Bookmaking Software Benefits

Bookmaking Software

If you are still using pen and paper or a simple excel sheet to keep track of your players’ action it is time you consider giving the next step in your business and jumping into the 21st century. Sure, the old methods might work if you plan to run a small business your whole life, … Continue reading Bookmaking Software Benefits

Pay Per Head Free Trial

Pay Per Head Free Trial

If you’re running a sports betting business, either online or in an old-school way, then you have to be excited about the return of the first divisions of European soccer leagues and the possible opening of Major League Baseball, the NBA and the NHL. If you have not been using a pay per head service … Continue reading Pay Per Head Free Trial

How to Get a Bookie Website?

How to Get a Bookie Website

If you are a bookie you already know that despite what people may think, it is not an easy job at all, a lot goes into it, long hours of work to keep up with everything and your clients demand more and more services and a more efficient system to place bets as well, there … Continue reading How to Get a Bookie Website?

Jump-Start Your Sportsbook

Bookie Software for Free

If you’ve been running your sportsbook with a series of envelopes and cash, with your cell phone constantly ringing or buzzing, it is time to bring your clientele into the modern era – by incorporating the World Wide Web. If you set up your own website to run your sportsbook and things are growing to … Continue reading Jump-Start Your Sportsbook

Bookie Definition

Bookie Definition

A bookie is someone who accepts bets on various sporting events, which is called booking action. There are billions of people in the world that bet on sporting events, and people place bets at casinos, offshore sportsbook companies and thru their local bookies. If you are a bookie you basically have the opposite side of … Continue reading Bookie Definition

The Real Advantages

Bitcoin Bookie Software

Cryptocurrencies, and specifically Bitcoin, have taken the world by storm. Back in 2009, few understood the use and necessity of a cryptocurrency and those who invested early in Bitcoin did so mostly out of curiosity in the blockchain technology behind it, but few felt the concept would take off. The Role of Cryptocurrencies in the … Continue reading The Real Advantages

Tips on Becoming a Bookie

Becoming a Bookie Tips

If you are looking to become a bookie then the biggest tip that can be given is to get set up with a quality pay per head company. These companies provide an all-inclusive service with a professional sportsbook website where they manage all lines internally and update all odds up to the second. Having a … Continue reading Tips on Becoming a Bookie

Be the King of the Bookies

Best Software for Bookies

In order to succeed in any business venture, you need to rely heavily on the right tools to get the job done. For example, a driver will not take their vehicle to a mechanic who does not have the most up to date diagnostic equipment on hand, so why would anyone think that bettors would … Continue reading Be the King of the Bookies

Sportsbook Agent Site

Sportsbook Agent Site

If you are already a bookie or are looking to become one then having a top-notch sportsbook agent site is a good first step in enhancing the success of your bookmaking business. PPH Software There is various pay per head services that are available for agents, which provide them with a fully inclusive website for … Continue reading Sportsbook Agent Site

Quality Bookmaker Software

Bookmaker Software

Sports betting software providers offer products that are very similar. These similarities usually include functions that are the same, designs that are the same, along with content that does not differ from one another. However, there are subtle nuances that can make all the difference to your particular business. As a bookmaker, it is your … Continue reading Quality Bookmaker Software

The Bookie Software

Best Bookie Software

It wasn’t so very long ago that using the services of a bookie meant going underground and engaging in illegal activities. Transactions were all in cash with your wager scribbled on a betting slip that you had better not lose if you wanted to cash in a winner. The internet, as well as the increasing … Continue reading The Bookie Software

Betting Agent Job

What is a Bookie in Sports?

A bookie in sports is someone who accepts wagers on sporting events based on specific odds for each game. When a player wins a wager then the bookie is the one responsible for paying out the winning amount to the player, and when a player loses a wager then the player is the one responsible … Continue reading Betting Agent Job