Setting the Odds

How do bookies set odds
Setting the Odds

Bookies set odds based on what Vegas and the biggest bookie websites in the world do, which is take an algorithm based formula that is based on numerous variables which helps them to set the line. Then the rest of the bookies in the world use the opening line that is set in the market to offer to their players.

However, the best way for bookies to set odds is to instead use a pay per head website that sets all the odds for the bookies. A pay per head website such as sets their odds by using an average of the biggest books in the world and then manages them based on the action they are getting on each side, combined with where the sharp action is coming in. In addition, they have a team of lines guys that have decades of experience in the industry and monitor and manage the odds 24/7. This makes it very easy for the bookies because the odds are set and handled by professionals and this allows the bookies to have more time to focus on acquiring new players.

Move Line Feature

Another option that Ace offers their bookies is a move line feature. This feature allows bookies to also have access to their backend to move any of the lines if they so choose. Even though this is not recommended, because it is safer and better to let the pros do it, the option is still allowed and can be utilized by bookies if they so choose.

So if you are a bookie and are getting action completely lopsided on a game, or if you just have players from your town that bet on the hometown teams then making small changes to the line could be a smart move. For example, if you live in the New England area and all your bettors are Patriots fans, then you can just add a point to the current New England Patriots spread thru the move lines feature. In addition this unique feature also allows you to change the line so that your new line will be the line no matter where Ace ends up moving their line too, or you can move your line and then just keep the gap and move along with any moves that Ace applies to the line before the game begins.

So whether or not you want to just go with the lines that are set by Ace, or slightly modify any line, you will have the ability to decide this based on your own needs. Every bookie has different needs and that is why using a company such as Ace Per Head can be a huge benefit because they give you options. You can call them now at 1-800-909-5193 and get set up with one of their many promotions today.

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