Create the Best Bookie Site Possible

Make a Sportsbook Website

Website access is essential to any online bookie, and these days most agents have settled for the default sites provided by their pay per head service. Factors to Consider When Creating Your Online Sportsbook Opting to use the default site is a great way to start your business at a very low cost, and it … Continue reading Create the Best Bookie Site Possible

Get More Opportunities to Make More Money

PPH Bookie Services

The world of online gambling continues to grow, and the competition gets fiercer by the minute it seems. Bookies face many challenges when trying to stay relevant and compete with some of the bigger names out there. The Skinny on Price Per Head Services Among these challenges, quality of service and customer acquisition and retention … Continue reading Get More Opportunities to Make More Money

Expand your Bookmaking Offering

Pay Per Head Betting Software

Bookmaking is one of the most profitable business worldwide, but raising operational costs have been cutting into agent profits in recent times. The solution seems to go global while remaining local. Offer More at The Right Price I know this sounds impossible, but it is not, with pay per head betting, you can keep your … Continue reading Expand your Bookmaking Offering

Calling All Women with Drive and Ambition

Becoming an Online Bookie

The landscape in one of the most male-dominated industries is slowly changing as more and more women who are looking for easy ways to make money online are taking an interest. It’s Time to Break the Mold The number of female bettors has been increasing over the last 20 years; this, which was once considered … Continue reading Calling All Women with Drive and Ambition

And Then There Were 53

Small Time Bookie

Over this past weekend, most NFL franchises announced they had narrowed their rosters down to 53 players, officially making them ready to start this year’s NFL season. A few teams, however, are still making last-minute trades in the hopes that their new acquisitions will help round out their teams. Are You Ready for Football? As … Continue reading And Then There Were 53

The Truth About the Midas Touch

Do Bookies Always Win

We are all familiar with the phrase “The House Always Wins“, but, how much truth is there in this? Clearly, everyone should know there is no such thing as a sportsbook or casino winning 100 percent of the time. Upping Your Winning Percentage If it were true that the bookies always win, then the industry … Continue reading The Truth About the Midas Touch

Hitting the Jackpot Is Easier than You Think

How to Become Rich with Sports Betting

Everyone dreams of hitting the jackpot and never having to worry about money for the rest of their lives. But, you have better odds of being struck by lightning several times during your lifetime than of winning the Powerball. How Sports Betting Can Make You Rich If you have been searching for ways to making … Continue reading Hitting the Jackpot Is Easier than You Think

The Bookie’s True Advantage

How do Bookies Set Odds

With the rise of pay per head companies in the last decade, it is not unusual for online sportsbook owners to not be privy to the secrets of how do bookies set odds. Most owners rely on the expertise of the oddsmaker and line managers of the PPH service they subscribe to, which is the … Continue reading The Bookie’s True Advantage

The Good the Bad and the Lucrative

Is Being a Bookie Profitable

One of the best-known facts about sports gambling is that bookies can make sizeable profits, but, there are risks for bookies too, and some years are more stringent than others. How Bookies Make Money Whenever there is a bad season, people who are not part of the industry but, have thought about becoming bookies themselves … Continue reading The Good the Bad and the Lucrative

Becoming a Full-Service Bookmaker

Best Bookmaker Software

Running a business can be hard work, and there is no one way to setting up and running a successful enterprise. But, one thing is clear, those who succeed in life always work smarter and not necessarily harder than then the rest. Work Smarter Not Harder Becoming a full-service bookmaker is now easier than ever … Continue reading Becoming a Full-Service Bookmaker

5 Facts You Should Know About Being a Bookie

Becoming an Online Bookie

There are a lot of misconceptions about bookmakers, I suppose this is true of almost every profession if you were to ask me what an investment banker does, I would probably quote some movie plot; but, I know most movie scripts are not accurate representations of reality. These Factors Will Determine Your Success Bookies have … Continue reading 5 Facts You Should Know About Being a Bookie

It’s a Free Market

Bookie Software in New York

If you grew up outside of New York City, chances are at some time or another you saw a movie about gangsters in New York. Breaking into the New York Gambling Scene And in those movies, any gambling was handled by the gangsters, and nobody was allowed to step on their territory. While grossly exaggerated … Continue reading It’s a Free Market