Bookie Software Review

Bookie Software Reviews

The vast majority of sportsbook operators can tell you the latest insights about the off-season moves that the Milwaukee Bucks or the Cleveland Browns or the Dallas Stars need to make. They also have strong opinions about such questions as to whether Bam Adebayo is the player the Miami Heat needs in the paint…or whether … Continue reading Bookie Software Review

Professional Bookie

Becoming a Professional Bookie

To become a professional bookie, it’s a lot simpler than one would think because there are companies that specialize in providing this specific service to potential bookies. PPH Bookie Services These services are called pay per head service and they provide a fully inclusive sportsbook website for a bookie to offer to their players. These … Continue reading Professional Bookie

How Bookies Earn Money?

How Bookies Earn Money

Every long time sports better wonders if they are on the wrong side of the business. They watch the action, call the shots, and sometimes even collect on the odds. Getting into the driver’s seat and pushing the odds has some appeals and some risks. For those that want more, a question lingers “How does … Continue reading How Bookies Earn Money?

Great Betting Software

Betting Software

Whether people realize it or not, the difference between a great pay per head company and a run of the mill one is how these companies view themselves. The Key to Success The core business of a price per head is to offer bookie betting software services, and because of this, the ones that stand … Continue reading Great Betting Software

Become a Bookie in College

Become a Bookie in College

In the United States, the student loan debt crisis has become even more serious in 2021. As of February of this year, there were 45 million borrowers – including people in college now and people who have left school but still have balances due – and they owe a combined $1.6 trillion in student loan … Continue reading Become a Bookie in College

What Software Do Bookies Use?

What Software Do Bookies Use?

One important part of running a sportsbook is helping your novice bettors understand how they can improve their chances at making some money. Obviously, you want to profit over time (and if you wet your moneylines correctly, you will), but if your players never win, they’ll stop betting – and you won’t make any more … Continue reading What Software Do Bookies Use?

Choosing The Best Sports Betting Service

Sports Betting Service

Those days when bookies operated in the back rooms of newsstands or smoke-filled dive bars and pool halls seem so long ago, though they really were not. Those were the days when anyone looking for action “had a guy.“ Maybe you are that guy, and now with the wave of sports betting legalization, you need … Continue reading Choosing The Best Sports Betting Service

Pay Per Head Platform

Pay Per Head Platform

The sports betting industry has impressively transformed itself over time into a multi-billion dollar industry, leading the way in both technological innovation – along with greater bookie agent and player accessibility. With millions of players accessing online betting technology worldwide and a growing number of available sports and esports to bet on, the opportunity for bookies to … Continue reading Pay Per Head Platform

Bookmaking Industry Secrets

Bookmaking Industry Secrets

If you are looking to book action then the best way to make the most money would be to use a pay per head service. These PPH services provide an all-inclusive ready to use a product where the services handle all the lines and updates all the odds 24/7. They also grade all wagers immediately … Continue reading Bookmaking Industry Secrets

The Power Behind the Line

Bookie Agent Solution

It has been said that money and commerce make the world go round, in the gambling industry, it is hard to argue with that statement. Although the service of betting online, is not your traditional retail commerce, it does provide a service for millions of clients. What Makes the Wagering World Go Round? But, what … Continue reading The Power Behind the Line

Make Your Own Sportsbook

Betting Software Solutions

One of the great things about running your own sportsbook is that you don’t have to answer to a supervisor anymore. You decide when you want to work; you decide how much you want to work. You decide when you’ve made enough money; you decide when it’s time to take a vacation. The problem for … Continue reading Make Your Own Sportsbook

Bookie Management Software

Bookie Management Software

Sports betting has become one of the most popular online destinations over the last couple of years. As the restrictions on online sports betting have dwindled, more and more bookies have moved their operations online, taking advantage of bookie management software solutions that streamline their operation. Ace Per Head has emerged as an industry leader … Continue reading Bookie Management Software