Should you Offer your Players Virtual Casino?

PPH Virtual Casino

The pay per head industry is an extremely competitive and profitable industry, and as a result pay per head prices are beginning to go lower. Years ago many pay per head websites were able to easily charge $25 to $30 per active player per week. However as technology has improved, and as the competition has … Continue reading Should you Offer your Players Virtual Casino?

Why Agents Should Utilize Free Plays?

Free Plays

There are many different added and extra features on pay per head websites that agents can use to their advantage. One great extra feature that many payperhead sites offer is one that does not even have to do with a specific wagering option, but it is a great option to use to offer your customers. … Continue reading Why Agents Should Utilize Free Plays?

You are Losing Money If you don’t Offer Live Betting

PPH Live Betting

Back in the day there was only straight bets when someone wanted to gamble on sports. However as time went by, there became all sorts of new bets such as parlays, teasers, special teasers, reverses, If win or tie bets, round robins, and prop bets. Now there are so many different types of wagers a … Continue reading You are Losing Money If you don’t Offer Live Betting

Red Figures for Dummies

Pay Per Head Dummies

In the game of life, it is always smart to reward people that work for you because it gives them incentives to do a better job, and when they do a better job, then more money can be made for everyone. The pay per head business works in a similar way. The biggest bookies in … Continue reading Red Figures for Dummies

How to Stay Anonymous as an Agent?

Pay Per Head Business

In the world of pay per head, it is always important not to draw too much-unneeded attention to yourself. In certain parts of the world, it is illegal to be a bookie and take action, so if you are an agent in the pay per head industry, and you are taking action in one of … Continue reading How to Stay Anonymous as an Agent?

Why do so Many Sites go Down on Sundays?

Prevent Attacks on Sundays

When searching for, or using a pay per head service one of the most important features is reliability in terms of the website being accessible during high-frequency betting time periods. Football is by far the busiest time of year for betting, and gamblers are procrastinators so the most wagers are put in within an hour … Continue reading Why do so Many Sites go Down on Sundays?

Up-Selling your Services

Up-Selling your Pay Per Head Services

The pay per head industry has a pretty simple and straightforward business model, where they charge their customers (Agents/Bookies) a per active player per week rate. An active player is generally considered an account that has at least one graded wager during the week, and a week typically runs from Monday morning to Sunday evening. … Continue reading Up-Selling your Services

Laying off Action

Pay Per Head Business

When bookies are taking action in the per head industry, sometimes they may opt to lay off some of the action. Laying off action simply means that you, as the agent, are betting the same side of what your players are betting, in order to minimize your overall risk. Agents Reaction: There are many reasons … Continue reading Laying off Action

Why you Make More with Credit Accounts?

Expert Sports Bookie Tips

When you are a local bookie in the pay per head industry most of the accounts that you give out to your players are credit accounts. A credit account is simply an account where the player does not give you the money upfront in order to make wagers but instead plays on a weekly credit … Continue reading Why you Make More with Credit Accounts?

Why Mobile Matters?

Pay Per Head Mobile

The sportsbook business is a multi-billion dollar a year profitable business that is 365 days a year. Whether it be the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, FIFA Soccer, ATP, WTA, PGA or one of the many other sports that are played around the world, there is an event every day of the year, which means you … Continue reading Why Mobile Matters?