How to Make Money While in College?

Becoming a Bookie in College

Being a College student is an exciting and fun time in a young adult’s life, where one can learn a lot, prepare for a career in the real world, and make long-lasting friendships. Considering that the amount of hours spent in the classroom is significantly less than when one is in High School, there tends … Continue reading How to Make Money While in College?

Gray Area Businesses

Are Bookies Illegal

There has been a dark shadow on sports gambling for as long as anyone can remember, I am of course referring to the question, are bookies illegal? How to Do It Right To say the answer to this is a gray area is an understatement, sports gambling is legal in some parts, most notably Las … Continue reading Gray Area Businesses

Tools to Grow your Business

Best Betting Software for Bookies

Has your bookie business grown to a point where you are losing control of it? Perhaps the calls you are getting are keeping you up at night? The good news about this is that you have done things right and your business is boomin’ the bad news is that if you don’t take some needed … Continue reading Tools to Grow your Business

Basic Principles of Bookmaking

Sports Bookie

What is a sports bookie? I get asked this question a lot, although most people understand the basic concept of what a bookie is and does, they are not necessarily acquainted with everything that pertains to the job. Gaining the Advantage Quite simply, a bookie is someone who accepts and pays bets on different events, … Continue reading Basic Principles of Bookmaking

Playing Against the Odds

Can you Beat the Bookies?

Gambling has been around since the dawn of civilization and maybe even before that, maybe it’s human nature, maybe it’s just the most available form of entertainment for many, the truth is most people are turned on by the prospect of playing against the odds. Probabilities vs. Possibilities Ask any gambler out there, can you … Continue reading Playing Against the Odds

How to Make Money as a Bookmaker

Secret to Becoming a Bookie

We all what a lucrative industry sports betting is worldwide, and yet some people can’t seem to last long enough in this business to turn a profit, which begs the question what is the secret to becoming a bookie, or more accurately becoming a successful one? The Secret Revealed Anyone who says there is a … Continue reading How to Make Money as a Bookmaker

How Much do Bookies Make?

How Much do Bookies Make

If you are asking yourself this question it’s because you are obviously considering the possibility of becoming a bookie. How much do bookies make? It depends on a couple of things, how good the bookie is and the ability and resources he/she has to offer a great service. Gamblers turn to the local bookie because … Continue reading How Much do Bookies Make?

The Real Advantages

Bitcoin Bookie Service

Cryptocurrencies and specifically Bitcoin have taken the world by storm, back in 2009 few understood the use and necessity of a cryptocurrency, those who invested early in Bitcoin did so mostly out of curiosity in the blockchain technology behind it, but probably never felt the concept would take off. The Role of Cryptocurrencies in the … Continue reading The Real Advantages

Profitable Applications for Your Bookie Business

Mobile Bookie Software

Savvy bookmakers are always on the lookout for the newest and most profitable trends in the industry, this is how they manage to stay one step ahead of the competition. Where Does the Future Lie? There are many trends in the online gambling business, some are fads that never really take hold, and others have … Continue reading Profitable Applications for Your Bookie Business

Start Small – Earn Big

How to be a Small Bookie

Becoming a bookie these days doesn’t take too much of an investment, with the advantages of technology you don’t need to relocate to another country to operate and with the help of the right pay per head business, you don’t even need to quit your current job. Getting Started Doesn’t Take Much Once you have … Continue reading Start Small – Earn Big

The Hidden Value of Your Players

Secrets of Being a Bookie

The biggest mistake bookmakers make is to underestimate the value of their players, most focus on the players who lose the most money, but, this approach is not always the best one. Secrets to Optimizing It The untold secrets of being a bookie reveal how agents should really be analyzing their players, the experts at … Continue reading The Hidden Value of Your Players

The Best Pay Per Head Service for 2018

Bookie Website Software

It is time for bookies to stop and ask themselves some serious questions, do I need a website? Does my website need an update? Am I losing money because of my website? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to reconsider your choice of pay per head service. Design and … Continue reading The Best Pay Per Head Service for 2018