How to Use the Weekly Balance Report on the Agent Site

Weekly Balance Report
How to Use the Weekly Balance Report on the Agent Site

When using the back-end Agent Reports section on a pay per head sportsbook it is important to familiarize yourself with all the different features that the pay per head sportsbook has available. One of the most important, yet basic features that every pay per head sportsbook has is the Weekly Balances report. Clearly this is one of the most necessary features, because it is where you can see each and everyone of your player’s daily and weekly figures, and whether or not you are making or losing money.

On the Weekly Balance report can be found on the left hand side panel of the screen under the Common Column. Once you click the Weekly Balance tab, you will have the option to view any week that you want to see, and can sort it by showing only active accounts or all accounts, showing just sports, casino, and horse players or all three types of players combined, and lastly you can sort by agent, distributor (this is when you have subagents under you), and by player account. Typically most agents select the current week, show active only players, all transactions, and sort by agent.

One you have selected how you want to view the weekly balance you will then have two Weekly Balance Reports that you can view. The first report is at the top of the screen and is the Grand Total report. This will combine all of your players daily figures, and this weeks figures into one simplified number, with an exact Player Count total for each day and total for the week. If you are a distributor and have multiple subagents, this Grand Total report will combine all the figures for your entire package.

Each day of the week will show a dollar value, if it is a positive number it will be in black, and will reflect how much the players have won that particular day. If the dollar value is red, and is a negative number then that will reflect how much your players lost for that particular day. Below each day it will show the total amount of players that played that particular day. On the far right hand side of the screen there will be a This Week column that will show a combined dollar amount in either black or red of what your entire group of players are up or down for the week. Next to this there will be an At Risk column that will show a total dollar amount of wagers that your players currently have pending. Then there is a Ptms Column, which stands for Payments, and that will reflect any payments or adjustments that you made to any of your player accounts during the week. Lastly there is a Balance Column, which will show their current balance for the week if you have your players set to reset their balance each week. If you have your players set to roll their balance each week, than this column will show the total running Balance of all accounts reflecting their overall rollover balance number.

The Second report on the Weekly balance screen has the same exact columns and usage as the Grand Total report, but the big difference is that it will show it in a list of each individual player listed on your agent account, or if you have subagents it will group it alphabetically by subagent, and show each individual player’s daily and weekly figures. Each player will be seen by their player account number with their password directly below it. The one extra feature on this report compared to the Grand Total report is that you can click directly on the dollar figure for a specific day, and you will see all the individual wagers, and amounts that that player did for that specific day, that adds up to that daily number. Also on the At Risk column you can click on that dollar amount and it will give you a pop-up screen shot of each of that player’s pending wagers that adds up to that specific At Risk amount.

As one can see the Weekly Balance report is a simple yet important, and concise feature that is a must have feature for any pay per head sportsbook agent. This report will definitely be one of your most used reports on the entire pay per head sportsbook website.