Easy Ways to Make Money

Ways to Make Money

There are many different ways to make money in this world, such as being in the service industry, doctor, teacher, taxi driver, and the list can go on indefinitely. However, almost all ways to make money means you have to work hard in order to first qualify to have the skill set to even be … Continue reading Easy Ways to Make Money

And Then There Were 53

Small Time Bookie

Over this past weekend, most NFL franchises announced they had narrowed their rosters down to 53 players, officially making them ready to start this year’s NFL season. A few teams, however, are still making last-minute trades in the hopes that their new acquisitions will help round out their teams. Are You Ready for Football? As … Continue reading And Then There Were 53

Latinos Like to Play Too

Bookie Software in Miami

Back in the day, Miami was a hotbed for hotel entrepreneurs, aspiring entertainers, and a playground for the rich and famous. Tapping into This Profitable Market Although a lot has changed in the last few decades, the truth is Miami is still the land of opportunity for anyone interested in sports gambling. Most bookies don’t … Continue reading Latinos Like to Play Too

How to Choose the Right PPH

Sports Betting Bookie Software

For a pay per head agent looking for the right fit, making the decision to switch providers can prove a stressful one. By making the wrong choice agents risk losing valuable resources and worst of all losing valuable customers. Software, Service, Pricing When comparing pay per head services, it is important to know which features … Continue reading How to Choose the Right PPH

The Bookie’s True Advantage

How do Bookies Set Odds

With the rise of pay per head companies in the last decade, it is not unusual for online sportsbook owners to not be privy to the secrets of how do bookies set odds. Most owners rely on the expertise of the oddsmaker and line managers of the PPH service they subscribe to, which is the … Continue reading The Bookie’s True Advantage

Time to Adjust the Odds

Baseball Betting Software

Every year after all the star game the odds to win the MLB series get a major overhaul, teams that showed promise at the end of last season have been left behind while other franchises have seemly come out of nowhere to become front-runners. Who will win the World Series? So, if we know this … Continue reading Time to Adjust the Odds

The Art of Turning Consistent Profits

Pay Per Head Bookmaking

Every business owner’s dream is to have a business that consistently turns a profit, some businesses suffer more in times of turmoil than others, surviving in difficult times is not always a given regardless of how hard you work to keep your business afloat. The Roll Data, Experience and Gut Feelings Play Bookmaking Pay per … Continue reading The Art of Turning Consistent Profits

Price Per Head Bookmaking 101

Price Per Head Bookmaking

Anyone looking to expand their bookmaking business to an online platform needs to consider a price per head service. Some of you may be wondering, what is a price per head bookmaking? Rules of Engagement Price per head or pay per head service companies are experienced online bookmakers who render their services to other bookmakers … Continue reading Price Per Head Bookmaking 101

Pay Per Head Services a Win-Win Solution

Pay Per Head Services

Online betting continues to increase in popularity, with every new advance in technology new options are offered by online sportsbooks that attract the attention of the occasional and professional gamblers alike. This has increased the demands of bettors, who don’t settle for an average or regular service anymore; they need a complete service that satisfies … Continue reading Pay Per Head Services a Win-Win Solution

NFL 2018 Insights: A Guide for Online Bookies

Sharp Bookie Software

Training camps are about to close shop, rookies and veterans will hit the field starting this Thursday, August 2nd when the start of the prelude to the NFL season 2018 kicks off with the Hall of Fame Game. This is an exciting time for bookies and bettors alike; sportsbooks across the globe have been adjusting their … Continue reading NFL 2018 Insights: A Guide for Online Bookies

NFL 2018 Season Predictions

NFL Odds for Bookies

With football season quickly approaching, agents are scouting the field to find the best NFL odds for bookies. And it won’t be long before you start to see pay per head shops posting their projected team wins and odds to win the Super Bowl, but you might have to wait a few weeks before you … Continue reading NFL 2018 Season Predictions

The Essential Elements of a PPH Service

Pay Per Head Free Trial

What exactly makes a PPH service “great”? There are several aspects that can separate one pay per head service from the rest, and we will list those right here so you can have them as reference when you are searching for the best pay per head service. Test drive your PPH service The key to … Continue reading The Essential Elements of a PPH Service