Sports Lines Software

Sportsbook Lines Software

Sports betting is a multi-billion dollar a year industry that keeps growing each year. Also with the United States now beginning to get into the game with various states making it legal, this industry will only just continue to grow. People have been betting since the beginning of time and it is just a part … Continue reading Sports Lines Software

Pay Per Head Cryptocurrency

Pay Per Head Crypto

Pay per head is an industry that caters to people who want to use an online betting service to book action for people that would like to bet with them. These services make it super easy for anyone to be a bookie because they handle and manage all the odds and lines for games and … Continue reading Pay Per Head Cryptocurrency

Tools to Grow your Business

Online Betting Software

Has your bookie business grown to a point where you are losing control of it? Perhaps the calls you are getting are keeping you up at night? The good news about this is that you have done things right and your business is boomin’ the bad news is that if you don’t take some needed … Continue reading Tools to Grow your Business

In Search of a Turnkey Sportsbook Solution

Turnkey Sportsbook Solution

You run your own successful sportsbook service and luckily for you it has grown and come to a point where you need a more efficient way to run your business, in order to be more competitive you need to offer your clients a better and more complete service; and let’s face it, you need your … Continue reading In Search of a Turnkey Sportsbook Solution

A Simple Guide to Choosing your PPH Service

Pay Per Head Sportsbook

Pay per head sportsbooks are gaining traction these days and one of the most common questions when it comes to PPH services is always:  which is the best per head sportsbook? The truth is there is not one single right answer… …that’s like asking which is the best dog or which is the best car… … Continue reading A Simple Guide to Choosing your PPH Service

How to Spot Sharp Players?

Pay Per Head Bookie Business

In the pay per head business, there are all types of players. There are your degenerate losers that play all year wrong, there are your recreational players that only bet NFL football, players that just make one parlay or teaser each week, and there is also a small percentage of sharp players out there that … Continue reading How to Spot Sharp Players?

Ways to Profit from Online Gambling

Making Money as an Online Bookie

Football season is fast approaching and agents are excited for a new opportunity to increase their profits, for it is well known that football season is the best time for making money as an online bookie. The Sky is The Limit What is the best way to increase an agent’s profit has been a topic … Continue reading Ways to Profit from Online Gambling

Top-of-the-line PPH Service

Best Pay Per Head Services

A pay per head service is a company that caters to people who want to book action on sports. They provide a fully inclusive turnkey website that has thousands of sports betting options for agent’s players to bet on each and every day. All lines are updated up to the second and managed directly by … Continue reading Top-of-the-line PPH Service

Ace Per Head Pricing

Ace Per Head Pricing is one of the top pay per head providers in the sportsbook industry. Pay per head providers are companies that provide Bookies or Agents with a website where their players can make wagers. These companies manage all the odds and update all the odds up to the second, and provide live lines to bet … Continue reading Ace Per Head Pricing

What is Pay Per Head?

What is Pay Per Head?

Pay per head is a service for bookies that provides a website with thousands of sports betting options each day, so bookies do not have to book action the old-fashioned way with paper and pen. These services handle the technical side of bookmaking, which allows agents to focus on growing their business by acquiring more … Continue reading What is Pay Per Head?

Price Per Player Review

Price Per Player Review

The price per head industry focuses on providing bookies with a website with updated up to the second odds for their players to bet on all the sporting events from around the world each day. This is a competitive market and today we wanted to review one of the better and more popular price per … Continue reading Price Per Player Review

Software for Professional Bookies

Pay Per Head Bookie Software

If you are looking to book action on sporting events then there are two ways you can do that. You can either do it the old fashioned way and accept wagers over the phone from your players and keep track of it with a paper and pen, or you can get set up with a … Continue reading Software for Professional Bookies