Most Profitable Sports Betting Strategy

Sports Betting Strategy

In 2020, sports gamblers bet $6 billion in New Jersey alone. That’s an incredible number considering all major professional sports leagues ceased playing for three months. Sports betting is a popular activity that will only grow more popular as legalization spreads and more people play online. Laying action on a game increases interest and enjoyment. The rush … Continue reading Most Profitable Sports Betting Strategy

A Quick Look at Bookmaking as a Profession

Bookie Meaning

If you are thinking about moving to a full-time career as a bookie, or bookmaker, then you are joining one of the oldest professions in the world. The first written record of bookmaking dates all the way back to ancient Rome when people gathered to put down bets on chariot races, gladiatorial bouts, and other … Continue reading A Quick Look at Bookmaking as a Profession

How to Find the Right Bookie Platform?

Bookie Platform

Now that sports betting is legal in many states, people realize how popular this activity always was. Huge, record-breaking handles in every state prove that sports gambling is not a fad, but here to stay. Americans love action. You know that the way to make real money in sports gambling is to be on the other side … Continue reading How to Find the Right Bookie Platform?

The Best Tips for Bookie Money Management

Bookie Money Management

Sports gambling is big business. Consider that in December 2020, Pennsylvania’s handle was $548 million. That’s one month! Being a bookie isn’t just about creating lines. It’s not as simple as taking bets and paying out winners. It’s about money management. If you expect to make money in this industry, you have to know how to handle … Continue reading The Best Tips for Bookie Money Management

Basketball Betting Software

Basketball Betting Software

Do you want to win big by betting on NBA games? If so, you have to check out this list of NBA basketball betting software to help you earn big bucks. Did you know that NBA basketball betting software can benefit both players and bookies? Using The Best NBA Betting Software Many people enjoy sports … Continue reading Basketball Betting Software

Delivering Agent Solutions

Bookie Agent Software

The dream of every agent is to find the right bookie agent software that will provide them with real solutions to their challenges while at the same time improving the user experience. Gambling technology has come a long way in the last decade, and it continues to grow and adjust to the market’s needs. How … Continue reading Delivering Agent Solutions

The Ultimate Guide to Sports Betting

Sports Betting Guide

In 2018, the United States Supreme Court’s decision in the Murphy v. NCAA case opened the door for legalized sports gambling. Immediately after that decision, the state legislatures went to work and many passed laws making wagering legal. Though now legal in many states, sports betting enthusiasts found ways to gamble for years. Now, with legal … Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to Sports Betting

Understanding How the Bookie Gets Paid in Betting

What Percentage Do Bookies Take?

According to a study by the American Gaming Association, 38 million American adults planned to bet on the 2019 NFL season. That’s 15% of the adult population, betting only on professional football. That’s a huge potential client base. It’s nice to win bets, but the guaranteed money is in bookmaking. Once you see the profits from … Continue reading Understanding How the Bookie Gets Paid in Betting

Pay Per Head Bookie 2021

Pay Per Head Bookie 2021

In the aftermath of the most recent recession, people are finding it more difficult to land jobs with substantial salaries and too risky to abandon boring, lucrative work to pursue their dreams. Thus the dawn of the second job, also known affectionately as the side hustle. A recent survey found that 38% of Americans have … Continue reading Pay Per Head Bookie 2021

Profitable Apps for Your Bookie Business

Bookie Mobile Software

Savvy bookmakers are always on the lookout for the newest and most profitable trends in the industry, this is how they manage to stay one step ahead of the competition. Where Does the Future Lie? There are many trends in the online gambling business, some are fads that never really take hold, and others have … Continue reading Profitable Apps for Your Bookie Business

Bookie Software App

Bookie Software App

A lot of people ask if there is a bookie software app, and the answer is there is something that is much better and it can be saved on the home screen of any smartphone and work the same as a clickable app, but perform even better. Ace Pay Per Head is one of the … Continue reading Bookie Software App

Why You Should Become a Bookie?

Why Become a Bookie

If you are wanting to enter the world of sports betting a make a career as a bookie, you are making a smart choice. The global sports betting market has ballooned into an $85 billion a year industry in recent years, with record growth predicted for the foreseeable future. As technology allows more people than … Continue reading Why You Should Become a Bookie?