Players Are Getting Smarter

Beat the Bookie Tips

Players are getting smarter about what and how they wager, there is no question about it, ask any bookie agent who has been in the business for at least 10 years and they will confirm this. How is Your Pay Per Head Helping You Cope? If you do a search on the web using the … Continue reading Players Are Getting Smarter

Set a Per Head Sportsbook

Setting Up A Per Head Sportsbook

If you are a bookie or a sportsbook agent, it is possible that at some point you will consider setting up a pay per head sportsbook, there are many reasons bookies nowadays choose this route, usually it has to do with a growing business that can no longer be managed in a small scale or … Continue reading Set a Per Head Sportsbook

How Can Students Earn Money While In College?

Earn Money While Studying in College

If you are looking to have a career one day, then you must attend College and get your diploma. Gone are the days when people could just finish high school and then successfully enter the job force. Now completing College is a must, and then a lot of jobs require you to have your graduate … Continue reading How Can Students Earn Money While In College?

How to Make Money When You Are in a Frat?

Make Money for your Fraternity

The whole College experience can be a bit overwhelming at times, and sometimes it is difficult to find one’s place in the whole grand scheme of things on campus. So one option that most young men choose is to join a fraternity, which helps them become a part of something bigger than themselves and build … Continue reading How to Make Money When You Are in a Frat?

Hands Down Your Best Bet

White Label Pay Per Head

Starting an online sportsbook on your own is one of the most daunting tasks you could ever think of, there is so much that goes into the preparation and execution that you need a small army and a few million dollars to get accomplished. For most bookies having access to those to two items is … Continue reading Hands Down Your Best Bet

Human Interaction in the Digital Era

Price Per Head Call Center

We live in an age of instant gratification, and it seems that every business has gone to great lengths to streamline their businesses and provide quick self-service features directly on their websites in an attempt to minimize the need for waiting for a response from a fellow human being. Has the Internet Killed the Contact … Continue reading Human Interaction in the Digital Era

PPH Call Centers: Necessity or Luxury?

Call Center Bookie Service

In this era where people prefer to text and do everything online themselves do you really need a price per head call center?  The short answer is: yes. As a bookie, one of the reasons you are probably looking to go for a pay per head service is because your business has grown and you … Continue reading PPH Call Centers: Necessity or Luxury?

Don’t Swing and Miss

Baseball Betting Software

Even though spring hasn’t fully arrived yet to the whole country, America’s pastime has certainly done so, baseball is back in full swing, and while it is not the most profitable sport for bookies, there is no denying the popularity it has amongst its fanbase. America’s Pastime Is Back So instead of dreading the arrival … Continue reading Don’t Swing and Miss

Choosing the Best Per Head Service

Best Per Head Software

As a bookie you must already know that in order to grow your business and manage it in an organized and professional manner, the only way to do it is through the use of technology; unfortunately, even though there are plenty of betting software options out there,  in order for them to run properly they … Continue reading Choosing the Best Per Head Service

Visionary Gaming Solutions

Live Casino Software

The number one complaint I hear from casino players is the lack of how virtual games seem so impersonal and regardless of how great the graphics are, they simply lack that extra something. The Best Deal in Live Casino Software When live casino software made its debut, it was precise to counter that feeling of … Continue reading Visionary Gaming Solutions

Cryptocurrencies on the Rise

Bitcoin Casino Software

There has been a lot of controversy in the cryptocurrency world in the last few weeks, and pricing has fluctuated more heavily than normal, but, what are the real implications for online casinos? How Blockchain is Impacting Online Casinos Bitcoin is the front-runner in blockchain currencies, and therefore it is expected that it would be … Continue reading Cryptocurrencies on the Rise

Then There Were 16 Left

It was a wild and crazy first two rounds in the NCAA March Madness National Championship tournament this past weekend.  We saw the first ever number 16 seed team defeat a number 1 team, which was the UMBC Retrievers blowing out Number 1 Virginia. In addition, there were a lot of other big-time schools that got … Continue reading Then There Were 16 Left