Quality Bookmaker Software

Bookmaker Software

Sports betting software providers offer products that are very similar. These similarities usually include functions that are the same, designs that are the same, along with content that does not differ from one another. However, there are subtle nuances that can make all the difference to your particular business. As a bookmaker, it is your … Continue reading Quality Bookmaker Software

The Bookie Software

Best Bookie Software

It wasn’t so very long ago that using the services of a bookie meant going underground and engaging in illegal activities. Transactions were all in cash with your wager scribbled on a betting slip that you had better not lose if you wanted to cash in a winner. The internet, as well as the increasing … Continue reading The Bookie Software

Betting Agent Job

What is a Bookie in Sports?

A bookie in sports is someone who accepts wagers on sporting events based on specific odds for each game. When a player wins a wager then the bookie is the one responsible for paying out the winning amount to the player, and when a player loses a wager then the player is the one responsible … Continue reading Betting Agent Job

The Difference a Simple Change Can Make

My Bookie Review

I’m always hearing about people finding success effortlessly, and I always thought those stories were made up. I’ve been a bookie for 8 years now, I started with working for another bookie and figured I had what it took to make it on my own. Stop Struggling and Start Earning Despite having more experience than … Continue reading The Difference a Simple Change Can Make

Are Bookies Illegal in the US?

Are Bookies Illegal in US?

The question of whether or not bookies are illegal in the USA has changed over the last year, because this used to be a hard no that bookies were illegal, however now with the United States recent law changes that allow each state to determine if they want gambling to be illegal in their specific … Continue reading Are Bookies Illegal in the US?

What’s Pay Per Head?

What is Pay Per Head?

Pay per head is an entire industry that is dedicated to sports gambling, and specifically so bookies can offer their bettors a website for them to make wagers on various sports. The pay per head industry is multiple billion-dollar industries and is a great way for not only experienced bookies, but also novice bookies to … Continue reading What’s Pay Per Head?

The Evolution of Gambling

Software for Bookies

The transformation of one of the oldest traits in the world has been accelerated in the past couple of decades, the introduction software for bookies has catapulted the business to heights previously unimagined. How Software Became the Agent of Change We have gone from huge call centers staffed with dozens of guys smoking and taking … Continue reading The Evolution of Gambling

Best Pay Per Head Software

Best Pay Per Head Software

You just started your sportsbook business and you’re in the middle of your first big betting weekend. Suddenly, your pay per head sportsbook provider goes down. Instead of making a killing, you’re bleeding money. More than 26 million Americans bet $6.8 billion on the Super Bowl. If your pay per head provider goes down, your business goes … Continue reading Best Pay Per Head Software

7 Reasons to Become a Bookie

If you have an interest in gambling, then becoming a bookie may be right for you. It is a fun and lucrative business and something that you will surely find rewarding. If you decide to embark on this career, you will want to look into the best pay per head software. This software is the easiest … Continue reading 7 Reasons to Become a Bookie

Sharp Bookie Software

Sharp Bookie Review

If you are booking action or are looking to, then one of the most important things to have is a sharp bookie software because it will always make you more money over the long term then software that has soft or slow-moving lines. There are many different pay per head bookie sites that you can … Continue reading Sharp Bookie Software

Bookie Software Advantages

Bookie Software

From smartphones to social media to cloud networks, technology has given a lot of potent organizations right into our hands. When your entire business centers on organizing numbers and results, you need that organization. Whether you are starting up in the bookie business or are a long term veteran, bookie software is a key factor … Continue reading Bookie Software Advantages

Not all Bookies are Competitors

Betting with a Bookie

Competition can be cutthroat in the sportsbook industry, from negative bogus reviews, corporate spying, and DDOS attacks, to legit marketing wars, bookies must face a lot every day. How the Right One Can Help Grow Your Business Luckily not all bookies are competitors when it comes to price per head companies, there is a serious … Continue reading Not all Bookies are Competitors