure, keep track of certain players and occasionally lay off some action to balance out their sheet. Up until now the only way to do this was to be logged in to the PPH agent dashboard, but that is … Continue reading Manage Your Business More Efficiently

Why it is Better to Offer Big Underdogs

Underdogs Betting

When you become a bookie agent it can be very nerve racking when your players are making wagers on underdogs that have extremely large odds.  For example players can bet the Odds to win the Super Bowl and select a team like the Jacksonville Jaguars who are currently +9000.  This means a $100 wager on … Continue reading Why it is Better to Offer Big Underdogs

Most Trusted Price Per Head

Pay Per Head Agents

When it comes to price per head bookie service, there is only one name that has withstood the pass of time and that is AcePerHead.com, with over 18 years in the business, they were pioneers of the offshore price per head industry. The Secret is Finally Out There have been some names that came in … Continue reading Most Trusted Price Per Head

Empowering your Business

Sportsbook Software

What makes a sportsbook software standout? I supposed the answer is not an easy much less simple one. There is a lot that goes into making a functional software system, the actual design and coding are certainly at the core of every great software, but I am not a techie or a developer and I … Continue reading Empowering your Business

Earn 150K A Year Booking Action on Sports

Bookie Business

There are many ways to make a buck in this world, and one of the fastest growing industries to do that in, is the price per head sportsbook industry.   Price per head or pay per head is where people around the world use online betting platforms in order to take wagers on various different sports, … Continue reading Earn 150K A Year Booking Action on Sports

Why Low Season Doesn’t Have to Be Slow Season

Betting Season 2017

The pay per head industry in North America is split into two seasons; high season which runs from the beginning of College Football, which is a week before the NFL season, until the NFL Super Bowl, and low season which is from after the Super Bowl until the beginning of the next College Football season.  … Continue reading Why Low Season Doesn’t Have to Be Slow Season

You Get What You Pay For

Cheap Pay Per Head

Every business owner will try to reduce their overhead costs as much as possible in an effort to maximize their budgets and profits. This is a smart decision, but, one that should not be taken lightly, after all, cutting corners in essential services and quality can do more harm than good. The Pitfalls of a … Continue reading You Get What You Pay For

Full-Service Software Solution

Sportsbook Management Software

The purpose of technology in the business world, and here I am refereeing specifically to software platforms is to aid businesses in simplifying processes and better manage their client base, and finding the right software platform is key to the advancement of every type of business. What You Should Look For Sportsbooks are no exception, … Continue reading Full-Service Software Solution

The Importance of a Human Voice in Business

Pay Per Head Call Center

Call we all agree that technology is slowly dehumanizing us; we are losing the art of conversation and not just that, businesses, are becoming disconnected with their clients which decreases customer loyalty and profitability. Why Having a Call Center is Still Relevant I will agree that big data has somewhat mitigated this, being able to … Continue reading The Importance of a Human Voice in Business

Turnkey Sports Betting Solutions

Sports Betting Software Provider

Sports gamblers are a particular breed of humans, recent studies have determined that nearly half of the adult human population will have difficulty passing up a chance to bet, further studies performed by Cambridge University, have concluded that even when individuals lose their bets, they still obtain a certain level of satisfaction that prompts them … Continue reading Turnkey Sports Betting Solutions