Becoming a Full-Service Bookmaker

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Running a business can be hard work, and there is no one way to setting up and running a successful enterprise. But, one thing is clear, those who succeed in life always work smarter and not necessarily harder than then the rest. Work Smarter Not Harder Becoming a full-service bookmaker is now easier than ever … Continue reading Becoming a Full-Service Bookmaker

5 Facts You Should Know About Being a Bookie

Becoming an Online Bookie

There are a lot of misconceptions about bookmakers, I suppose this is true of almost every profession if you were to ask me what an investment banker does, I would probably quote some movie plot; but, I know most movie scripts are not accurate representations of reality. These Factors Will Determine Your Success Bookies have … Continue reading 5 Facts You Should Know About Being a Bookie

It’s a Free Market

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If you grew up outside of New York City, chances are at some time or another you saw a movie about gangsters in New York. Breaking into the New York Gambling Scene And in those movies, any gambling was handled by the gangsters, and nobody was allowed to step on their territory. While grossly exaggerated … Continue reading It’s a Free Market

Easy Living

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How many of you know that New Orleans is considered the birthplace of poker and another popular casino game craps? Building Your Dream Business The Big Easy has a long history with gambling, one that has for the most part been an extremely positive one. So, if you have been dreaming about owning your own … Continue reading Easy Living

An Inexpensive Way to Pay for College

become a bookie in college

The student debt crisis the country is currently facing is devastating the future of thousands of college kids. Faced with a catch 22, where you need a college education to apply to better jobs, but the only way to afford it is through a student loan which will keep them in debt for years after … Continue reading An Inexpensive Way to Pay for College

California Dreaming

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Anyone who has lived or worked in tinsel town understands that nothing is certain, and everything is a gamble. How I Became the Bookie to the Stars I moved to LA in my 20’s, and my first job was an intern at one of the studios, it paid next to nothing, and the hours were … Continue reading California Dreaming

How do Bookies Make Money?

How do Bookies Make Money

Bookies are people that accept wagers on various sporting events. So when someone makes a wager on saying the New England Patriots against the New York Jets, then the bookie needs the opposite team to win or cover the spread in order for him to make money on that wager. So whenever any of the … Continue reading How do Bookies Make Money?

Setting the Odds

How do bookies set odds

Bookies set odds based on what Vegas and the biggest bookie websites in the world do, which is take an algorithm based formula that is based on numerous variables which helps them to set the line. Then the rest of the bookies in the world use the opening line that is set in the market … Continue reading Setting the Odds

How do Bookies Make Money on Horses?

How do Bookies Make Money on Horses

Bookies make money by accepting wagers on sports and then when the player selects a team or game that loses then the bookie collects the losing amount which will be his profit. But bookies do have other betting options that they can offer their customer besides the more traditional sports bets, such as a virtual … Continue reading How do Bookies Make Money on Horses?

How Much do Bookies Make Per Year?

How much do bookies make per year

Bookies accept wagers on sporting events and even though each bet can vary considerably, the end result is that bookies make money when their player’s wagers lose. How much money bookies actually make per year can vary substantially, but depends predominately on how much each of their players bet on each game and how many … Continue reading How Much do Bookies Make Per Year?

You Can Still Make Money Being a Small Time Bookie

How to Be a Small Time Bookie

In the world of bookmaking, there are some serious big players in the industry such as Vegas Style Casinos, large online sportsbooks, and large local bookies that have thousands of players betting with them each day. But what happens if you are just a small time bookie, can you still compete against all the big … Continue reading You Can Still Make Money Being a Small Time Bookie

I Want to Be a Bookie!

I Want to Be a Bookie

If you are seriously interested in becoming a bookie then it is important to know how much money one should have in order to begin this business venture. Truthfully it really doesn’t take much money to get started but it is always good to have some type of bankroll before you begin because you need … Continue reading I Want to Be a Bookie!