Turn Your Passion Into a Profitable Business

Online Betting Platform

Are you a sports buff? Are you decent with numbers and have an outgoing personality? If you answered yes to these questions then I am about to blow our mind with the perfect business for you to own. It Is Time to Enjoy Work Sports betting venues are some of the most profitable online businesses … Continue reading Turn Your Passion Into a Profitable Business

Women: Ways to Make Money

Ways for Women to Make Money

There are obviously many ways for women to make money in this world, but one of the more interesting and more profitable ways is if they were a bookie that accepts wagers on sporting events online. Even though this is generally thought of has a man’s type of business it is becoming more common for … Continue reading Women: Ways to Make Money

Grow Your Sheet: Pay Winners First

Grow your Bookie Business

When you are a bookie that is taking action, you make money when your players lose their wagered bets. Over the long term, bettors generally lose, however bettors get streaky, and they do win sometimes. If you have an adequate bankroll then you should not have any issues weathering the storm when your players get … Continue reading Grow Your Sheet: Pay Winners First

Playing Against the Odds

Gambling has been around since the dawn of civilization and maybe even before that, maybe it’s human nature, maybe it’s just the most available form of entertainment for many, the truth is most people are turned on by the prospect of playing against the odds. Probabilities vs. Possibilities Ask any gambler out there, can you … Continue reading Playing Against the Odds

The Hidden Value of Your Players

Secrets of Being a Bookie

The biggest mistake bookmakers make is to underestimate the value of their players, most focus on the players who lose the most money, but, this approach is not always the best one. Secrets to Optimizing It High Rollers are Great Until They Aren’t Work your Core Knowledge is Everything Foresee the Trends The untold secrets … Continue reading The Hidden Value of Your Players

How to Spot Sharp Players?

Pay Per Head Bookie Business

In the pay per head business, there are all types of players. There are your degenerate losers that play all year wrong, there are your recreational players that only bet NFL football, players that just make one parlay or teaser each week, and there is also a small percentage of sharp players out there that … Continue reading How to Spot Sharp Players?

Bookie Salary

Bookie Salary

If you are looking to become a bookie or are already a bookie then it is important to understand how you will profit from this type of business venture. Bookies, first of all, are people who take action and accept wagers on sports from bettors. When a gambler makes wagers and wins then the bookie … Continue reading Bookie Salary

Best Bookie Demo

Ace Per Head Software Demo

If you are looking to become a bookie then the best place to start is by searching for a price per head service. These services are tailored to bookies who want to take action from sports by providing an all in one easy to use website with thousands of sports betting options for your players … Continue reading Best Bookie Demo

Software for Professional Bookies

Pay Per Head Bookie Software

If you are looking to book action on sporting events then there are two ways you can do that. You can either do it the old fashioned way and accept wagers over the phone from your players and keep track of it with a paper and pen, or you can get set up with a … Continue reading Software for Professional Bookies

How to Become a Legal Bookie

How to be a legal bookie

With all the laws changing in the United States and states have the authority to set their own laws in regards to gambling it is important to know the specifics for your given location. So if you are looking to become a legal bookie then the first thing you would need to do is speak … Continue reading How to Become a Legal Bookie

Bookie Debt Collector

Bookie Debt Collector

If you are a bookie or want to be a bookie then the most important things you are going to have to do is find a pay per head services and then be proficient at collecting all the money that your players are going to lose. Neither of these two things are hard to do, … Continue reading Bookie Debt Collector

Why Sports Betting Is So Profitable

How Do Bookies Balance Bets?

Sports wagering seems to be part of the human condition. There is evidence that ancient civilizations gambled on sporting events, which puts bookies in direct competition for the oldest profession. The Art of Bookmaking We can understand the allure this activity has for bettors, and we know why bookies are so interested as well. But … Continue reading Why Sports Betting Is So Profitable