Local Bookies Are Here to Stay

Is It Illegal to Be a Bookie

The world of gambling was rocked in May of this year after the Supreme Court ruled that individual states had the right to regulate sports betting, this landmark decision struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) from 1992. Life After Legalized Sports Gambling To say this ruling sent shockwaves through the illegal … Continue reading Local Bookies Are Here to Stay

A Real Solution to your Bookmaking Needs

Pay Per Head Bookmaking Solutions

Pay per head bookmaking solutions were born as an alternative to many agents and bookies that had their operations running either old school and already limited because of the lack of technology or had invested in a complete operation and were regretting this due to the huge investment in time and money that it represents. … Continue reading A Real Solution to your Bookmaking Needs

Work Smarter Not Harder

Sportsbook Software

Running a bookie business is no easy task, but, for those who are passionate about sports and casino gambling, there simply is no other business they would rather be in. Take Full Advantage of Your Pay Per Head If you own an online sportsbook and casino or seriously considering opening one, then you need to … Continue reading Work Smarter Not Harder

A Hassle Free Bookie Service?

Pay Per Head Business

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a way to concentrate your efforts on growing your business and reviewing your player action and reports while your day to day operation is being handled in a high level? A hassle-free business is what we all want, and although it’s not 100% possible, the right pay per head … Continue reading A Hassle Free Bookie Service?

What is a Fair Price Per Head?

Price Per Head Service

This is the question most bookmakers ask, how do you know what is the right price to pay when you are considering a pay per head service? Unfortunately, there is not a short answer for this question since it all depends, if you do short research online you’ll find that there are shops charging as … Continue reading What is a Fair Price Per Head?

Boost Your Profits

Casino Software Providers

The gambling industry is a complex beast, not everyone involved truly understands everything that is going on, and this is most evident when it comes to pay per head casino software providers. The Hidden Potential of Online Casinos When we look at industry reports, it is clear that the online gambling market includes diverse products … Continue reading Boost Your Profits

Calling All Women with Drive and Ambition

Becoming an Online Bookie

The landscape in one of the most male-dominated industries is slowly changing as more and more women who are looking for easy ways to make money online are taking an interest. It’s Time to Break the Mold The number of female bettors has been increasing over the last 20 years; this, which was once considered … Continue reading Calling All Women with Drive and Ambition

Easy Ways to Make Money

Ways to Make Money

There are many different ways to make money in this world, such as being in the service industry, doctor, teacher, taxi driver, and the list can go on indefinitely. However, almost all ways to make money means you have to work hard in order to first qualify to have the skill set to even be … Continue reading Easy Ways to Make Money

And Then There Were 53

Small Time Bookie

Over this past weekend, most NFL franchises announced they had narrowed their rosters down to 53 players, officially making them ready to start this year’s NFL season. A few teams, however, are still making last-minute trades in the hopes that their new acquisitions will help round out their teams. Are You Ready for Football? As … Continue reading And Then There Were 53

Latinos Like to Play Too

Bookie Software in Miami

Back in the day, Miami was a hotbed for hotel entrepreneurs, aspiring entertainers, and a playground for the rich and famous. Tapping into This Profitable Market Although a lot has changed in the last few decades, the truth is Miami is still the land of opportunity for anyone interested in sports gambling. Most bookies don’t … Continue reading Latinos Like to Play Too

How to Choose the Right PPH

Sports Betting Bookie Software

For a pay per head agent looking for the right fit, making the decision to switch providers can prove a stressful one. By making the wrong choice agents risk losing valuable resources and worst of all losing valuable customers. Software, Service, Pricing When comparing pay per head services, it is important to know which features … Continue reading How to Choose the Right PPH

The Bookie’s True Advantage

How do Bookies Set Odds

With the rise of pay per head companies in the last decade, it is not unusual for online sportsbook owners to not be privy to the secrets of how do bookies set odds. Most owners rely on the expertise of the oddsmaker and line managers of the PPH service they subscribe to, which is the … Continue reading The Bookie’s True Advantage