NFL 2018 Season Predictions

NFL Odds for Bookies

With football season quickly approaching, agents are scouting the field to find the best NFL odds for bookies. And it won’t be long before you start to see pay per head shops posting their projected team wins and odds to win the Super Bowl, but you might have to wait a few weeks before you … Continue reading NFL 2018 Season Predictions

The Essential Elements of a PPH Service

Pay Per Head Free Trial

What exactly makes a PPH service “great”? There are several aspects that can separate one pay per head service from the rest, and we will list those right here so you can have them as reference when you are searching for the best pay per head service. Test drive your PPH service The key to … Continue reading The Essential Elements of a PPH Service

Top 3 Profitable Online Business Ideas

Gambling Business Ideas

By now everyone knows that the best way to start a business is not to rent an expensive office or commercial space and pay for print advertising, that is of course unless your business happens to be in the food and beverages or hospitality industries which require customers to be physically present. Take Advantage of … Continue reading Top 3 Profitable Online Business Ideas

Start your Own Gambling Business – The Best Turnkey Solution

How Pay Per Head Work

Maybe you are someone who enjoys sports gambling and has always thought it would be great to be able to make a business out of your passion. Or maybe you are already a local bookie looking to expand your business. Now there is a fast and simple way for you to do it with the … Continue reading Start your Own Gambling Business – The Best Turnkey Solution

Price Per Head Services that Make your Business Grow

Price Per Head Software

A business model that suits our needs, that’s what we all want, seems pretty straight up and simple, but it’s certainly tougher than we think, and as a bookie you’ve probably been around plenty of price per head shops that promise to give you the best of the best and then fall short in almost … Continue reading Price Per Head Services that Make your Business Grow

It’s a Free Market

Bookie Software in New York

If you grew up outside of New York City, chances are at some time or another you saw a movie about gangsters in New York. Breaking into the New York Gambling Scene And in those movies, any gambling was handled by the gangsters, and nobody was allowed to step on their territory. While grossly exaggerated … Continue reading It’s a Free Market

Betting Trends for 2018

Best Bookmaking Service of 2018

The worldwide gambling industry continues to grow, but for certain jurisdictions the future is uncertain due to legislation curtailing the operations. Local bookies in these places must evolve and transform their business to stay alive. Can the Local Bookie Survive? The betting trends over the last few years have included online and mobile platforms, and … Continue reading Betting Trends for 2018

A look at What Is Ahead for Sports Betting

Best Bookie Service in America

The gambling industry received some shocking news on this past month of May, and for once it was encouraging news. Times Are Changing The Supreme Court voted to repeal the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), giving the states the option to legalize sports betting. Clearing the way for bookie services in America to … Continue reading A look at What Is Ahead for Sports Betting

Set Up a Sportsbook

How to Set Up a Sportsbook

Every day more and more bookies are turning to pay per head services to manage the growth of their business and have better control of all aspects of the same. Being a bookie is not simple; it’s a demanding job that requires dedication, time, and a great deal of organization and patience.  At some point, … Continue reading Set Up a Sportsbook

Players Are Getting Smarter

Beat the Bookie Tips

Players are getting smarter about what and how they wager, there is no question about it, ask any bookie agent who has been in the business for at least 10 years and they will confirm this. How is Your Pay Per Head Helping You Cope? If you do a search on the web using the … Continue reading Players Are Getting Smarter

Set a Per Head Sportsbook

Setting Up A Per Head Sportsbook

If you are a bookie or a sportsbook agent, it is possible that at some point you will consider setting up a pay per head sportsbook, there are many reasons bookies nowadays choose this route, usually it has to do with a growing business that can no longer be managed in a small scale or … Continue reading Set a Per Head Sportsbook

How Can Students Earn Money While In College?

Earn Money While Studying in College

If you are looking to have a career one day, then you must attend College and get your diploma. Gone are the days when people could just finish high school and then successfully enter the job force. Now completing College is a must, and then a lot of jobs require you to have your graduate … Continue reading How Can Students Earn Money While In College?