The Evolution of Gambling

Software for Bookies

The transformation of one of the oldest traits in the world has been accelerated in the past couple of decades, the introduction software for bookies has catapulted the business to heights previously unimagined. How Software Became the Agent of Change We have gone from huge call centers staffed with dozens of guys smoking and taking … Continue reading The Evolution of Gambling

Best Pay Per Head Software

Best Pay Per Head Software

You just started your sportsbook business and you’re in the middle of your first big betting weekend. Suddenly, your pay per head sportsbook provider goes down. Instead of making a killing, you’re bleeding money. More than 26 million Americans bet $6.8 billion on the Super Bowl. If your pay per head provider goes down, your business goes … Continue reading Best Pay Per Head Software

7 Reasons to Become a Bookie

If you have an interest in gambling, then becoming a bookie may be right for you. It is a fun and lucrative business and something that you will surely find rewarding. If you decide to embark on this career, you will want to look into the best pay per head software. This software is the easiest … Continue reading 7 Reasons to Become a Bookie

Sharp Bookie Software

Sharp Bookie Review

If you are booking action or are looking to, then one of the most important things to have is a sharp bookie software because it will always make you more money over the long term then software that has soft or slow-moving lines. There are many different pay per head bookie sites that you can … Continue reading Sharp Bookie Software

Bookie Software Advantages

Bookie Software

From smartphones to social media to cloud networks, technology has given a lot of potent organizations right into our hands. When your entire business centers on organizing numbers and results, you need that organization. Whether you are starting up in the bookie business or are a long term veteran, bookie software is a key factor … Continue reading Bookie Software Advantages

Not all Bookies are Competitors

Betting with a Bookie

Competition can be cutthroat in the sportsbook industry, from negative bogus reviews, corporate spying, and DDOS attacks, to legit marketing wars, bookies must face a lot every day. How the Right One Can Help Grow Your Business Luckily not all bookies are competitors when it comes to price per head companies, there is a serious … Continue reading Not all Bookies are Competitors

Cheapest Bookie Software

Cheapest Bookie Software

If you are looking to be an agent and book action for people that want to bet, then the best and most successful way to do that would be by getting set up with a bookie software company. These companies are specifically called pay per head companies, and leading the industry. They are called … Continue reading Cheapest Bookie Software

From Rookie to Star

How to Be a Sports Bookie?

The new year is just a few weeks away, and most of us are already coming up with our new year’s resolutions, if yours include starting your own online sportsbook, then there are a few things you know before you can plunge into this competitive market, let us give you a few valuable tips on … Continue reading From Rookie to Star

Toss the Cookie-Cutter Approach

Start Your Online Sportsbook

I know it’s frustrating, you have a dream of becoming a bookie in your own right, and you’ve put in the time to do research on pay per head services to get the dream off the ground. Problem is, they all seem to promise the same things. So, how do you know which one is … Continue reading Toss the Cookie-Cutter Approach

How do Bookies Work?

How do Bookies Work?

A bookie is someone that accepts wagers on various sporting events, and pays players when they win their wagers, and collects money from players when they lose their wagers. However to be a successful bookie in this day and age one would need to have a website for players to make wagers on. Betting Options … Continue reading How do Bookies Work?

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Sports Betting

Understanding Sports Betting

Before May 14, 2018, all sports betting outside of the state of Nevada had been illegal. The explosion of betting markets since then has been nothing short of remarkable.  Americans love to gamble. In 2016, we spent over 100 billion dollars on all types of gambling, from horse races to nickel slots. The online betting … Continue reading A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Sports Betting

Starting a Bookie Service

Starting Bookie Service

If you are looking to start a bookie service then you will need two important things, which would be players and a website to have them bet on. The good thing is this is very easy to do because there is an entire industry that caters to people that want to book action, which is … Continue reading Starting a Bookie Service